40 Reasons Why Your Diet Might Not Be Working

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Why is it sometimes that no matter what we do as regards eating healthily and exercising properly, we still don’t seem to get the right combination when it comes to shedding excess weight. Just the other week, the British Nutrition Foundation, found more than 100 reasons why some people’s diets don’t work.

Here is a list that the Daily Mail has compiled as to why they think your diet may not be working.

What is in your shopping basket

1. Having cereal for your breakfast, If you have your breakfast with some sugar, and you’re overweight. This will make you hungry before dinner time, a study found another group, which ate eggs instead felt fuller because of the protein within the eggs, they found the ones that ate the eggs had lower levels of grehlin this is a hormone that stimulates appetite.

2. Milk in your tea, Indian scientists found something interesting. Milk contains certain ingredients that reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed by your stomach and in turn reduce your cholesterol levels. They found that proteins in cow’s milk has a neutralising effect, so you’re better off drinking your tea black.

3. Change the type of bread you eat, researchers found that when you eat too much white bread, which is full of carbs. This in turn can lead to weight gain, a study which had two groups of people in it found that if you did this, then you would add half an inch to your waistline. Each year, so if you haven’t already, it’s probably a wise idea to switch to white bread and brown rice.

4. Food labels, a study found that people who read food labels, and exercise lose more weight compared to those people who don’t.

5. Having too much fruit juice, this can have more impact than you realise. Compared to solid food, If you cut out one sugary drink a day, you will lose more than a pound after six months.

6. Add more seasoning to your food, If you add some ground pepper to your meal. This can help to burn calories quicker as well as that it will suppress your appetite, which will stop you from craving the following foods salty, fatty and sweet.

7. Having no yoghurt, a study found that when people who were obese had three servings of fat-free yoghurt a day as part of their diet lost 22% more weight and 61% of body fat compared to those people who just reduced calories. Interestingly, people who ate yoghurt also lost 81% more fat in their stomach area. It is thought that the protein and calcium in the yoghurt could help in burning fat.

Un-helpful friends  

8. So the theory goes, if your friends put on weight so will you. According to a study done atHarvardUniversityt found that if you have at least four obese friends, then this double the person’s chances of becoming obese. Why is this you may ask? It is because we tend to mimic our friends behaviour.

9. Looking at magazines and newspapers, a study found that when people look at pictures of high-fat foods. It stimulates their brains appetite control mechanism. This in turn makes us want to eat sweet or savoury foods which we don’t need.

10. Not chewing enough, it is better if you keep your food in your mouth and chew it for as long as possible. The reason being is your tongue sends a message to your brain to tell it to release digestive juices when you chew solid food it fills you up.

11. Eating whilst at work, it’s been found that we eat more than 30% more calories when in the company of other people compared to being on our own, in one instance some research found that when secretaries ate chocolate from a close colleague. They had 5.6 times more of it than if the person had to walk a couple of metres to get it.

12. Wrong coloured plates, researchers found in a study that when your food matches the colour of your plate. It can make you eat more. The reason being is it tends to blend into the plate.

When you serve the same meal on a different group plate, an example being red spaghetti on a green plate. It seems as though there is more food when there actually isn’t because the portion now seems larger you are psychologically more satisfied.

13. Not enough sleep, when you don’t get enough sleep. This activates certain genes, which are known to cause obesity. When you have longer sleep periods eight hours plus, it is known to suppress these genes.

14. Solo dieting, a study found that when you diet with your friends, you are far more likely to be successful than doing it on your own. As we discussed earlier having overweight friends can make you the same as well. This is just the same effect, except in reverse.

A study found that people who join an ongoing program such as Weight Watchers lost more weight compared to those who just got weight loss advice from a doctor or nurse. They were found to lose twice as much weight.

15. Saying I can’t when someone offers you some food, researchers found that if you say this when you are offered say a piece of cake your less likely to stick at your diet than if you say “I don’t.”

The reason for this is when you say can’t this says to your brain that you have suffered deprivation and loss, whereas if you say I don’t. This demonstrates determination and empowerment.

16. Not looking in the mirror, a study found that when you eat near a mirror. You eat far fewer calories compared to if you didn’t, the theory goes that if you can see yourself in the mirror. It’s a reminder that you’re trying to lose weight.

17. Being on your own, the more you are with other people, the better chances of you losing weight. This was put to the test by making mice socialize more than once that did this had more increase in the amount of brown fat burnt compared with ordinary white fat. Researchers came to the conclusion that the reason for this was that they would be more active within groups rather than on their own.

18. Eating your dinner in front of the TV, a study in the USA found that people who did this and were distracted by watching television, whilst eating their dinner were far more likely to eat high-fat snacks afterwards and they didn’t even remember what they had eaten.

20. Not enough variation, if you buy to great a variation of food and keep eating the same foods eventually you will get bored with them and eat far less. This is what researchers found when women were given the same food over and over again

21. Newly divorced, these kinds of life traumas can cause something to happen, called weight shocks and as a result of this. We can pile on the pounds; a researcher in theUSAfound that there was a high likelihood of weight gain. When someone either got married or divorced. This was due to comfort eating because of the stress and anxiety with which they were dealing with at the time.

23. Yoga only, if this is the only type of exercise you are doing. You may need to do different types. It only burns 144 calories in 50 minutes, which is no better than a slow walk even if you do power yoga. This only burns 237 calories. Yoga only gives you a mild workout.

24. Going it alone, if you do exercise on your own. There is a possibility that you, you may give up or not work as hard when you’re doing it when you’re exercising with other people. You release lots of feel good chemicals which may help you to keep at it, rather than throwing in the towel. This was found in a recent study, they also measured pain thresholds and found that people in a group tolerated it much better than those who did it on their own.

26. Exercising at a certain pace, if you exercise in sharp short bursts. These can be effective as exercising at a steady pace for a length of time, say an hour. You’re far more likely to stick at it, doing smaller bursts than longer ones; researchers compared the effect of exercising for 90-120 minutes with exercising for 20 to 30 seconds of high-intensity, followed by 4 minutes rest and repeating this 4 to 6 times.

Afterwards, the researchers compared the results. Both groups had similar levels of fitness, since some had only worked out for 6 minutes per week, compared to others who had worked out five hours per week. This will be good news to some people who say they don’t have time to work out.

27. Hunger after exercise, when some women exercised really hard. Treally hard. Afterwards, they were far more likely to eat the calories that they had just burned off.

28. Exercise isn’t working, no matter what some people do or how much they exercise. Nothing seems to help them in their quest to lose weight. The reason for this, apparently, is in genetics, some people are just not programmed to lose weight, doing certain types of exercise, like aerobics, for instance, if this is the case for you. You are far better off doing high-intensity workouts, combined with some weight training.

29. Doing exercise at home, studies have shown that when you exercise outside in a more natural environment, you get more out of it, compared to if you do it at home, you get more of a boost, mentally, and are more likely to stick it out than if you are doing it at home.

30. Exercise and age, as you get older and are trying to lose weight by doing the wrong type of exercise you may not be helping yourself something called scarpia happens when we get older and from the age of 30 onwards, you lose one-fifth of a pound of muscle every year, so it’s important to do the right types of exercise in order to maintain your muscle mass. Using kettle bells or weights becomes more important than aerobic exercise does in order to offset these losses.

31. Doing only one type, in order to get the maximum benefit from what you are doing from an exercise point of view, you need a combination of cardio exercise, such as aerobics, e.g. cycling is one good example and some sort of resistance training. These combined will build your endurance up so you can exercise longer and build muscle mass at the same time.

32. Not using music, if you’re not listening to music while you’re exercising, then you may be missing out. According to some experts, t reason for this is it acts as a motivator as well, as distracting you from pain, you will find that if you listen to music. You will be more determined than you would be without listening to it.

33. Brown fat, you need more of it to be able to burn white fat; slim people are known to have more brown fat compared to people who are overweight, some researchers found that when you get cold, a form of brown fat is activated.

34. Sense of smell, when you are overweight, your sense of smell is more keener than if you are slim.

35. Being a woman, researchers in theUSfound that men are able to keep their eating under control far more easily than women. They came across this by doing brain scans of men and women.

36. Brain chemistry, a hormone known as leptin is one of the hormones, which controls appetite in your brain, US researchers found overweight and obese people have levels of leptin, however, their brains aren’t that sensitive to it.

38. Your genes, if you are unfortunate enough to acquire some genes from your family, then this could affect how much you eat some people, no matter how much they eat their brain never gets the full signal.

Australian researchers found that some people seem to think that once they have lost weight that is it. However, it’s not the case, they say that you need to be vigilant and be strict with yourself. Otherwise you will end up in a loop of yo-yo dieting.

40. Parents, believe it or not one of the reasons that you may be the way you are either fat or thin, could be due to your parents, researchers found there can be a strong link. Research in theUKfound that overweight mothers were more likely to have overweight children compared to slim ones.

Daily Mail : Diet-Doing-yoga-The-wrong-mix-brain-chemicals-Even-listening-pop-Forty-reasons-diet-ISNT-working

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