Can Eating Curry Help With Weight Loss

When the word takeaway is mentioned all sorts of images can flash into our minds, especially if we are trying to lose weight we are told consistently that we should not eat take-away’s such as Indian take-aways, is this notion now being turned on its head according to some new research.

Is it now possible to eat Indian take-away’s and still lose weight apparently now it would seem that is the case, so it’s not as bad as it would seem to be. One of the main ingredients of a curry depending how it is made may be turmeric, this has an ingredient that is able to help with the person’s weight loss.

So if you go out or buy a curry and it contains the ingredient turmeric, then you are far more likely to lose weight apparently the reason for this is turmeric contains something called curcumin which we absorb into our bodies. What the researchers found was with this particular ingredient is that it, stops the growth of fat tissue within mice, and some human cell cultures, which were done to test the theory.

One of the reasons for this is the, curcumin stops the formation of more blood vessels, which cause the fat within your body to expand which would normally create fatty tissue but this substance prevents that, so you’re far less likely to gain weight.

The researchers had two groups of mice one which did not eat any of the compound, and one which did the group that did eat the curry with the turmeric in it, which was measured over a 12 week period of time, weighed less than their counterparts in the other group one of the researchers is stated as saying that the curcumin, interferes with the fat building process and stops the over expansion of blood vessels which causes fat storage, the next stage in this research is to conduct a study revolved around human subjects to see if the same thing happens to them.

So now we have some good news about eating Indian food, I will make sure on Saturday that when I order mine I will do it on Friday, just in case there is a stampede of people wanting to eat curry because of this post.


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