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The Past Year in Review 2008

2008Being as it’s coming up to Christmas I thought I would do this last post for this year, and take a early break from blogging just for a while I have been blogging consistently throughout this year, although there have been some gaps I have managed to put content out most weeks apart from the odd few.

So this post is about some of the highlights from this year and even though it seems to have gone rather quickly, there has been some really good ones for me at least anyway. It was a relatively quiet start in January and traffic levels were not quite where I wanted them to be.

So after feeling under the weather for quite some time, I decided that enough was enough and at the beginning of February started to look at, my blogging mastermind lessons and also ramped up the amount of content creation I was doing.

I think it was about March time, that some of my posts started appearing on Reuters, which came as a nice surprise all of a sudden seeing traffic coming from sites like USA Today Reuters and many others. Was totally mind blowing to me in fact when I first saw my first post on Reuters I couldn’t believe my eyes.

That to me was the ultimate highlight of the year, apart from getting links from some authoritative blog’s like Pro Blogger, I ended up submitting my site to fitness to alltop, and they welcomed me with open arms this which was very gratifying to say the least.

Someone called Larisa contacted me from Wellsphere, said how much she liked my blog, and would I like it to be syndicated on their website naturally I agreed to this and as time has gone on I do get traffic from Wellsphere now this which was another well added addition to getting my blog noticed more. This year has been extremely good for growth as far as traffic is concerned even though my RSS subscribers have gone up and down somewhat I do hope one day that I will have over a hundred or more.

Also traffic levels have continued to rise throughout the year, there have been some occasional dips but I expect that anyway it is quite normal, it is something that I have learned to just except, if traffic levels dip sometimes after a while they do come back. I can’t wait one day to look at my stats and see 500 –1000 visitors per day to me that would be the ultimate thing.

But for now I am really happy with where I am, with my blog as it stands. You have to compare where you were from the beginning or where you were earlier on this year, November has been one of the best months I have had as far as visitors are concerned according to my web stats program awstats.

I have received some nice comments from people, about how much they enjoy reading my blog which is very gratifying also, there have been other ones which have been little bit critical in nature but nothing too bad, that is just one of the things about blogging it’s a open forum and you have to develop a bit of a thick skin as regards the comments side of it is concerned.

And I would just like to give a shout out to Pete Cohen who has been plugging me where ever he can thanks Pete, also I have an a lot of links coming in from forums where people have linked to a post of mine which has been a nice surprise at times, I can honestly say that even though at times you do to tend to think is it worth it I would say definitely yes it’s hard work no doubt about it but seeing something gradually grow over time is a very satisfying experience.

I would wholeheartedly say to anybody who is thinking about starting a blog be prepared for a long haul but if you put the work in you will reap the benefits. And the only way that you will get noticed is by writing decent content which people will want to read over and over again.

At times it seems like my posts pop up all over the place and this is the sort of natural growth that Google loves, and surely enough I do get plenty of traffic from Google but at times it seems to come all over the place.

I dare say that sometimes even site meter doesn’t always pick up all the visitors the I get so I could be getting referrals from lots of other places also, there is only one way to summarise this year really that’s to say it’s been absolutely fantastic. And I think next year will be even better here is a nonexhaustive list of where I have promoted my blog.

E-zine articles I wrote about 10 to 15 articles which brought me some natural organic traffic.

My posts go out on twitter once they are posted to my blog if you would like to follow me on twitter then here is my profile address, I also have a presence on Face Book and have posted my posts on their also feel free to add me as a friend

I am part of a service called friend feed which amalgamates all types of social media services like you tube, Flickr and many others if you would like to become a friend of mine on friend feed then please feel free to do so my blog is also part of my blog log and blog catalog which are two of the biggest social media blogging directories.

I think in part this is probably one of the reasons for my blog success because my content is being syndicated all over the place and this builds up relevance on the search engines. There are other things I have done as well like setting up blogs with content on on places like blogger etc and pointing the content to my blog this all creates relevance as well in the search engines and improves overall ranking.

So on that note I would just like to say to all the people who read my blog on a regular basis no matter how few or how many there are. I would like to say thank you so much for supporting me in what I believe to be to be a very worthwhile cause in helping people to become healthier and keep their weight under control.

So Merry Christmas and have a great New Year I look forward to seeing you in 2009 all the best.


How to Become a Fat Burning Furnace

fireWhen you’re trying to lose weight it can tend to be a bit annoying, when no matter what you do or how hard you try sometimes the pounds just don’t seem to shift. And it can become incredibly frustrating when you are trying to lose weight and you are seemingly doing the right things.

Hopefully what is about to to be discussed here might swing things in the opposite direction, and you may get some results, the problem is with people some of us are able to shift excess body fat. While others struggle to shift hardly any. If you do some basic research on exercise and calorie burning you may find information, which tells you how many calories will be burned doing a specific type of exercise say for instance walking for an hour or so.

Which is all well and good but if we take walking as a particular example, there isn’t any particular resistance involved in doing it you are just walking against air and nothing else, the only time it will get harder is when you are walking up a hill. Or across territory that makes you use your muscles more, you do do this to a certain extent when you’re walking. But the effort that is required becomes harder the more the incline is, which is better and will yield far better results but we don’t all necessary live nearby mountains. Or somewhere that may have a steep incline.

You can build your leg muscles overtime by going for walks every day and this will eventually lead to fat burning tissue. One of the particular problems with this particular exercise and there are others which are very similar, is that they known as aerobic exercise which means that, your body is using oxygen as the primary factor in the process of burning fat.

So when your activity is over or work out which ever you want to call it, then the fat burning process ceases, which doesn’t necessarily mean that this is such a bad thing because after all you will still burn calories, and any exercise is better than none.

The types of aerobic exercise are things like walking, swimming, cycling, jogging etc, but there are other types of exercise which are far better at burning fat, and what you get as a by product is called the “after burn effect” which continues 18 hours after you have done your initial exercise.

One of the great things about doing this particular type of exercise is you don’t have to train for a hour in order to get good results from doing this particular method, if you can manage to do it then you will reap the benefits.

Anaerobic exercise is by far the better alternative when it comes to using up excess glucose in your bloodstream, because otherwise this excess glucose is stored in your adipose fat stores, and is not used as it should be. So therefore you have more fat in your body. This particular form of exercise uses 19 times more glucose than aerobic exercise does.

So if you have excess blood sugar in your body, then this will do a very good job of removing it from your system the great thing about doing this type of exercise is, you don’t necessarily have to do it for very long to get benefits from it. Most people tend to think that when they work out, that if they put the maximum effort throughout their particular routine when, they are doing it then this will yield the best results but this isn’t necessarily the case. As far as burning fat is concerned, by far the best way is to have a five-minute warm up in order to get your muscles supple.

And then start to do your work out. The most efficient way to yield good results and turbo charge fat burning, is by gradually increasing the amount of effort that you are putting in when you are doing your specific exercise. The best way to achieve this is to do a bit more each time as you are doing it.

This will gradually over a period of time increase your heart rate and lung capacity, so each time you come to do your work out. You will be able to do more for longer periods of time and the fat burning process becomes gradual so you are slowly warming up your body. This burns fat far more effectively

As long as you get to the point where your body feels quite warmish but not actually sweating, this signifies that you’re getting to the point of what I call the burn, which is where your body starts to burn fat. One of the most efficient and effective anaerobic exercises you can do will be achieved by using weights or lifting your own body weight.

Doing such things as push-ups, pull-ups, and any other exercise which involves using your body as a weight. You can also use some free weights, for instance a set of small barbells will do fine, or you can also buy a long set of barbells a bit like the sort that professional weightlifters use.

Which tends to have weights at each end, but with a longer pole for lifting, in summary the thing to remember is here as long as your work out does involve some sort of resistance training you will yield better results when you are doing your repetitions using the weights, by speeding up for a shorter period while you are doing them and gradually work up to a stage.

Where you feel as though you are not actually breathing, your mind might be sending all sorts of messages to stop as your heart may get to a stage where it is beating quite fast. Just keep going and don’t be scared it will only be for a short time

The important thing to remember here is you don’t have to sustain the peak effort for a very long time for it to make a difference you only have to to keep it there for a maximum of 2 1/2 minutes. Once you get there go down to a bit of a slower pace what the idea here is to do is ramp, your efforts up and down your exercise will look like a graph going upwards gradually in 2 1/2 minute bursts which will reach at a peak.

And then gradually come back down again, the best way to do this is in steps, for instance four to five levels of intensity, between 1-5 one being the least effort and five being the maximum effort. So you have a pattern of gradually building up your effort throughout your workout.

Another important factor is to make sure that the rest periods in between your workout are very small say a minute or two between each exercise. So if you do ten front arm rows and then some arm curls just make sure that you have a small rest period in between this will maximize the fat burning potential of your sessions.

If you can do this as a two tier workout say as an example do some form of aerobic exercise in the morning and anaerobic in the afternoon you will have a double whammy effect as the exercise in the evening will keep things ticking over nicely.

Doing exercise like this split into two halves works far better at burning fat, than just one session of an hour or half an hour which a lot of people do. When I was trying to lose weight I didn’t have the stamina to do half an hour on my stair stepper it used to crease me. So split it intotwo ten minute sessions and to my surprise it worked extremely well.

Although at the time I didn’t know that splitting your routine in half made that much difference I just did it because it suited me at the time. And using a stair stepper which used two hydraulic rams for resistance must of given me some anaerobic exercise without even knowing. To clarify what it means, it’s when your not using oxygen for fuel as regards to burning fat.

Here is how to do it if you didn’t grasp what has been said.

In a week do this as is stated and you can’t go far wrong in the morning go for a walk/jog gradually increasing your effort of 2 ½ min intervals in steps of your choice just make sure you keep ramping it up and down the effort that your putting in.

And when you reach your peak which is more or less a jog than a walk make sure you stay at the top for that time of 2 ½ mins once you do and your putting your all into it you will get into the anaerobic threshold it will be uncomfortable no doubt about that but it will maximize your training no end.

So for one week train by doing a walk/jog using the above and then do some free weights in the evening to keep things ticking over do this for six days but miss one walk/jog session and miss one free weights session on one particular day of your choice. Then have a full rest day on day seven.

The great thing about doing it this way you will maximize your fitness and be able to more for longer when you workout next time and burn even more fat. If you only do a constant workout with no ramping then your fitness levels will still be good but this will make you, that extra bit fitter and improve your heart/lung performance.

Your main goal is to have a pyramid of exercise which peaks at the top and ramps up and down in intensity, please consult your Doctor before doing this type of routine as it’s very intense and might make things worse if your out of shape.

Is you’re Behind Your Best Friend

sittingIn the normal way of doing things in our society, if your like everybody else, somewhere in the world where ever it may be you will be reading this post. More than likely sitting down whether it be, on your laptop or perhaps at home in your nice comfortable computer chair.

But what say for instance if that was doing you more harm than good ? We take sitting down for granted it’s something that we do and probably do it more than we should do, but just accept it as a normal part of everyday life. But now even this can be a bit of a hazard, but the only reason we don’t feel it is one, is because like everything in life sometimes we tend to live like mushrooms in dark corners not wanting to know about our own bad habits.

And the more time that you spend sitting down in a chair the more it slows down the natural fat burning properties. Within your body the medical name for this particular problem is called, metabolic syndrome there are now in the United States of America 47 million people who have this particular problem.

Which causes health problems like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Researches have now have come to the conclusion that it’s because we like to keep our best friend happy by sitting on it too much, this groundbreaking research has found that too much sitting about for long periods of time by far doubles.

And even in some cases can triple the amount of cases of people whom have problems with obesity and other health issues related to being overweight. The reason for this which has been brought to light by all these various studies, is a an enzyme in people which encourages fat to be used in the body which is called liapse, when this particular hormone is working and switched on its job role is to take up fat into muscles, so it is used for energy.

Otherwise what tends to happen is the fat will recirculate around your body, and clog up arteries an end up being in your organs etc which is where it doesn’t need to be. Samples of plasma were taken from various participants in studies, when the people were sitting down and ate a meal the sample was very cloudy.

However when they took the same sample from somebody, who had eaten and was standing up, it was found to be clear. So the researchers have said that if you are doing something then doing do it standing up, rather than sitting down. Dr Hamilton one of the lead researchers of the study said that we are not talking about a small amount of fat here, it is a awful lot. Dr Hamilton himself swapped his own chair for a treadmill once he found out about this method of fat being recirculated in human bodies.

There is no reason why you can’t stand up and walk around while you are on the phone, or even watching TV for that matter. You can burn 60 calories or thereabouts just by standing and there is another added bonus. It also improves your cholesterol levels namely HDL which is the better of the two cholesterols, LDL is the bad cholesterol which blocks up your arteries. So the moral of this story is stand up for your health.


What Causes us To Overeat

popcornThere can be quite a few reasons for overeating, such as emotional eating, or just the mere taste of certain foods, or just plain and simple habits that we have picked up over the years.

And not realised consciously that we eat a particular way some factors may include, the size of a food packaging or people around us can affect how much we eat, sometimes if you have large friends it is possible to pick up their eating habits and transfer them to yourself without even realising it.

In a book called Mindless Eating which is written by Brian Wansink, and is involved in a department within Cornell University, which has conducted various experiments to try and understand the psychology of why we eat the way we do.

The experiments were centered around the size of food packaging and also outside influences of other people, some of the things that they found out from, their data was, that large portions of food can be cheaper so we tend to buy more of them, whereas smaller portions of food tend to be that bit more expensive so we eat less smaller portions.

During his experiments he found that we tend to be influenced by the name on the packaging, and also specifically by the size of it, one experiment which involved popcorn gave participants different sizes large and medium-sizes were used for the experiment, the popcorn was five days old.

Once the movie was over they measured the amount of popcorn that was consumed and interestingly enough, the people have had the large popcorn size eight approximately 53 percent more, than those whom had the smaller size of popcorn. They came to the conclusion that three factors were involved in eating the popcorn these influential factors were other people eating the popcorn in close proximity, the actual associations in their mind with going to a movie and eating it and also the distraction of it. Also bear in mind that the popcorn used was stale.

Another experiment revolved around using a soup bowl, one group had a bottomless soup bowl, which was topped up and soup in it most of the time, while another group had normal soup bowls.

Here again we have differences in both experiments the bottomless soup bowl group ate considerably more than the other group. But when asked about calorie consumption, they said that they thought they had both eaten the same amount when in fact they hadn’t.

They also noted that people near to us or nearby whom are eating also can have a plus factor when it comes to eating food, not plus as in positive but we tend to match them probably more subconsciously than anything. This can go either way we can either eat more or less depending upon the environmental conditions and where we are.

Wansink found that people who become overweight or obese, very often not aware of how much they are eating and the amounts that they should be eating, he says that we should become more aware of what we are eating rather than just being mindless with our eating.

This is what causes the consumption of too many calories throughout the day, his tips for eating less are eat no more than two items if you are at a buffet, wrap foods in tinfoil to make them seem less appealing. Don’t eat foods directly from packets and if you sit near to somebody make sure they are eating their food slowly. This isn’t the be all and end all of losing weight, but hopefully these tips will help you and make you understand how sometimes that we have habits going on beneath the surface, particularly subconsciously ones in the way we do things especially when it comes to eating food.