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High Fibre Diet Plan Day Four

1179476152-c5c1e40779-m13[2]Here is today’s high fibre menu day four of seven.

Breakfast: A small bowl of porridge made with water, and some skimmed milk, or you can just use skimmed milk if you prefer, this is purely optional for you as a person. And some dried fruit such as raisins, bananas or any other high fibre dried fruit. Have a glass of fresh orange juice.

Fibre roughly: 10g 150-200 calories roughly.

Mid morning snack: Bowl of raspberries ” ” Fibre 4-5 g 70-90 calories ” “

Lunch: A sweet jacket potato or a sweet potato. The second option has more fibre so they might be a better option or a normal potato which every you prefer.

I like to have mine served with some soured cream, but really choose any topping you would like, baked beans would be a good choice as they are very high in fibre, or have some sweetcorn. And you can also add to this a small salad if you wish. Fibre 14-15g ” ” 200-300 calories ” “

Afternoon snack:
A small bowl of strawberries and blueberries Fibre 3-5g ” ” calories 90-100 ” “

Tea or Lunch:
A piece of fish one I particularly like is cod or lemon sole served with the following vegetables garden peas, sweetcorn and broccoli steamed preferably Fibre 15-20g” ” calories 300-500 ” “

Total fibre 45g Calories 760

Positive End To The Week

think_positiveHi everybody well what a great end to a fabulous week for me and my blog, I still have to keep pinching myself to make sure that it has all happened, but it has and this is yet another great achievement myself. One of the reasons for doing this particular post is.

I am looking for some people whom will be able to give real-life accounts, of how they have lost weight or just their story.

I just want to inject some real-life situations into my blog, or if you would like to be a guest poster on my blog then please feel free to contact me, or if you have written any health-related articles which would suit my blog I would be interested to read those also and publish them for you.

If you run a health-related blog and would like some exposure, I would be more than happy to write a post and put a link back to your blog, also I am looking to interview bloggers or I would be interested in being interviewed myself.

If you yourself or anyone you know runs a health-related blog and would like to exchange links I would also be interested in talking about that as well.

I am going to digress a little bit now and just show you how my blog has grown over the past few months it wasn’t until the end of January, when I decided that I had enough of being depressed and needed to do something, things did come together slowly, eventually I don’t know if you have ever suffered from depression .

But I felt like my head been hit with a spade, it took me a while to get used to doing things again. But that is now in the past, and I have to move on to bigger and better things.

Here are my stats for the last few months so you can see how things have changed, I don’t have any problem with doing this really because, I have nothing to hide some people might not think that they are not that, fantastic compared to some peoples traffic levels but to me they are certainly better than they have ever been.


And here is my RSS feed subscribers


If you have dreams of your your own and can’t seem to get motivated, please do at least get something up it doesn’t matter, If it isn’t a great work of art, at least have a go. I wish myself that I upgraded to WordPress ages ago now, and didn’t have such a great overwhelming fear of failure, but as time has progressed, I now realise that you do have to do fail a few times, In order to succeed.

And to quote a famous British Prime Minister of ours Namely Sir Winston Churchill who said
“never never give up”.

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High Fibre Diet Plan Day Three

high fibre food Here is today’s high fibre menu day three of seven.

Breakfast: A high fibre breakfast cereal of your choice here are my suggestions fruit and fibre, shredded wheat, Weetabix, Bran flakes, or muesli. Use semi-skimmed milk and top with a fruit of your choice example strawberries, banana, or a peach

Fibre roughly: 5g calories 200 roughly.

Mid morning snack: Some sliced carrots made into sticks with some low-fat cottage cheese as a dip. Fibre 7g ” ” 150-200 calories ” “

Lunch: A bowl of soup you can make your own if you choose, or a have a tinned soup, one of my favourites is vegetable soup or I quite like mushroom soup, have this with two large wholemeal cobs. Fibre 7g ” ” g calories 150-200 ” “

Afternoon snack: A small mixed salad of your choice one which I have been eating just recently is Caesar salad. This is all down to personal preference of course, make what salad suits you. Grate some low-fat cheese and grate a carrot to add flavour to it. Fibre 4g ” ” 150-170 calories calories ” “

Tea or Lunch: Some chicken lemon pack paprika, with some iceberg lettuce and, some cherry tomatoes. Fibre ” ” 10-11g 300 calories ” “

Total fibre 33g Calories 1070

We Are on Problogger II

Hi everybody I just wanted to share something with you that happened in the eaDarren Rowserly hours of this morning. I stayed up quite late this morning in order to listen to a webinar, which as it happens was about a micro-blogging platform, well several actually, as I was waiting to listen to the call.

I was sitting on twitter and noticed that Darren Rowse, was feeling a bit uninspired and wanted people to send him their best post of the week, so at first I wasn’t really sure which one to send then I just thought why not send the post about being on Reuters, it seemed to me to be the perfect fit.

So I sent that tweet to him on twitter, and just left it at that I know a lot of people follow him on twitter, so I didn’t know whether or not he would see my tweet, so a few minutes later I noticed my e-mail program was showing new mail being as, I am quite a curious type of person.

I had a look and it was a e-mail from my blog asking for a comment to be moderated, as I looked at the e-mail in more depth, I noticed it was from a domain in Australia so I went to my dashboard to moderate the comment and where it had come from.

It just so happens it was a trackback from probloggers, website he had kindly put my tweet in his post, so this naturally created a link back to my blog. And as a result of this I am now starting to get traffic from it, and because some people have republished the original post that is bringing other sources of traffic and other links as well to my blog.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about all of this happening, in short a short space of time what with the posts on Reuters and now this well I am just speechless.

So far it’s been and in amazing week for me and my blog and it just seems to keep getting better all the time. And to finish this post I would just like to share something with you, which goes to prove if you have the right mindset you can accomplish amazing things.

Quite some time ago now I wrote down a list of intentions and one of them was to have a successful blog bringing in lots of traffic, I did have a look for the piece of paper on which I wrote this but I can’t find it, and now that very dream that I had written on that piece of paper is now happening.

I don’t know if you have seen the movie The Secret, but when I first saw this I really enjoyed watching it even if it is supposed to be hocus-pocus, but the mindset that I’ve been adopting quite recently is constantly telling myself that I’m going to be successful and make it.

And quite amazingly it seems to be working, even when I meditate, I tend to see myself at my computer focused and writing all these great posts, I would just like to say, Darren thank you so much for doing this for me I am so truly grateful I really am.

To put into words how I feel at this very moment in time, would be extremely hard to explain, but if there is such a thing as cloud nine, then I think I am on it now, and will be for quite some time. And for anybody who is reading this post and thinks, I wish I could be successful like that well there is only one thing that I can say based on my experience just do it, I used to stop myself from doing things all the time because of a fear of failure.

But one thing I learned was that successful people do in fact fail in order to succeed, you have to take the rough with the smooth there is no other way, so you understand what I’m saying I haven’t just banged this blog up and got all this straight away, I was on blogger for a year struggling like crazy to get any kind of traffic let alone recognition.

And at times I kept asking myself what am I doing this for I’m not getting anywhere, but nonetheless something kept me going, I did have long periods of time where I didn’t write anything at all due to unforeseen circumstances that happened about 15 months ago.

I suffered with bouts of depression on and off since Christmas, due to the anniversary of losing my father. Then at the end of January something told me I needed to be doing something now so I came back to my Internet Marketing roots, turned on the computer and more or less started from scratch.

Even though last August I had moved my blog to, WordPress and its own domain I did have some success in that month due to the fact of what I learnt in the 30 day challenge. But because I wasn’t writing any posts for such a long time my traffic levels dwindled down to about between 20 to 25 visits a day.

And just before Christmas I had signed up for the blogging mastermind programme that Yaro, runs, I had even gotten way behind in that and really hadn’t looked at the lessons at all, all in all I think there was about eight lessons in total that I hadn’t even looked at.

The real truth is I just couldn’t be bothered my head just felt numb that is the only way, I can really explain how I felt at the end of January, for some reason I was drawn to face book and remembered in the back of my mind that Sarah Harris had said that she was busy running a site called kaboom marketing.

At one time we will used to meet in a Skype chat room and discuss things and share links etc and what things were and weren’t working for as regards Internet Marketing, this was about the time that the 30 day challenge was being run. So I decided to see what this site was about I got a rough idea by reading the front page and also there was the mention of a book at the end of the information that was provided about the service they were running.

And it contained the methods they were using so I decided to buy it and with that I got two weeks free and decided well I have nothing to lose, so became a member I have known Sarah and Camilla. Since the 30 day challenge although I didn’t know Camilla that well at the time.

But that was the start of it all really I told Camilla and Sarah, about that I had been doing that much and so on, and when I first started they gave me a nudge here and there, when I would stray and forget to do things.

And from there I started reading my blogging mastermind lessons one a day so within about eight days, I had managed to catch up with that program and came up to date, I then started to write posts again and social bookmark my posts as well.

And slowly but surely as I added plug-ins to my blog and wrote more posts optimised my posts for the search engines things started to gradually start to happen traffic levels started to increase but I also did a lot of other things as well in the process, like adding my social site profiles to places like friend feeder and so on these are sites where you put all your things like twitter jaiku and pownce.

So people can see what you’re bookmarking and blogging etc. Then as time went on I decided to buy a new theme which I did, not long after that one of my posts was picked up by Reteurs and really it has all snowballed from there.

I really do hope that you get some inspiration from his post I know it isn’t related to weight loss or diet or food etc. But I felt that I would like to share my struggles how I’ve been feeling and what’s been going on hopefully some people will gain inspiration from this post and see that great things are possible no matter how bad things are at the time.

The moral of this story is a change of mindset can make amazing wonderful things happen as I now know.

if you would like to follow me on twitter here is my twitter profile

Here is the post as it was shown on pro-bloggers website

P.S a quick note to the blog burst team this would look nice on Reuters website don’t you think. Sorry couldn’t resist that if you can’t manage it Im ok with that.

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What Causes Food Addiction ?

Most addictions normally have some root cause there is a possibility that some emotional trauma, could food addictiontrigger it off or in some respects you could say it’s self punishment to a certain extent.

What Happens ?

So how does this all come about what is the process in our brains that makes us act this way, when you are motivated to do anything in life, there has to be a certain amount of good feeling with what you’re doing. In the human brain we have a chemical known as dopamine which is a motivational chemical this is what drives us to do things, and if there is a lack of it then not to do things.

Studies have been done on rats, that when stimulated with dopamine in their brain’s they will perform the same task over and over when given a dopamine fix, and a association that went with it. In the study done on the rats they were trained to press a switch and then given the dopamine fix.

When this happened the rats would continually press the button everytime they were given the dopamine fix until they couldn’t do it any more and were exhausted. So as we can see from this particular study when you do something that causes you to stimulate the dopamine receptors in your mind it is going to be very hard to stop this behaviour from happening.

This in a nutshell is how we become addicted to various substances, whether it be alcohol, smoking, shopping or any other addictive behavior. This is why it can be very hard to break addictive behaviour by willpower alone because this is all happening in the primitive part of your brain.

Are We Programmed This Way ?

It would seem we are some recent research that was done on people, revolved round using one particular sugary food dough-nuts, participants were shown a picture of a dough nut or a screwdriver, when they were shown a picture of the dough-nut, their brains electronic waveform activity went haywire but not when shown the screwdriver.

After the test subjects had eaten and quite a lot of dough nuts eight to be exact, their brain scans were totally different this time. When shown the same pictures again there was hardly any brain activity at all.

The test subjects were then tested after eight hour fast, to see what the results would be this time on this particular occasion to parts of the brain were stimulated, one part being limbic region which is otherwise known as the lizard brain, so it was saying here is food not only am I hungry, and making a decision between the screwdriver and the dough-nut.

The part of the brain that is called spatial reasoning decided that at the present time the dough nut, was far more important than the screwdriver was at the time. There probably wouldn’t even be any conscious thought during this process, so as we can see from this it’s very easy to understand what happens when we see food before us.

In a nutshell it’s all about needs at a certain time so if you’re walking down a dark alley your senses will be very highly attuned just in case you might think something is going to happen so on that particular scenario you’re less likely to be thinking about food.

And more what to do if someone tries to attack you. so in conclusion it’s probably best to make yourself aware and when you want to eat that sugary snack or doughnut, think consciously more do I really need to eat it or not.

And eat something in its place instead that isn’t so loaded with sugar.

Source : Daily Mail

We Are On Reuters !

reuters 2Hi everybody well imagine my surprise, a couple of weeks ago, I was checking my stats and I noticed a link coming from Reuters website, so as you do I followed the link back to see how it got there.

And then to my amazement, there it was one of my posts on their website well I was gobsmacked to say the least, I have been meaning to do this post for quite some time now, so decided to do it and let everybody know my good news.

Since this has happened it has given me more of a feeling of recognition and a lot of hope for my blog. Everything is going the right way now my, RSS subscribers are gradually increasing, as is my traffic. And I am really pleased with the direction that my blog is going.

I would like to thank you to all the people that have left me positive comments, and the ones that have e-mailed me and said, how much they enjoy reading my blog.

I would also like to thank some other people as well who have made me believe in myself and kept me going, firstly I would like to say thank you to Joe Cheray, for persistently telling me I had something good from the very start.

I would like to thank you to Ed Dale and Dan Raine, whom ran the 30 day challenge, which I can safely say changed my whole life. And for all the wonderful people I came in contact with whilst doing it.

I would like to thank you to Sarah Harris and Camilla Ricketts, from Kaboom Marketing for making me believe in myself also. And thanks to someone called Spider whom when I was on blogger kept leaving me comments and kept me going also, and thanks also to Pete Cohen for dropping by when he did leaving me a comment which was another big surprise also. And my grateful thanks to the Blog Burst Team for putting me in the spotlight.

There is one just last thing to add to this, I am currently a student on the blogging mastermind program which is run by Yaro Starak, and I believe that since I have been doing this course it has taken my blogging to the next level and will continue to do so.

You have probably noticed by now that I’m using a new theme which is the WordPress Dream Theme which was designed by Ben Cope, I would like to say thank you to him also, for helping me when I had some niggling problems at the beginning, and sorting them out so quickly with a minimum of fuss, if your thinking of getting a new theme for your blog. I can highly recommend Ben as he does care about his customers and gives outstanding customer support.

In finishing this post all I can say is this year so far has far exceeded my expectations, here are the links to the posts that are on Reuters so far nine in total.

Post One

Post Two

Post Three

Post Four

Post Five

Post Six

Post Seven

Post Eight

Post Nine

There is a morale to all this of which, I am well aware of now you do get more of what you focus on.

High Fibre Diet Plan Day Two

Here is today’s high fibre menu day two of seven.

Breakfast: Two poached eggs, served on two pieces of wholemeal bread or high grain bread, with a glass of pure orange juice.

Fibre roughly: 7-8 calories roughly 200-250

Mid morning snack: 1 flapjack, if you don’t know what flapjacks are you make them with rolled oats or porridge,golden syrup and a few other ingredients if you’re not sure how to make them here is a site that shows you how to make flapjacks just make sure that you don’t overdo the sugar and golden syrup. It probably is a good idea to use sweetener instead of sugar.

Fibre ” ” 4-5g 150 calories ” “

Lunch: One avocado with a prawn salad, some people are not that keen on prawns so, substitute prawns for something else you could always use salmon or tuna. Fibre ” 4-5″ g calories 200-250 ” “

Afternoon snack: one Apple or banana Fibre 2-4g ” ” calories 60-70 ” “

Tea or Lunch: Some poached peaches, here are a few sites that show you how to make these if you’re not too sure. As always it’s best to add your own healthy toppings rather than those that are recommended.

peaches 1

peaches 2

peaches 3

Fibre ” ” 10-11g calories 300-350 ” “

Total fibre 28g Calories 820

See you on day three.

High Fibre Diet Plan Day One

1179476152_c5c1e40779_m[1]We we all know the relevance of eating fibre in our diet and how important it is for good health.

This is going to be a seven part series of posts with everyday planned out so that you will have a sample menu that will give you roughly 25g of fibre per day or more give or take.

So here is today’s high fibre menu day one of seven.

Breakfast: 1 bowl of high fibre cereal this can be a choice of your own it doesn’t really matter, some good choices are Weetabix, Oatbran, or Bran flakes, some apricots dried with one banana

Fibre roughly: 8-10g 300 calories roughly.

Mid morning snack: 1 apple

Fibre ” ” 1.8g calories 50-60 calories ” “

Lunch: Sandwich of two slices of wholemeal bread, or wholegrain preferably not white bread with some chicken, with low-fat dressing of your choice e.g. mayonnaise and a tomato. A small pot of yoghurt plain or with fruit added and a orange.

Fibre ” ” 8-9g calories 300-400 calories ” “

Afternoon snack: Small bowl of strawberries

Fibre ” ” 2g calories 30 ” “

Tea or Lunch: 1 jacket sweet potato, or a normal potato served with a tin of baked beans add some salad, and low-fat grated cheese for flavour.

Fibre ” ” 14g calories 500 ” “

Total fibre 36g

Calories 1180

You don’t have to keep rigid to this list it is, only meant as a rough guide, you can add or take away things as needed just make sure that what you are substituting has roughly the same fibre content.

Some people have different food tastes and likes so not everything will be suitable for everybody on this list. Look out for part two within the next few days.

It may be a good idea to print this off and put it in a ring binder where you

Blogging Is It Good for your Health ?

Is Blogging good for your health my thoughts

This is what computers looked like back when we first made BloggerWell based upon my own experiences of blogging, I would say that most of my experiences have been good as far as blogging is concerned. The reason for writing this post is I came across a article on Discoveries website which speaks about this very thing.

How it helps

Blogging as a medium has a social aspect to it, which means you can tend to feel less lonely in your everyday life if you don’t come into contact with other people very often, also you have freedom to express yourself in writing, this can be very therapeutic if you have something on your mind that you would like to get off your chest. Lots of people write about lots of different topics as far as blogging is concerned whether it be a health problem, or what you did today it doesn’t really matter.

Blogging as a whole can give you a sense of community very much the same as in the real world when someone leaves a comment on your blog, it can mean such a lot especially if it is a positive one, you will get negative ones but that is just the very nature of blogging. Comments as a whole are a great way to get to know other bloggers.

The study information

In the study that was conducted it was found that the participants that blogged, felt that they were more socially supported, than those who didn’t blog. The mental health of people hadn’t blogged previously were put side-by-side, to see what differences there were, the researchers messaged 600 members on my, who filled out a questionnaire. They said that what they would call potential bloggers felt less satisfied as people.

They felt they had no community connection with other people and felt more isolated and therefore a lot less happier, and they were far more likely to use vented anger, as well as expressing their emotions.

When they were more inclined to become bloggers it was as if they were saying to themselves “I’m going to do this because I know it will help me”.

Two months later the potential bloggers were asked the same questions again about how they felt as people. This time round they said they found that they felt a sense of community, with other people because they were interacting with other people whom were doing the same activity as them.

Also some participants who didn’t blog but networked socially through my space felt less stressed and depressed over the two-month study period.

How blogging helped me

Well firstly when I started this blog initially it was my way of documenting my weight loss journey but now it has evolved way beyond that now, for instance when I first started trying to lose weight I used to document my weekly weigh-ins. People would come along and leave a comment, and tell you how well you were doing which is like having support in the real world, in order to help you towards your goal. Which gives you moral support very much like in the real world.

But other aspects of it are doing the research for posts you become very knowledgeable about what foods to eat, which stop cravings and leave you feeling fuller for longer, what kind of exercise will give you the best benefits. I don’t think if I would have started this blog that I would know what I do now about food nutrition etc and exercise.

Also it gives you a focus, when you’re bored you’re far more likely to eat food rather than if you are doing something ,I know it tends to work for me. I eat far less when I am writing posts than I would do if I was doing some other activity such as watching television.


I would say that from my point of view I would agree with everything that has been said as regards the study, it would be interesting if anyone else reading this would be able to add their own experiences by leaving a comment thus proving that the theory of this does work.

So if you have had any positive experiences from blogging then please let us know.

Source Discovery

How to Stop Emotional Eating

This particular problem does affect quite a lot of people and can prevent them from trying to lose weight, some habits in particular this one are in fact very hard to shake off and overcome.

Here are some tips that hopefully that will will be able to help you if you’re one of those people that does have a problem with emotional eating.

What causes it ?

As with any kind of addiction normally you will probably find there is a root cause behind the particular problem, it is probably fair to say that some people do realise that they are doing it while others probably don’t.

As people our whole being depends on one thing survival, now the thing with food is some foods will give more of a euphoric feeling than others do. And you will probably find this is a starting point as to what is making you do it.

As with many addictions this is purely a habit based around a learned behavior as in you eat a particular food and it makes you feel good.

This is what is behind most habits/learned behavior you can apply this model to almost anything whether it be smoking, drinking or any other overindulgence that you may have.

Something say might have happened in your past it could be way back in your childhood so far back that you might not even remember.

I mean I dare say that we all remember how good we felt when someone gave us some sweets to eat, when we were feeling a bit miserable one-day and this somehow managed to cheer us up.
This how habits become formed later on in life.

Emotional eating will stop people from feeling less anxious and or distressed, eating quite a lot of food will reduce blood sugar levels which in turn reduces the uncomfortable feelings. Over eating will eventually stop the pain that the person may be suffering from.

Some ways to prevent it

This list is by no means exhaustive but you may find that some of these, methods may help you with your emotional eating however some may not, but as with everything in life there is no harm in trying. I myself have always been an advocate of trying alternative different methods to stop particular learned behavior. So here are some ways that may be able to help you with your emotional eating.

Swap Foods

Ice cream: try this instead, put a banana in the fridge with the skin off it may not taste as sweet but, is a very good healthy alternative to ice cream.

Pizza: if you’re wanting to eat pizza have a go at making your own you can buy wholemeal flour and then top it with lots of vegetables, such as green and red peppers, mushrooms, just make sure that you use low-fat cheese for the topping.

Chips: we all like chips I do especially, but have a go at trying this healthy alternative get a sweet potato and cut into thin slices so you have potato wedges, put them on a baking tray with some cooking oil brushed lightly over each side. Sweet potatoes are full of goodness and a good source of fibre and many of the nutrients.

Hamburgers: If you have a bit of a Mc-D habit then try this healthy alternative instead, buy some of your own seeded buns wholemeal ones, then add some sliced turkey with lettuce and low-fat mayonnaise.

Chocolate: Have dark chocolate instead of plain chocolate also there is a chocolate substitute that you can buy from health food shops. You can use this to make the your own chocolate treats it will probably work out cheaper as well doing this.

Sweets: This may be one of the hardest things that you might want to stop as regards emotional eating, instead of eating hard-boiled sweets, substitute these for fruit such as pears, bananas, grapes, pineapple, cherries, strawberries, peaches and nectarines.

Keep a emotional eating diary

This is an important part of realizing when and how and what is causing your problem in the first place. If you can see in black and white that you are emotionally eating and once you become aware of it,it’s far easier to stop it.

NLP methods

The swish pattern

involves visualization the way it works is this you see the person you are eating the food that you shouldn’t be eating, in a picture in your mind then what you do is in the far right-hand corner of the image, there is a small dot of a picture of you eating a healthier option, what you have to do is quickly swish from the image to the other also attach the feelings associated with the problem to how you want to feel eating the better food and attach negative feelings to the other you eating the emotional food.

If you can’t get to grips with this then go to this website where there is a audio explaining how to do it properly swish pattern.

The picture frame

As a experiment try this think about eating something that you will eat when you’re feeling emotional. For example imagine that you are eating a cake one with sugar coating on the outside think about how it would feel as you are eating it. See yourself putting it into your mouth and the feeling of the sugar as you eat it.

You will probably find that you will start to get cravings for this particular food which goes to prove that it’s a associational thing, as well as being associated with a particular emotion also.

What you need to do is this imagine the food in a picture frame and remove all the colour so it is black-and-white, at the same time remember the emotion attached to the food what you could do also is add some hair to it so that your mind would think that you are eating the hair as well.

EFT (emotional free technique)

This involves acupuncture but without using needles what you do is tap various parts of your body in order to collapse the negative feelings associated with the food, here is a diagram so you can see which points you need to tap and also a link to a site which has videos on it that you can watch in order to try this method. It’s far easier to do it this way than explain it by typing.

EFT diagram EFT site and videos


Hopefully there will be something in this list that will be able to help you with your emotional eating.

If you have any other suggestions then please feel free to leave a comment so people can benefit from your experience.