20 Reasons Why Bouncing Is Good For You

Just so there is no confusion about what this post is about it doesn’t mean that you have got to, run-around bouncing around everywhere like a kangaroo. Or for that matter by a pogo stick. This post is about mini trampolines and the benefits of why they are a very good form of exercise.

It may actually seem that you are just bouncing up and down but you may be unaware of the amount of exercises you can do and the benefits that you can get from them.

1. Bouncing on a mini trampoline will help to prevent cardiovascular disease e.g. heart problems etc

2. When you’re bouncing up and down your breathing becomes heavier so you will strengthen your respiratory system having good lung capacity is a good thing

3. It will help to flush out your lymphatic system

4. Will help to flush toxins out of your body

5. If you weigh 100 pounds and jog for 12 minutes you will burn 47 calories if you bounce for the same amount of time you will burn 58 calories

6. Regular bouncing will strengthen the function of your glands especially the thyroid which in turn will help with its overall output

7. There is no need to go to the gym, you can do back squats jogging on the spot, push-ups and many other exercise’s on a mini trampoline and they aren’t that expensive

8. Bouncing up and down on a trampoline is great fun, combine that with some music and you can’t go wrong

9. A mini trampoline hardly takes up any space at all, some you can buy are foldable or you can take the legs off for easy storage

10. It’s a very low impact exercise see don’t have to worry about putting stress on your joints or knees

11. They 68% more efficient for burning calories than jogging

12. NASA are quoted as saying “that rebounding on a mini trampoline is the most efficient and best exercise yet known to man”

13. You will be able to fight fatigue more efficiently because it works on three important glands the thyroid pituitary gland and your adrenal glands

14. If you enjoy doing exercise,and I am sure you will if you decide to have a go at mini trampolining then you will far more likely be willing to stick to it

15. Mini trampolines are suitable for people of all ages, although it’s advisable to consult your doctor if you haven’t exercised for a while

16. You experience different states of gravity whilst bouncing this has quite an effect on your body

17. Will help with balance and coordination

18. Help relieve stress and depression

19. You will have more energy and will sleep better

20. Helps with overall cellular health

21. When you bounce on a mini trampoline your is subjected to gravity your body is subjected to the forces of acceleration and deceleration plus gravity.

When you do this by bouncing your body weight becomes double to what it is. Your body cells respond to this and become stronger as a result of the action forced upon them. Which isn’t the sane action as pumping iron in the gym.

Here some videos of people using mini trampolines and the various exercises you can do. So get bouncing.

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