Carb Reduction Can it Prolong Life ?

Carbohydrates have always been a talking point in the health industry for a long time now especially the bad ones contained within things like white bread, etc.

These types of carbohydrates tend to be absorbed very quickly into your bloodstream and a byproduct of that is you can have large amounts of glucose in your bloodstream.

When this tends to happen you also get an insulin spike in order to keep the sugar under control. If this happens over a long period of time as well as getting older it can turn into diabetes. Which is something we don’t necessarily need.

We do need carbohydrates in our diets but probably not as much as we think. Just recently some research has come to light, which suggests that eating fewer carbohydrates may very well prolong our own mortality.  A US based genetics scientist has been looking into the effects of how too many carbohydrates can affect our bodies.

A lot of people think that Professor Cynthia Kenyon, deserves to have a noble prize because of her.

Groundbreaking research into how our bodies age, what she has establised is that by some of the things that we eat in our diets, which include things like bananas, potatoes and other high carbohydrate foods can have an effect on the ageing genes within our body.

She found out this by doing research on some roundworms, by doing genetic tweaks, she was able to prolong their lifespan by up to a factor of over six times. And also another byproduct of it was they became healthier.

So how does this research necessarily relate to us then? During her research, she found that the same genes existed in worms, rats, monkeys and there is a possibility of them being active in humans.

Over a long period of time, scientists initially thought that ageing was down to decay and decline over the years. It was just a natural process, but now she seems to think that it’s more gene-based more so now than ever before.

In more detail here is what Cynthia found during her research on the worms. At 18 days a roundworm can be fat, wrinkly, and slow. When they altered the genes within the roundworms they lived for double the amount, 40 days approximately double their normal lifespan.

And they wasn’t the same as the other worms at 18 days they were more like how they were when they were younger.

If you apply that arithmetic to a human then theoretically it would be like talking to somebody who were actually 60 in body years but looked about 30.

And with more gene manipulation she managed to make some worms live an astounding 144 day that I think you’ll agree is absolutely a big wow. She found that calorie reduction, to a certain extent came into it, but if you slash your calories too much as a human it can have devastating effects.

One of the things that she noted from her research, which was was the role that insulin played in this ageing process. The insulin seemed to have an effect on one particular gene, which speeded up the ageing process so when there was less insulin the effect was dampened more.

To test this theory she gave some of her worms whom she had modified the genes in order to make them healthy and fed them some glucose, to see what effect it would have the resuilts where amazing.

The sugar was blocking the youthful genes turning them off, in other words, as a result of this they started to lose their health. So is this particular problem something that worms only tend to have? It would seem not the Professor managed to find the same gene active in human beings.

Here are some of the things that occur from high levels of insulin within your body, your liver will make more cholesterol, which will bump up your LDL levels. And also affects your artery walls which can lead to high blood pressure.

There have been other experts who have suggested that cutting carbohydrates from your diet may not necessarily be the best thing to do, as more evidence needs to be accumulated. However, Cynthia Kenyon seems to think otherwise and has stopped eating high carbohydrate foods, she no longer eats any of the following types of food potatoes, noodles, rice bread or pasta.

I suppose the thing to do with this particular piece of fascinating research is to draw your own conclusions from it. One thing that certainly does seem to hold up is when you are actually diabetic it can affect an awful lot of things in your body and maybe somehow this all ties in together. Any thoughts comments?  Please leave a comment below.

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