Diet Chef Manper Site/Review

When you’re on a weight loss journey, one of the most important things is as well as getting exercise.  You have to watch the calories that you are consuming for some people, this can be a pain.

Even though modern food labelling is meant to be straightforward. Some people still find it confusing or don’t even read the labels.

This is where sites like Diet Chef have taken care of that for you. So you don’t have to do worry about counting calories anymore, as well as nutrition, this is taken into account.  So it as simple as joining up with the site, ordering your food and then using the tools provided to track your progress.

They have a forum so there’s so a community of people, all with the same goals as yourself which all helps. They have a Facebook page so you can look at their tips and suggestions. So what I’m going to be doing over the next few days is choosing foods which Diet Chef sent me.  So I can do an review of how I get on with the food over a seven-day period.

This will give anybody who sees this review an idea of whether it would be suitable for them. So on each day I will be documenting what I’m eating for breakfast, lunch and tea. As well, as any snacks I consume while on the plan. Which will be provided by Diet Chef. This will avoid any confusion.

On my first day I had for breakfast porridge with vanilla and banana this was a 40g serving I had this with some skimmed milk.  I never had porridge with banana and vanilla before so it made a change calories in the packet of porridge were 158 calories.

To complement this, I had a fruit and oat cookie and a chocolate, soft cookie. About mid-morning I had a snack as I still felt a bit peckish.  For my snacks I had a packet of cheese and onion flavour bakes and some sweet chilli oat bites these combined had a calorie value of 206 calories.

Everything I had for my breakfast today, which is Monday, I really enjoyed.  The porridge was certainly different snack bars tasted great as well as did the crisp snacks. I had and after eating all of it. I felt satisfied and didn’t feel the need to eat anything else until lunchtime.

For my lunch. I had chunky vegetable soup. This is 114 calories per pack. I had it with a couple of slices of bread. It was delicious and the right amount of food for me to cook this it takes three minutes in a microwave oven and for me that was more than long enough.

Because this comes in a packet . All you need to do is cut the corner off and pour it out. For my evening meal I had chicken tikka masala. This was in a packet which you shake for 10 seconds and cook in the microwave for 3 minutes as far as packaged food is concerned, to me, this tasted delicious. It had small chunks of chicken in and the sauce was delicious. This contained 120 calories.To complement this, I had some salted popcorn calories 107,  which is a snack and a fruit and oat cookie calories 439.


For my breakfast I had cinnamon and Apple porridge.  This was 150 calories mid-morning I had a pack of cheese and onion flavour bakes calories, 105 and a blackcurrant and raspberry oat bar 390 calories, as well as a vanilla flavoured milkshake, which is classed as a meal replacement.  For my lunch.  I had smoked bacon and  bean soup.  Another winner with me.  It tasted great.  Later in the afternoon I had another pack of cheese and onion flavour bakes calories, 105 and another blackcurrant and raspberry oat bar 390 calories.

For Dinner I had macaroni cheese calories, 273 and a chocolate milkshake calories, 210.  This concludes everything on this day.


For my breakfast I had vanilla and banana porridge calories, 158 calories.  For a mid-morning snack.  I had the following a chocolate soft cookie calories 180 and some sweet chilli oat bites calories, 101.  For lunch, I had a ham and sweet corn chowder, which is a soup calories, 165.


For dinner I had sausages in onion gravy.  This was delicious and the soup was delicious.  I felt satisfied after eating my lunch and dinner.  Although at times, I had something later, as I felt a bit peckish so in the evening I had some salted popcorn.  This is 107 calories and a vanilla milkshake, 216 calories.

I also had a pack of dark chocolate chip oat biscuits, calories 90 and some sweet chilli oats bites calories, 101.  This concludes everything that I had on Wednesday.


For my breakfast I had porridge oats calories, 157 for my lunch.  I had chicken jalfrezi calories, 285.  I enjoyed eating this it had chickpeas in with chicken and tomatoes.  And for dinner I had spicy tomato beef soup calories, 144 I also had a blackcurrant and raspberry oak bar calories, 100-ish.  Snacks I had were cheese and calories, 105 and a fruit and oat soft cookie calories 90-ish.  This concludes what I had today.


For my breakfast I had porridge with Apple and cinnamon calories, 150.  For my lunch.  I had vegetarian korma, which is a light curry containing soya pieces calories, 282 for a snack.  Later I had cheese and onion flavour bakes calories, 105 and some fruit and spice oat biscuits, calories, 80 to 90-ish.

For dinner I had oxtail soup with bread and later I had some potato chips with meat, this was not part of the diet chef regime.  I just felt the need for something else to eat.  This concludes what I had today.


For my breakfast I had crunchy bran muesli calories, 164 for my lunch.  I had spicy tomato and beef soup calories, 144 for dinner I had beef goulash.  This is beef stew with tomatoes, peppers and paprika calories, 216 snacks I had were salted popcorn 107 calories.

Just so you know you can complement what you eat whilst on the diet chef program so having someone fruit and vegetables to bulk up your calorie quota is fine, just as long as you don’t overdo it.


For my breakfast I had luxury muesli calories, 166 for my lunch.  I had ham and sweet corn chowder, which is a soup made with sweet corn and ham calories, 165 for dinner I had minced beef hotpot in gravy with carrots, swede and peas with sliced potatoes calories, 254.  For snacks.  I had cheese and onion flavour bakes calories, 105 and an oat bar with blackcurrant and raspberry calories, 40 to 50-ish.

This concludes what I had on this day.  My overall experience with diet chef  has been positive.  I’ve enjoyed the food and lost some weight in the process.  And just to reiterate what I said earlier on, you are encouraged to supplement what you eat on the program with other foods such as fruit and vegetables.

The reason I have written my review like it is so you can get an idea of a typical day on the program and every individual is different.  If you would like to try the program yourself or read more about it.  Their website is at

They do have a broad range of foods and the ones I chose to eat were only a small selection of what they have, to offer.  So there is something for everybody, no matter what your food tastes are like.











Brooks Adrenaline Gtx Mens Running Shoes Review

If you use walking or running as a form of exercise you will know how important it is to choose the right footwear. Especially if you walk or run long distances. Your choice of footwear will be a important one.

I was fortunate enough to have been sent a pair of mens running shoes from Up & Running to try; the Brooks Adrenaline GTX. These come under the category of trail running shoes, which means they are ideal for people who walk/run in wooded uneven territory which may be wet or slippery.

These shoes would be a good choice for a winter/autumn person who likes to exercise and commune with nature in rough-and-ready, conditions, whether it be snow or wet in urban or nonurban areas.

They’re not for people who exercise in fair-weather. The first thing you notice about these shoes is the rugged, build quality of them. You can tell straight away when you hold them that they are well made for the exact purpose that they are intended for. Which is rough outdoor work.

These men’s running shoes are well made, the soles as you can see in the image have a coarse grip which is why they are ideal for rough terrain. And poor weather. They are very light which is another plus point which will create low resistance when wearing them.

As you can see from the side view, they have very thick soles which will only add to the comfort factor. This will minimise the amount of shock from your feet upwards, which will enable you to run further with less risk of injury to your joints et cetera.

Walk/Running Test

For my walk test. I chose to walk around the perimeter of our local park. I’m not exactly sure what the distance is involved, but it takes me roughly about 20 min to walk around the circuit twice and it is a fairly big park, I probably walked a mile or two wearing the shoes. The first thing I noticed straight away was compared to my other training shoes.

It felt like I had a pair of springs attached to my feet so while I was walking. I felt like I had a bounce in my step. And made the whole experience very comfortable on the way back home. I tried a bit of light jogging. I could feel the shoes supporting my feet and did not feel any pressure on my knee joints.

The path where I walked around on the park is uneven and in need of repair. However, I couldn’t tell at all due to the thickness of the soles. I walked on the grass which was slightly damp and had no problems with slipping, the grip on the soles coped with it well. If you’re a runner and want a high end pair of running shoes, then these would make an excellent choice and would last a good few years if taken care of.

Fry’s Vegetarian Range Food Review

Nowadays, vegetarian food is becoming more commonplace than it used to be. Not only that, it tastes better than it used to. Myself like variety, in what I eat and more recently have been trying some of the vegetarian alternatives, just to see how they compare to their counterparts.

Mostly because we buy our shopping from Sainsbury’s. This is where I have bought most of it. I have tried a few of their own vegetarian range as well as other brands such as Linda McCartney’s range of vegetarian food. Early on this year I was contacted by someone who represents Fry’s Vegetarian Food and sent some samples to try.

Here is what I was sent.

Frys Cottage Pie

This was the first item I tried in the past I have eaten cottage pie, which has been made with meat, et cetera so this was a change for me with it being vegetarian cooking. It is simple enough from frozen. It takes just 6-7 minutes, depending on your microwave and it’s done. It contains mashed potato, Frys Vegetarian Mince, peas, lentils, carrots and onion gravy. The tray it comes in can be recycled in your compost bin. To say this was a vegetarian dish. I found it very tasty and felt satisfied after eating it and would rate it highly next to cottage pie alternatives to me this was a definite winner. I enjoyed eating it.

Here is the nutritional information for the cottage pie.

Calories per 100g  92 cal

Protein 9.3 g.

Carbohydrate 5.7 g.

Fats  3.6 g

Dietary fibre 2.8 g

Sodium 430 mg.

Salt 1.09 g

Frys Chicken Style Nuggets

These nuggets look like the ones that you get in fast food establishments, except they are far healthier I cooked these under the grill and turned them occasionally they didn’t take long to cook.

I ate these with garden peas, microwave chips, and tomato sauce. They were delicious. If I was blindfolded, I might have trouble telling the difference between those and real chicken nuggets. If your children are vegan or vegetarian. These would make a ideal substitute.

Here is the nutritional information for the chicken style nuggets.

Calories per 100g 188 cal

Protein 12 g

Carbohydrate 20 g

Fats 9 g

Dietary Fibre 6 g

Sodium 700 mg

Salt 1.78 g

Frys Traditional Sausages

I cooked these from frozen under the grill, turning them occasionally and had them with potato wedges and mushy peas. Again, they didn’t take that long to cook the only thing I noticed about them was they did look a bit pale in colour, but apart from that these too tasted delicious. After eating my meal. I felt full and satisfied. I had three with my meal which was more than enough.

Here is the nutritional information for the traditional sausages.

Calories per 100g  123 cal

Protein 16.5 grams

Carbohydrate 5 g

Fats 6g

Dietary Fibre 11 g

Sodium 900 mg

Salt 2.25 g

Frys Traditional Burgers

I cooked these under the grill and they didn’t take too long to do cook 8 minutes maximum. These too were slightly pale in colour. However, they went brown after being cooked. I had them with baked beans and potato wedges. These had a slight spicy taste to them, which is something I particularly like in food and I really enjoyed eating them. They had a great taste and texture.

Here is the nutritional information for the traditional burgers.

Calories per 100g 149 cal

Protein 15.8 g

Carbohydrate 12.2 g

Fats 4.4 g

Dietary Fibre 0.6 g

Sodium 814 mg

Salt 2.07g

Frys Polony Slicing Sausage

Here is the nutritional information for the polony slicing sausage.

I had this sausage sliced with some potato and peas and ate it cold, having never eaten anything like this before. I was curious as to how it would taste, and wasn’t disappointed at all. It tasted like luncheon meat to me, even though it isn’t. This would make a great addition to you or your children’s lunchbox, particularly if you don’t eat meat or are looking for a alternative. It has a great taste and texture. I really enjoyed it.

Calories per 100g  201 cal

Protein  15.3g

Carbohydrate 8.3 g

Fats 11.8 g

Dietary Fibre 2.2 g

Sodium 1000 mg

Salt 2.54 g

You can buy Frys products from the following retailers online and off-line. Your localHollandand Barrett, Holland & Barrett stock selected lines only.

If you are interested in looking at the Frys range of online here is their site address :


Pomegranates Help to Reduce Stomach Fat

Image by briannalehman

Pomegranates are in the news today because of their amazing health properties and something that we should be eating regularly. The reasons are they help to lower pressure, arterial health and removal of fat cells from your stomach. This new research published in the Journal of Nutritional Science by researchers at Queen’s Market,University of Edinburgh.

This research confirms other clinical information which has charted the benefits of consuming pomegranate juice and the benefits may reach further too suppressing appetite, Spanish scientists have even suggested it may help people with bingo wings.

Pomegranates are known as a superfood reasons being pomegranate juice is a powerful antioxidant, which helps with lowering blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. In the study, people who consumed 500ml of pomegranate juice everyday for four weeks had reduced levels of plasma NFA, which stores belly fat.

Research in Spain found pomegranate juice helps to rejuvenate skin. In another study, they found it can help with stress and reduced cortisol levels in the participants saliva. They were said to feel more enthusiastic and less anxious after consumption of pomegranate drink.

And part of this study also found that it can increase levels of testosterone, which helps with sexual need and urge as well. These benefits some pomegranate juice has natural sweeteners in them which release their energy over a longer period, giving you more energy. Rather than having a quick sugar spike and crashing down.

Pomegranates aren’t something that I normally have in my shopping basket. However, after reading this, I’m going to try some pomegranate juice out of curiosity to see what it tastes like.

Source : Pomegranate health benefits

Is it Important to Eat Breakfast Everyday

Image by robertbanh

It’s long been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or is it? 50% of us think otherwise, we leave the house on an empty stomach, and the majority only spends 3 minutes on its maximum. Experts say this isn’t wise, according to studies, which say otherwise.

It makes us more alert, more slim and helps children’s behaviour and concentration at school. Despite the evidence, a third of schoolchildren skip breakfast, says the better breakfast campaign, which launched yesterday. Having breakfast has shown to help children’s memories.

It also prevents obesity later in life and ill-health later on. Children who skip breakfast are more likely to become obese. In later years. In a study, 6/10 participants performed better in English and maths. After eating breakfast, and eye and hand coordination was improved.

Prof Heather Joshi, director of the study, said, “The consequence of not having breakfast is that children and adults are more likely to get hungry before lunch snack on foods are high in fat and sugar.” This could explain one of the reasons between being obese and skipping breakfast. A survey done by the Prince’s trust found that in 2012 39% of teachers knew pupils whom came to school on empty stomach.

The better breakfast campaign, which is set up by a charity called PHYTO trade, Africa, says that porridge makes a good breakfast. And it would seem that the message is getting out sales of porridge rose by 20% last year. Do you eat breakfast? Personally, I do and function better for it. My favourite breakfasts are porridge with blueberries, Weetabix, pineapple chunks, and occasionally a full English breakfast. If you want some ideas for breakfast. Here are some links to other posts I have wrote about breakfast.

Reasons Why Porridge is a Good Breakfast

Five Reasons To Eat Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

What Breakfast Do You Eat 

From Daily Express 24 September 2012

Study Finds You Can Be Fit As Well As Fat

Image by Tobyotter

If you’re a fat person. It doesn’t mean you are unfit about half of fat people are as healthy or healthier than thin people and are less likely to have health problems like cancer, heart issues.

When you exercise this offsets being overweight. This study was the biggest of its type and smashes beliefs obesity leads to ill health.

Its findings showed that when people are metabolically active, they become healthier, despite having a high BMI (body mass index). Their risk from disease or dying prematurely is better than unhealthy obese people, the risk is halved of getting cancer or heart disease.

Data has found those who have heart problems. People in the bracket whom are normal weight or overweight may be worse off than overweight people. If you’re overweight and have a heart attack, you’re far more likely to live longer than your slimmer counterparts. If you don’t exercise.

The study of 43,265 people found you can be metabolically healthy and fit, overweight and have the same chances of keeping heart disease and cancer free. If you are obese and metabolically healthy. You may not get insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels. This is measured by how well, heart and lung function is.

It looked at Americans between the years 1979 – 2003 whom had a fitness test and found 46% whom were obese were metabolically fit their risk of mortality was cut by 38% compared to unhealthy obese people. Their risk of dying from either heart disease or cancer was reduced by 30 – 50% compared to their unhealthy counterparts.

And was the same to those of people with normal weight, the leader of the study, said: “It’s well known that obesity is linked to a large number of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and others. ”However, they appears to be a subset of obese people whom are protected from obesity related metabolic complications. “Our study suggests that obese metabolically healthy individuals have better fitness levels than the rest of obese people.

“We believe that getting more exercise broadly and positively changes major body systems and organs, and consequently contributes to make somebody metabolically healthier, including obese people. “In our study, we measured fitness, which is largely influenced by exercise.”

In a another study, which looked at 64,000 heart patients in Sweden found similar data, which supports the obesity paradox, which suggests that overweight people with heart disease have better prospects and survival compared to thinner people. The highest risks were among people who are underweight and morbidly obese.

Mortality rates were lower, with obese people and overweight people. Advice to people whom had already had heart problems were advised not to lose weight as it may cause more problems.

Its important to take note of how much belly fat you have reason being the cells. Here are active and pump unneeded hormones into your body, which cause problems and may lead to heart disease as well as diabetes. This will be a relief to people whom are obese or overweight and  trying to get fit and lose excess weight.


Calorie Restriction Doesn’t Extend Life Study Finds

Image by puuikibeach

Calorie restriction is a diet where you 30% less calories than you would do normally, and have the same nutrients as a standard diet. Scientists have been doing studies on rehsus monkeys and found that calorie reduction doesn’t extend life or prevent age-related diseases. This study done over a 23 year period, monitored rhesus monkeys.

The study, conducted at the National Institute of ageing is in the online issue of Nature, dated August 29, 2012. The science goes back a long way. Previous studies on mice and other animals, even as far back as the 1930’s found that rats and mice on calorie restriction diets lived longer, up to 40%.

Other research has suggested, it’s extended the life of worms, yeast, flies and different types of mice. However, other studies have found no benefits to longevity, in tests on certain mice. There was no gain in longer lifespan and some had a shorter lifespan when calorie restricted. Present-day research suggests finds that it doesn’t have much effect on extending lifespan in humans.

Studies are being conducted, looking into safety and effectiveness of this method of dieting. However, another study has different results of the one above, they found that rhesus monkeys followed for 20 years, lived longer on reduced calories compared to those who didn’t.

Both studies, however, found that certain diseases were more preventable, which were arthritis, diabetes, diverticulosis and heart problems. These would occur at a younger age. In monkeys on standard diets compared to calorie restricted ones. This wasn’t noted so much in the NIA study. In the NIA study, they found incidences of cancer were lower in calorie restricted monkeys.

A researcher said: “These results suggest the complexity of how calorie restriction may work in the body,” said NIA Director Richard J. Hodes, M.D. “Calorie restriction’s effects likely depend on a variety of factors, including environment, nutritional components and genetics.”

So going down the calorie reduction route seems debatable. The evidence suggests otherwise it would be interesting to get other people’s thoughts and input on this as I know several people do use this method, combined with intermittent fasting.

Calorie Restriction Does Not Affect Survival: Study Of Monkeys Also Suggests Some Health Benefits

Organic Food No Healthier or Safer Than Other Food

Image by mermaid99

Organic food is big business. It’s expensive and is supposed to be better for you, or is it? In one of the biggest studies of its kind. It seems that it isn’t the case. A team at Stanford University found no added health benefits and, customers aren’t always getting pesticide free food.

The researchers claim it has no more nutritious benefits compared to food grown with pesticides, so there is no benefit to your health. We pay three times more for it, and believe it is better for us. Dr Dena Bravata and her colleagues found no evidence of other health benefits.

In addition, they found there were no guarantees of the food having no pesticides, although the levels were lower. Dr Bravata said: there isn’t much difference between normal foods and organic. If you’re making a decision based on health. The results came from the Internal Medicine Journal, which compared both types of food.

Campaigners in the UK, however, aren’t convinced. They say it wasn’t equipped to note real differences, the researchers looked through many papers associated with organic food. It included studies of people with both normal and organic diets as well as nutritional levels and other reasons. The researchers found no differences in the vitamin and mineral content of it.

There was no difference between protein and fat content in organic milk compared to normal milk. And they could not find specific fruits or vegetables which were healthier. Organic food was 30% lower in pesticides such as fruit and vegetables, but wasn’t always pesticide free. Some studies on children found that their urine were lower in pesticides and were below safe levels.

Also, it’s been said organic farming may not be good for the environment, according to experts atOxfordUniversity, they say, organic cereals, milk and pork, create more greenhouse gases than conventional means of farming.

Is organic food, then just another way for the food industry to make more money? As well as making it seem environmentally friendly when it isn’t. Do you buy organic food on the basis that it’s healthier? Or are you quite happy with conventional non-organic foods. Certainly, some food for thought here. Sorry about the pun.

Organic food isn’t healthier and no safer than produce grown with pesticides, finds biggest study of its kind

Bananas Are Just As Good As Drinking Sports Drinks

Image by 24oranges

The humble banana has been a favourite with sports enthusiasts for energy and endurance. They contain potassium and other nutritional benefits and are low in calories. Some recent research conducted at Appalachian State University’s Human Performance lab has found other benefits.

The researchers wanted to know which gave the most benefit either a banana or a sports drink, when eaten before intense cycling.

To their surprise, they found that performance was roughly the same, although there was advantages to bananas. They gave the cyclists antioxidants which aren’t in sports drinks, as well as a nutritional boost which includes vitamin B6, potassium, and fibre.

During the study, cyclists had either a drink or 1/2 banana at 15 minutes intervals. Over a simulated race, which was 75 km, which lasted for between 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Blood samples were taken from the cyclists and were measured for metabolites. These are associated with metabolism. The exercise is not the actual issue.

It would seem there are lots of athletes, or other people who don’t like consuming sports drinks, which are mostly just flavoured sugar water. In comparison bananas are far cheaper than buying branded sports drinks, which essentially are sold through clever marketing and celebrity approvals.

This coincides nicely with my shopping. I did yesterday, as I happened to buy some bananas. And I do like bananas when I remember to buy them.

Bananas Are as Beneficial as Sports Drinks, Study Suggests

Exercise Helps with Cancer Prevention and Stops It Returning

Image by lululemonathletica

People who have cancer can prevent it by half. If they exercise, according to many studies. Despite this, people are still reluctant to exercise, even though the evidence suggests otherwise.

They think that their daily routine is enough. One study conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, looked at patients exercise habits.

One of the researchers, Dr Andrea Chellville said. ”We often tell patients the benefits of exercise however, no body had studied what patients know about it how they feel about it and what gets in the way.”

Patients who have had either breast or colon cancer can prevent it returning with regular exercise by up to 50%. This study, published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, found that patients who exercised often were far more likely to keep it up after. Dr Andrea said the patients were not aware being inactive could make them vulnerable to cancer. Therefore hindering recovery.

Several the patients thought that doing activities such as gardening and other leisure activities “there was a real feel of what I do daily is my exercise is ok” said Andrea. This research comes from one that studied overweight women, which found that they have worse outcomes compared to those of normal weight.

The research suggests that excess body fat contains hormones which make changes, such as inflammation, which may cause recurrences of cancer. So here is another reason to be at your ideal weight and move more if you aren’t already.



Can Having a Protein Shake Extend Life

Image by d_vdm

Would you think a by-product of cheese could be valuable to health ? Probably not. It’s true whey protein is made when milk is coagulated to make cheese.  And has benefits for many ills. The powder which you mix with either water or milk makes a flavoured milkshake.

At the moment, it’s in the health spotlight making health claims like weight loss, better mobility in later years, and cancer prevention. It’s mostly marketed to bodybuilders and sold in health food shops in big tubs. Now companies like Maximuscle are saying we should have it daily, not just for health enthusiasts, but anybody.

They say we lose muscle mass in later years, from 30 onwards and claim that taking these shakes from middle-age onwards will help us to be more mobile in later years. Exercise is key to building and preserving muscle mass. However, feeding that muscle is important.

Whey protein has become popular with celebrities who compliment it with rigourous workouts, among those is Gwyneth Paltrow. However, is whey a cure all? Some experts say we consume too much protein and having a shake is suitable for people who exercise vigorously.

Whey has been known for its supposed health benefits. An ancient Greek Hippocrates, used to recommend it to his patients, as well as health spas inSwitzerlandin the 19th century. It’s now easier to take.

Whey is high in essential fatty acids and amino acids, which are compounds the body needs to build lean muscle tissue as well as burning fat and boosting the immune system. A study, conducted a few years back at Washington State University, found that when people had a protein shake it helped lower their blood pressure significantly, thus reducing the risk of stroke or heart disease.

Susan Fluegel, who conducted the study found that people’s blood pressure dropped by six points from a high 140/85 to healthier 123/78. Susan said, “its low-cost whey protein has not been found to be harmful in anyway.”

Other studies have found it may prevent cancer. Ohio University scientists added whey to human prostate cells. Their research found that it increased levels of glutathione, this keeps cancer-causing free radicals under control by a factor of 64%. It has also helped to lower blood sugar in diabetics.

In another study by the American Journal of clinical nutrition. It helped to lower fat in people’s blood whom had eaten a high-fat meal. When it comes to building muscle, it can help to boost your recovery after a workout, which gives a increase in muscle mass.

When you exercise your muscle fibres are broken down, which in turn are rebuilt and grow back. Having a protein shake helps the process. However, you will only get good results when you do intense exercise, such as resistance training combined with some aerobic exercise. You can’t just take it and expect to build muscle, it takes more than that.

If you consume more protein than you need. It will just turn into fat. You start to lose muscle mass about the age of 45 at 1% per year. You only need a 25 g protein shake per day, and that’s it.

I do take whey protein when I remember, but wasn’t aware of the other health benefits that it has, this has come as a good reminder to drink it daily, as well as exercising with resistance and aerobics.


30 Minutes of Exercise Is More Than Enough

Image by o5com

When it comes to exercise it can be a dilemma of how much to do. However, researchers think 30 min is more than enough. And you can get satisfactory results, even if you exercise for 60 minutes there isn’t much difference regarding losing weight and body mass index.

Researchers in Copenhagen found there wasn’t much difference between 30 min or 60 min of exercising. They published their results in the American Journal of Physiology over 13 weeks, the research team followed 60 – healthy – men wanting to become healthier. Half of them exercised for an hour a day.

They wore a heart rate watch and calorie counter, compared to the second group who exercised for 30 min. The results found 30 min is enough to make physical changes. The 30 minutes group lost 3.6 kg over three months, compared to the 60 minutes group who lost 2.7 kg.

Also, body mass reduction for both groups was 4 kg exercising for 30 minutes have added benefits of burning more calories. And exercising for 60 minutes has little, if any, other benefits. One of the researchers thinks that after 30 minutes of exercise. The participants would still have energy to do other things. So this is why they would burn more calories.

No doubt this will be a relief to many people who think they need to exercise for an hour each time. When in fact you don’t. So now you know it’s possible to get maximum benefit for half the time. Another interesting piece of research.

30 Minutes of Daily Exercise Does the Trick: Same Effect in Half the Time

Reviber Plus Oscillating Plate Review

There are lots types of exercise equipment on the market nowadays, one of recent is vibrating plates. These are machines you stand on and. Use vibrating technology to move your muscles at a high intensity the way they work. Is your body is vibrated. It has too counterbalance the effect to stay on the plate. Which is how your muscles are stimulated.

These particular machines are perfect for people who want to work out at home rather than the gym the Reviber fits this criteria. It doesn’t take up much space and you can work out while watching TV. I’ve been using it over a five day period.  Using it for the first time was interesting. I can honestly say I have never experienced anything quite like it.

Regards, exercise equipment. It took a few minutes to become used to standing on and keep my balance. But that soon went. After I had finished my session, it did feel strange. You feel as though your body is still moving, even though it isn’t my legs and whole-body felt hot. I could feel the glow, especially in my legs. And felt invigorated and euphoric like I had done a workout.

During my first tests over five days, I have stood up straight when using it. If you bend your legs slightly. You can feel it working the top of your thighs. It is quiet an incredible feeling never felt anything like it before. This is my first time of using vibration plate technology and I’m enjoying it. You can do various exercises using this piece of equipment like lying down and putting the soles of your feet on the plate. And raising your behind will exercise the bottom half of your body.

You can sit on it and exercise your behind. The Reviber Plus comes with resistance bands and a remote control, exercise charts. You can set it to low intensity ideal for beginners and from 1 minute to 15 maximum. There doesn’t seem to be much you can’t do with this machine workout wise.

It’s hard to say after using it for five days, if I’ve lost any weight or not, but I intend to keep using it to see what happens. And post my findings later on after a month to see what difference there is.

This is the first time I have tried this type of exercise equipment. And I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed using it. Here are some images and video showing the Reviber in action myself. I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed. I give it 10/10.


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Yo Yo Dieting Won’t Stop You Losing Weight

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Yo yo dieting can be a problem for people. However, if you are trying to lose weight, you’ll be glad to know that it won’t affect you losing weight, long-term health professionals for a long time now. Thought that it was bad for your health, but apparently that isn’t the case now.

A study, conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre has found that yo-yo dieting doesn’t affect your metabolism and health and the ability to lose weight. Later on in life. If you are having problems with eating the wrong foods and gaining and losing weight, then this will be a great relief to a lot of people.

The lead researcher on the team: “Said to their knowledge , no previous studies have looked at prior weight cycling on the body composition, metabolic and hormonal changes induced by a comprehensive lifestyle intervention in free living women.”

She went on to say: “a history of unsuccessful weight loss should not prevent individuals from future attempts to lose weight or diminish the role of a healthy diet and regular exercise in successful weight management.”

The researchers had 439 overweight women to obese and sedentary, aged between 50 and 75 in one of four groups: exercise only, reduced calorie diet, reduced calorie and exercise and a control group that had no intervention. After a year at the end of it. Participants in the diet only and diet and exercise groups lost 10% of their starting weight, which was the goal of the programme.

The aim of this was to determine whether women with a history of moderate or severe weight, fluctuations were at a disadvantage in comparison to non-weight cyclers, when it came to weight loss.

A percentage of the women had some history of , yo-yo dieting , which meant losing and regaining over 20 pounds on occasions of three or more, another percentage reported losing another 10 pounds or more on a three or more occasions.

Even the severe cases of yo yo dieters whom were 20 pounds heavier by start at the end. It was found there was no difference in their ability to shed weight or take part in exercises compared to those who yo yo dieted and those who didn’t.

The findings of this study are quite important because it stopped people believing that yo yo dieting prevents them from losing weight. So if you’re one of those people that falls into this category, then you need not worry.


How Whey Protein Helps Weight Loss

Image by stegsie

Many us have continuing issues with trying to lose weight. However, research has found that taking whey protein in a shake may help with your weight loss. The findings of this research which help with managing your weight are the following whey protein helps you to feel full. So you eat less, whey also helps with stress levels and keeps cortisol levels in check.

This adds to other health benefits of whey protein, which are immune system function and cancer. So what’s in whey that makes it useful. It’s a complex make up of lactose, protein and minerals with small amounts of fat. Studies have found whey protein may help people to shed weight using different pathways.

Being hungry and your appetite are regulated by hormones in your brain and body. One of which is cholecystokinin and regulates appetite when you eat food, your stomach secretes this and sends the signal to your brain to say you are full. And helps with appetite control.

Other hormones involved are leptin, insulin, glucagon 1 and others. What you eat affects these hormones, especially the amount and types of food, decide how much of these hormones is released. Recent studies have found whey protein affects these hormones because protein makes you feel satiated, so you eat less. However, not all proteins are equal in this manner as other studies have found.

Two studies run at the University of Surrey, UK, compared whey protein and casein. Which is another protein to compare their affect on appetite and satiety hormones in the first study the subjects had a liquid meal. Which had either whey, or casein after 90 minutes. They had access to a buffet, the participants in the whey group ate less food.

During the second study, they looked at how whey and casein affected plasma levels of amino acids and hunger hormones next to the casein. The whey beverage produced a 28% increase in amino acid concentrations. When you combine all this information together, it means whey protein helps to make you feel full, and satisfied, which leads to less food intake.

If you follow a high-protein diet. This helps with insulin sensitivity as well as a reduction in body weight at Australiain the  University of Adelaide. They did experiments on rats during the first one they had a high-fat diet and the second a high-protein diet. The results came in and they found the high-protein diet suppressed energy uptake so they ate less.

Because of the fullness affect that protein gives you. If you consume whey before you exercise. You can burn fat. A French study followed male rats that exercised for two hours every day for five weeks, in the first group they exercised in a fasted state. Another group exercised for one hour after having a meal, which contained either whole milk protein, glucose and whey protein.

When the results came in, they were surprising. The glucose meal had improved glucose oxidisation. This means that they burned sugar rather than fat. Compared to the whey group they preserved lipid oxidisation and protein oxidisation went up, protein was used as a fuel source.

One of the interesting things found from this study in the groups that either had glucose or whole milk protein any weight increase was body fat. Compared to the whey group they had gained muscle mass and decreased body fat.

Another good effect of whey protein is it makes you feel good by boosting serotonin levels. If you’re not stressed, anxious or depressed, you are far more likely to be motivated to exercise. The stress hormone cortisol makes your body store fat. In conclusion, by making a few changes to your lifestyle. You can reap many benefits by incorporating this protein into your diet.


Quick and Easy Ways to Eat And Drink More Veg This Summer

Image by sjdunphy

By Kim Kash

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good idea to try to squeeze some extra veg onto your dinner plate, but it’s easier than ever in the summertime with the abundance of excellent produce.

We’re not suggesting that you go vegan or anything quite so extreme. Instead, we are suggesting a number of hints and tricks for adding more vivid, fresh fruits and vegetables to the everyday meals you’re used to cooking. Easy!

1. Salad With Everything. Keep a salad spinner in the fridge full of  ready prepared greens. Then serve every meal either on top of or alongside a healthy pile of green salad. If your entrée has a sauce or a topping, add it to the salad greens as well.

Otherwise, use just a little olive oil and vinegar as a dressing, and skip the fatty bottled stuff. You’ll be happy with this salad-with-everything trick only if the greens are fresh and tasty. So be sure to buy and prepare fresh salad every few days—which you’ll need to do anyway if you’re adding it to every meal.

2. Use veggies as snack crackers. Instead of munching on cheese or dip with crackers or bread, try using carrots and cucumbers. These two sturdy vegetables can be sliced into discs or ovals (just slice diagonally), and suddenly, you’re eating raw vegetables as a snack—with pleasure! Slice a couple of each when you get them home from the supermarket and keep them snack-ready in the fridge. Raw broccoli and cauliflower are also great for dipping, but of course they don’t offer quite such a handy, cracker-like platform.

3. Greens as Default Dinner. You’ve probably seen hearty kale, Swiss chard, and other varieties of leafy, dark green veg at the market, but you may not have realised their full potential as a fabulously healthy, quick, and cheap dinner staple. Wash and tear about half a kilo of any type of sturdy cooking greens. Bring around 2 cups of water to the boil, then add the greens.

Cook for as few as three minutes, just until tender— if overcooked your veg will turn into an unappealing, dull green mess. Then drain, and add a little olive oil to the same pan. Throw the greens back in, and pan-fry them with—well, anything and everything! Try chopping up some of these go-withs: apples, onions, golden raisins, and walnuts.

Tomatoes, pine nuts, and garlic. Onions, sundried tomatoes and feta. Olives, red peppers, anchovies and onions. The idea is to add several ingredients that you like in combination. One is often crunchy; while one may be sweet. This is a go to dinner in our household, and we never seem to tire of it.

4. Double the Veg. This one sounds almost too easy, but it works! Whenever you follow a recipe, just double the quantity of vegetables it calls for. So, add twice the amount of carrots and onions to your normal beef pot roast recipe. Chicken soup does fine with double the celery, carrots, onions, and garlic. A bowl of pasta salad can, frankly, consist of mostly vegetables with just a little bit of pasta. Sandwiches can be piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, and sprouts, but with the same amount of meat and cheese as before.

5. Drink your veg! You can drink half a bunch of kale or a big handful of spinach in just one frosty glass. A vegetable smoothie looks bizarre; but think how impressed your friends and neighbors will be with what a health nut you are. They don’t need to know that it’s absolutely delicious.

Blend about 750 ml of fresh fruit and a 2-3 cm piece of peeled ginger with 2 cups of water. Experiment with whatever fresh fruit you have available; my favourites are mango and pineapple, but mixed berries are also terrific.

Add half a bunch of kale or a big handful of baby spinach, and blend until smooth. Depending on your preference and the type of fruit you use, you may need to thin it out with a little bit more water. Serve this very cold, wearing a track suit and a smile.

Article provided by Beachbody  Exercise Programme


Why Are Some Vegetarians Overweight

Image by notahipster

Much attention is focused on the health benefits of the vegetarian diet. While eliminating fatty, processed meats is a healthy lifestyle choice, it is only one factor in the shift towards an overall dietary health. Some vegetarians continue to struggle with their weight even after they have made the change to a meat-free diet.

The Importance of Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for muscle-development and for the growth and repair of all types of tissue. Dietary protein provides the necessary hormones and enzymes for metabolism and other bodily processes. A protein-rich meal will provide more sustained energy than one made up only of carbohydrates.

Meat provides the complete proteins that are absorbed most efficiently by the body. In a meat-free diet, a combination of legumes, grains, seeds and nuts must replace these proteins. Vegetarians who eat only vegetables, fruits, or refined carbohydrates have difficulty in satisfying their appetites or maintaining energy.

Increased muscle mass also plays a role in burning fat. Muscle loss will negatively affect the body’s ability to burn calories and will add to unhealthy weight in vegetarians.

Choosing the Right Carbohydrates

Although some meats contribute to poor health, refined carbohydrates are the most common culprits in weight gain. The body metabolizes the calories from products made with white flour or sugar differently than the calories found in protein-rich meat. Replacing meat with pasta, bread, potatoes and other simple starches give quick bursts of energy followed by sudden drops in blood sugar.

The extra calories in these foods are stored by the body as fat, and the drastic fluctuations in appetite and energy levels induce overeating.

Carbohydrates are necessary to provide energy. Fiber-rich whole grains and unrefined starches provide necessary carbohydrates while slowing down their absorption. This results in more sustained energy and fewer fluctuations in blood sugar. Fiber also acts as an appetite suppressant, creating a feeling of fullness longer than refined starches. Vegetarians who choose grains and legumes that are high in fiber will also gain vital protein from these foods.

Healthy Vegetable Fats

The saturated fats found in meat and animal by-products contribute to disease and higher cholesterol levels. Replacing these fats with vegetable oils may seem like a healthier option, but not all vegetable fats are beneficial. Trans-fats, vegetable oils that have been processed to stay solid at room temperature, will raise bad cholesterol levels while decreasing good cholesterol.

Like saturated fats, trans-fats are harder to expel from the body because they do not become liquid except at high temperatures. Trans-fats are found in margarine, vegetable shortening and a number of seemingly vegetarian-friendly foods like peanut butter, commercially baked goods and foods fried in vegetable shortening.

Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, found in unprocessed vegetable oils, seeds and nuts, are good for overall health. They control weight, add to emotional health, and help the body to absorb vital nutrients. These healthy fats remain fluid at room temperature and do not contribute to a raised cholesterol level.

Striking a Healthy Balance

Vegetarians who want to control their weight and stay healthy overall must choose a variety of foods. Increased vegetable and fruit consumption should be supplemented with protein-rich grains and nuts, fiber-laden carbohydrates, and unsaturated fats. These critical nutrients are most readily available in minimally processed plant-based foods.

This article was written by Jane Thomas, on behalf of Adventures Cross Country – visit their blog to learn more about teen travel adventures for your kids.

The Vitamin Pill That You Really Should Be Taking

Image by NRCS SD

Who would think that the soil you walk on, would be the cause of many problems, like with your heart, thyroid and  cancer. According to experts, it’s their view that we have too lower levels of selenium. It’s levels are so low, in our soil, and as a result of this, it can affect our health and chances of getting certain diseases.

Selenium is a very important mineral, the body uses it for making selenoproteins, which work like antioxidants. Evidence, says it affects our health. The other week, researchers in the University of East Anglia found people who eat lots of selenium, along with vitamins C and E are 67% less likely to develop pancreatic cancer.

Prior research has found in old age. It helps with brain function and cognitive depreciation. We are not getting enough foods that contain large amounts of selenium are kidney, liver, fish, and Brazil nuts, others are poultry, meat, bread and cereals.

The problem of low soil levels means that the cattle eating it, have low levels of selenium. The knock-on effect is less selenium in the foods that we eat the culprit lies within modern day farming methods. A study conducted at Warwick University, horticultural research Institute, even though soil levels of selenium have been low, they are more so now than ever.

Modern-day farming methods have caused this with chemical fertilisers. Another problem is we don’t import as much wheat fromAmerica, which has selenium rich soils. TheUShas far richer selenium soil. The average Briton consumes only half the amount they should , which is 30-35mcg. The RDA is 60mcg for women and 75mcg for men.

Earlier this year a paper published in The Lancet, Prof Rayman quoted that selenium links to enhance fertility and prevents build-up of plaque in arteries preventing high blood pressure.

One study involving men who were infertile found if they took 100mc of it daily. It help their sperm production and helped them to father a child. One significant study found participants who took 200mcg of selenium found that there was no links to combating heart disease, however, that was some time ago now.

Just to be on the safe side, you might be better off buying it in a supplement form. Just so you get the right amount that you need selenium does have many benefits and your body does need a certain amount, however more is not better.


What’s the Best Exercise to Burn Belly Fat

Image By FBellon

If you are trying to reduce your waistline, pumping iron may not be your best option. A recent study says that aerobic exercise is better when researchers looked at people whom did aerobics, compared with those who lifted weights. The latter group had lost 20 times the amount of stomach fat.

The people doing aerobics shed 2.5 inches of belly fat, a group that combined both aerobics and weight training, lost 1.5 inches. Cris Slentz at Duke University who did the study, said: resistance training is great for building up strength and body mass, but if you want to lose belly fat aerobic exercise is far superior.

The study came to the conclusion that people who combined resistance training and aerobic exercise had no further health benefit, from less liver fat or insulin resistance. The researchers concluded the aerobic exercise alone is far better for people who are obese and overweight.

This study at Duke University, which was published in the American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism, monitored 196, sedentary individuals whom were aged 18 and 70 years and put into three different groups to monitor their results. One of the researchers said.

The thing about exercise is what counts is how much you do, how many miles you walk and the amount of calories you burn if you lower levels of intensity. It will take longer to burn fat. So going for long walks at a high intensity will give you far more benefit than walking at a slow intensity for the same amount of time period.

All in all though, getting some exercise is better than none. It’s just a matter of what works best suit your needs. And to maximise your results. Try to eat more protein rich dairy foods.



Children Who Eat Healthy Diets Have Better IQs

Image by savannahgrandfather

If children are fed a healthy diet earlier on in their lives. Instead of junk food, it can affect their IQ children who are brought up on a heavier junk food diet have slightly less low IQs, says data from the University of Adelaide.

This study headed by Dr Lisa Smithers looked at the links between eating habits of children aged six months, 15 months and two years. The research was based on data from 7000 children and looked at various  dietary habits, which included home-based food and traditional food as well, as breastfeeding and ready-made baby foods and junk food.

Dr Lisa said,  “We found that children who were breast-fed at six months and had a healthy diet regularly including foods such as legumes, cheese, fruit and vegetables at 15 and 24 months, had an IQ up to two points higher by age eight.”

“We found that children who were breast-fed at six months and had a healthy diet regularly including foods such as legumes, cheese, fruit and vegetables at 15 and 24 months, had an IQ up to two points higher by age eight.

“Those children who had a diet regularly involving biscuits, chocolate, sweets, soft drinks and chips in the first two years of life had IQs up to two points lower by age eight.

“We also found some negative impact on IQ from ready-prepared baby foods given at six months, but some positive associations when given at 24 months,” Dr Smithers says”.

She also went on to say that says that the results of this study show that it’s really important to give your children the right nutrition at the right age, thus forming good eating habits from an early age. She also said it’s important that we consider the long-term impact of the foods that we are eating now. It’s never too late to start your child on a healthy eating plan and the best time is when their younger, so they build healthy eating habits from a very young age.

Children’s Healthy Diets Linked to Higher IQ