20 Ways to Prevent Insomnia And Stop Weight Gain

Did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep? It can affect your appetite and cause you to gain weight. There is a temptation amongst us to put pressure on ourselves to get more done so we can sacrifice sleep at times.

And we can tend to stay up late in order to get things done because there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. However, this can become a problem in itself because after doing it for a while a cycle can start to occur. When you go to bed you can’t sleep because you have been getting used to staying up.

The problem with not being able to sleep though is, staying up late plays havoc with your life as a whole, when you have insomnia and can’t sleep you can’t function effectively as you would be able to if you had a good nights sleep.

What are the causes of insomnia?

Here are just a few of the well-known causes of insomnia.

  • Certain worries or problems you may have.
  • Exercising late at night
  • Drinking stimulants such as caffeine or any other substance that may keep you awakeDrinking alcohol before you go to bed, a lot of people think that alcohol will give you a good night’s rest but this isn’t necessarily true you may find yourself waking up and needing a drink.
  • Thinking about what you may need to be doing the next day.
  • Watching television before you go to bed.
  • Using your computer too much

This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you’re suffering from insomnia, which may be thwarting your weight loss. What can you do to prevent it from happening?

How to prevent insomnia

1. Don’t do any exercise just before you go to bed.

2. Don’t drink any coffee or any other beverage, which has lots of caffeine contained within it.

3. If you suffer from depression then depending upon the severity of it, you may need to get help, people who suffer from depression can tend to have interrupted sleeping patterns.

4. If you are going to do any exercise make sure that you do it in the earlier part of the day.

5. Try meditating this may be one of the most simplest things that we can do as people, but even now so very few people practice this simple way of relaxing.

6. Go to bed no later than10 p.m. according to what Ayurveda says and backed up by other research by going to bed at 10 o’clock you’re far more likely to get a good night’s rest.

7. Go to bed when your brain is telling you to do so if you leave it any later than this then you’re setting yourself up for problems later, like anything you practice in life, especially like going to sleep. If you don’t do it when you should do your brain will keep waking you up.

8. Try not to have a big meal before you go to bed our bodies aren’t necessarily designed to be digesting food when we are supposed to be asleep.

9. Try listening to some easy listening music you can even get pillows, which have a loudspeaker in them.

10. Having a blue lamp or bulb is known to induce sleep also.

11. Try a natural herbal remedy like Nytol or calms these contain natural occurring herbs that may help you sleep and are non addictive.

12. Try reading a book this has been known to help some people get to sleep.

13. Have a bath and add some aromatherapy oil to it just before you go to bed say about an hour before.

14. Go for a walk and try and make sure that you get some of the sun in the late afternoon, this will help to boost melatonin, which is one of the main contributors to a good nights sleep.

15. Use your bedroom for what it is designed for sleeping only, if at all possible, this will help to train your brain that the bedroom is for sleep and sleep only.

16. If you are able to, try not to have any naps before you go to bed in the run-up to nighttime.

17. Make sure your bedroom is cool comfortable and well ventilated and dark.

18. Try drinking a malted drink like Horlicks or just have warmed milk on its own.

19. Buy a CD with nature sounds on it or a machine that generates natural sounds say, for example, waves on the beach.

20. Have six to eight cups of filtered water daily.




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