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Denise Van Outen’s Diet Secrets

We all seem to have a fascination with what celebrities eat, and the celebrity diet has become something of a hot topic of recent, so that is why for a change I have decided to run a series of posts which discuss celebrity’s diets.

Denise Van Outen is better known for her presenting stints on Channel Fours big breakfast programme, which she used to co-host with Johnny Vaughan. So we are now going to have a look at what she eats, and how she manages to keep her size 10 figure.

Denise says that she “loves food and that no one should ever feel hungry or skip meals” that is what dieting is not about and losing weight also. Her diet is very easy to follow and nothing complicated at all, she always starts the day with a nutritional breakfast one example is porridge some fruit or yoghurt, and says that most people should start the day with a good meal inside them.

After you have been asleep for eight hours, you have been on a fast, and you need food in order to kick start your day properly. One of her mantras is not to force yourself to eat food that you don’t particularly like, she says that diets shouldn’t necessarily be a punishment as a way of forcing yourself to eat foods that you don’t particularly like.

Which makes perfect sense in itself, perhaps that is where people sometimes go wrong. If there are certain foods that you do not like whether it be a fruit or vegetable, then just substitute it for something else.

Denise’s eating plan is based around eating low GI foods, just in case you are not aware of the meaning of this, these are foods that release their sugar more slowly. Which helps to keep blood sugar levels in check and stops cravings, you will also feel fuller for longer.

If you follow Denise’s eating plan, here are some of the expectations you should get from it. Women may be able to lose five pounds in the first week and possibly 10 pounds in a month men can probably lose  five to seven pounds in a week and a stone in a month.

The meal’s break down into calories as follows

Breakfast 300 calories

Lunch 300 to 350 calories

Dinners 350 to 400 calories

Here is a typical day of what Denise eats


Scrambled eggs on toast


Alternatives are wholegrain cereal such as Bran flakes, Fruit and Fibre or All Bran served with skimmed milk. Or a bacon sandwich with two slices of toast a tomato sliced and a rash of grilled lean bacon with tomato ketchup if you want it.


Mexico and bean pitta

Get a tin of kidney beans and blend or mash them with a fork and a few drops of Tabasco sauce, some chopped coriander and spring onion. Season with black pepper and lemon juice.

Warm a small wholemeal pitta bread, split it open and stuff with shredded lettuce and a slice of tomato and add to it the been mix and serve.


Egg and chips with mushroom and tomato

Cook approximately one hundred grams of oven chips according to the instructions, get to large flat mushrooms brush with oil and grind black pepper over them. Get to tomatoes cooked in half and brush these lightly with oil and again grind over some black pepper and a little salt.

Bake this in the oven and at the same time as you’re doing this brush and nonstick frying pan light with oil and fry two eggs serve this immediately with the chips mushrooms and tomatoes.

Tandoori chicken

Get approximately hundred and 50 grams of lean chicken skinless, and picked this with a fork. Get a small part of some natural low-fat yogurt put this in a bowl. And at a pinch of ginger a teaspoon of paprika and a clove of some crushed garlic. A bay leaf, and one tablespoon of tomato puree a pinch of salt and the zest of a lemon which is grated.

Mix these ingredients well together add to this the chicken making sure you cover it well with the marinade, cover the bowl with some cling film and leave this in your fridge overnight. Now you are ready for cooking the next day heat your oven to 180 degrees centigrade. Place your chicken on a wire rack in a roasting tin and cook the chicken for 45 minutes basting the chicken every 15 minutes and serve this with a warmed pitta bread.

Or you can do variations on this also, for example a roast dinner served with hundred grams of lean roast beef or chicken with roast potatoes and vegetables of your choosing plus additional gravy if you require. Or you can have some grilled salmon which is lightly brushed with oil which is topped with some crushed garlic and rosemary and also add noodles mixed with spring onions and a lettuce and tomato salad.


Coleen Nolans You Can Do It Diet

Coleen Nolan who is one of the presenters of ITV,s loose women programme, has been struggling with her weight for some time now, on and off over the years. Forty three year old Coleen at one stage weighed in at 13 stones and 13 pounds.

When she walks past the mirror now she keeps taking double passes because she can’t believe, that it’s her who she is seeing in her own reflection. She had quite a few years of yo-yo dieting and struggled with keeping her weight under control.

She stopped extreme dieting and swapped it for more healthy eating and regular exercise, one of the particular problems she had was snacking in between meals but with the wrong foods. Last year she lost three stone of weight by sticking to one of Rosemary Conleys, diet plans.

In order to keep her spurred on she made her own exercise DVD and created her own eating plan, which she found suited her better. Now she snacks on fruit and doesn’t miss meals, she doesn’t deny herself any foods if she wants a slice of pizza say for instance then she will eat it.

Rather than focusing on fat Coleen make’s sure that she eat’s a strict calorie controlled diet of no more than 1200 calories per day. She dances to her favourite disco tunes for one hour a day three times a week, dancing is a very energetic form of exercising and probably more enjoyable than doing some exercise activities which some people might get bored of.

Doing this paid off for Coleen as she lost two stone in two months by doing that alone without any other form of exercise. The great thing about it is she says “you can do it anywhere you want ” Here is what Coleen was eating before when, she was always snacking you may see that you could be doing some of the same things, yourself within your own eating habits and learn from her mistakes as well as your own.

Breakfast at 7 a.m.

Toast and cereal with tea with fat milk

10 a.m. snack tea with full fat milk and a full pack of chocolate digestive biscuits

12 p.m. lunchtime didn’t eat anything

4 p.m. onwards crisps chocolate biscuits and eating her children’s leftovers,

The never hungry diet this is what she ate after

7 a.m. breakfast toast and cereal tea with semi-skimmed milk

10 a.m. snack either a banana or an apple

12 p.m. a jacket potato with tuna or baked beans/chicken salad sandwich

4 p.m. onwards more fruit or some low-fat yoghurt

5 p.m. teatime or evening meal some grilled meat with vegetables and baked or boiled potatoes.

Evening treat one chocolate bar

And that is it, when you look back through this article you will see there is nothing particularly fantastic, about what Coleen is doing, but one thing that you can glean from it is that by eating this way her blood sugar will probably remain constant.

Throughout the day and will stop her from overheating whereas before she was eating a lot of sugary foods this would cause. Blood sugar fluctuations throughout the day which can tend to lead to snacking throughout the day which is what she was doing.


Dani Behrs Exercise and Diet Regime

Dani BehrWith just of recent having a bit of a small celebrity spotlight theme of diets and exercise regimes etc, and with the appearance back on our screens of I’m a celebrity get me out of here, you can’t help but notice how some people even though they have been mothers etc.

Have somehow managed to stay in good shape in particular Dain Behr, so following on from my previous post’s on what celebrities eat and how they keep in shape. Here is what Dani does as far as exercise and diet is concerned.

From what her agent says Dani spends a lot of time swimming in the sea, and being it is quite warm where she lives, then there are no real limits as to when she can swim due to the fact that she lives in Australia . Where the climate tends to be predominantly warm.

As far as diet is concerned than the likes to eat lots of smoothies, fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of fish and no junk food what so ever. So here in a nutshell is what you need to do to live a typical Aussie lifestyle.

Relax Australians must have a very relaxed attitude towards life, and don’t believe in rushing anything they do and that includes eating meals as well, so eat your food slowly and adopt their way of doing things. And eating slowly is a good way to keep your weight under control, various studies have shown this.

Eat plenty of seafood Australians eat lots of shrimps and eat them on barbecues, a great low-fat alternative to cook your food is by grilling it. Rather than cooking it in fat.

Down under they eat a lot of Thai food especially, sushi takeout food joints are popping up all over the place down there, sushi tends to contain things light rice and pieces of fish, very low in calories and fat but high in nutrition.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, Australians tend to eat twice as much fruit and vegetables as we do, fruit and vegetables because they contain water and fibre tend to fill you up very quickly.

Eat nuts Australians eat something called macadamia nuts, they are plenty of nuts you can buy in this country that have health benefits you don’t necessarily need to eat the aforementioned ones. Studies have found that people who eat nuts at least twice a week, tend to be slimmer than those who don’t.

If you want a more slender figure like Dani’s then here is what you need to do, aim for at least four 30 minute sessions of exercise per week from the following, swimming Dani swims every day, swimming is a great all-round exercise puts no real strain on joints and doing it for half an hour can burn up to 300 calories.

Jogging is a real good fat burner, and helps get rid of belly fat constant jogging can burn also up to 300 calories and is good for strengthening and toning your legs. Dancing this is another great exercise as as well as being fun also a typical dancing session for half an hour will burn up to 300 calories.

Surfing if you’re able to do this just make sure you get a decent wetsuit, as it does tend to get pretty chilly around our coastlines in this country, half an hour of surfing will burn approximately 350 calories and will tone, and strengthen most of your muscles.

The Diet

Here is a rough diet plan of what to eat


Banana mango smoothie using fresh mango, semi-skimmed milk and a pot of banana yoghurt

Muesli with a pot of yoghurt

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on granary toast

Porridge topped with a handful of blueberries and made with semi-skimmed milk

Boiled egg with two slices of granary toast and a kiwi fruit


Salmon and tuna sushi with edamame beans

Smoked mackerel salad with a jacket potato

Avocado and bacon salad, with one grilled rasher of bacon, half an avocado, lemon juice and black pepper

Grilled chicken or emu use chicken instead,sweetcorn sandwich on granary bread with low fat mayo

Prawn salad with mixed greens, pineapple chunks and ginger and soy sauce dressing


Grilled trout with lime, coconut flakes, with new potatoes and vegetables

Teryaki chicken with sliced green pepper and rice

Baked cod in foil with herbs, new potatoes, carrots, broccoli and green beans

Salmon steak with tomato, cucumber salad, couscous

Stir-fried prawns with chilli, mixed vegetables and rice noodles


Small handful of macadamia, almond, brazil nuts

Kiwi fruit or banana

Vegetable crudites with houmous

Oatcakes with peanut butter

Toast with marmite nothing else


Daniel Craig Diet and Exercise Routine

Daniel CraigAs the last post which I wrote about celebrities and the, things they have to do in order to keep in shape. And what they eat in their diets generated some interest, I decided to do another but focusing on one person as the last one was more generic.

So this one revolves around the fitness routine and diet that Daniel Craig had to endure, in order to get in shape for his role in the movie Casino Royale, I’m sure a lot of people will remember him walking out of the sea with his toned body and swimming trunks on.

I dare say a lot of men the world over would probably like to look like this, and sometimes I dare say movie stars are used as role models as to how we should look as people. But unfortunately this isn’t always the case in the real world.

So here is the routine that Daniel Craig had to do, which I might add is in more detail than my last post on celebrity fitness. Which was more of a general overview of what actors have to put themselves through in order to get leading roles in movies these days.

The Exercise Routine:

In a nutshell it was based on what was called circuit training which revolves around, doing small bouts of exercise and switching from one to another, and having a five to 10 minute breather in between exercises.

The first one is dumbbell lateral raises you do this by bending your arms at a 90 degree angle, so stand with your feet apart and knees slightly bent, and have two reasonably small dumbbells in each hand then what you do is move your arms out so they straight, when you’re on your arms are straight you will look like the letter T as you are standing up, then you bring your arms down slowly this causes the resistance in the training and will firm up your arms. Essentially what you are doing is moving your arms up and down until they are straight horizontally and then bringing them down slowly with the weights.

Clean and jerk this is something that weightlifters do when they are competing, in lifting the maximum amount of weights in a competition, you stand with your legs slightly apart, and have a barbel this is the long type of barbel with two weights at the end, then you squat down keeping your back straight.

And grasp the bar with the weights on it and lift it just to the top of your knees, then you tilt your back slightly back, and continue to bend your arms and depending on how heavy the weights are you may need to bend one of your legs, because if it is a very heavy set of weights you will need to use both your arms and your legs in order to achieve the next stage.

You may have seen this done on television because it is a widely used exercise, once you are bending your arms inwards, the weights should now be at your chest, what you need to do next is lift them above your head. The thing to remember is here if there is some sort of resistance then you will get benefit out of it and it will work your muscles, don’t be too over concerned about how heavy the weights are it’s more a case of doing it.

Squats you can do these by standing straight with your legs slightly apart, have two small dumbbells in each hand, and squat down and then raise slowly this exercise is particularly good for your behind and the top of your legs, due to the fact that you are using some weights as well will make it that little bit harder.

Barbel curls standing with your feet slightly apart, have a barbel with a long rod and two weights each end and hold the bar just below your waist, then with your arms race them all so they are straight, this will work out the top of your arms.

Bench press using the same weights as above lie down on a bench, in a position where you are looking at the sky or ceiling as the case may be, then raise the weight from above your chest until your arms are straight and repeat the process.

Pull ups or chin ups this is the exercise where you hold onto a bar, with your arms facing inwards as you are holding the bar, you pull your body weight up to the bar. If you are unable to do these particular exercises then invest in a chin up machine.

Dips this exercise involves somewhat similar to the above but not exactly the same, you have two metal bars either side of you, and you position yourself between them and move your arms up and down, until they are at a 90 degree angle.

Here is the routine and the reps in a nutshell, you do four sets of the exercises, and 15 reps on each exercise so for example 15 barbel curls and due to the fact that you are doing circuit training, this will end up in the routine four times.

Push-ups these are the well-known exercise that almost everybody knows, you lie horizontally on the floor, and use your arms two push your body up and down.

Situps these are for working your abdomen, lie down horizontally on the floor, as if you’re staring at the ceiling and put your hands behind your head, and sit up using your stomach to do the work.

The thing to aim for here is having very little rest time between each set of exercises, say two to three minutes or if you can’t manage that stretch it to five to six minutes.

The main reason for the brief resting period in between is this will keep, your heart rate very high and in the fat burning zone, which is the whole point of it. This will continue to happen both during and after the exercises are finished.

If possible you need to do this for six weeks and a bare minimum of three to four times a week, if you can manage more then do so but this will largely depend on your overall fitness, as to how much you can actually do. A reasonable amount of time to do these particular exercises, is about 45 to 50 minutes. This will maximise the fat burning potential of what you’re actually doing.

The Diet here is what Daniel Craig was eating

Breakfast consisted of poached eggs with toast no butter,

In between meals snack consisted of a protein shake, supplemented with fruit and nuts

Lunch was meat and fish either salmon or tuna or which ever would be preferred, with some brown rice, or a jacket potato with beans or any kind of healthy topping cottage cheese springs to mind.

Afternoon snack, a protein shake yoghurt or nuts.

And finally dinner meat, fish served with some vegetables typical example would be broccoli, kale, spinach or any other leafy green vegetable like iceberg lettuce.

So they you have it even more punishing celebrity exercise and diet routines, the things that they have to do in order to keep in shape for the roles that they are playing.

Celebrity Diet and Fitness Secrets How They Do It

workout lose weightBeing a celebrity in the public eye, one can’t help but notice how these people look, we all tend to look up to them, as role models of how to look in day to day life. It’s no big secret that sometimes when they have to do get into a particular role they are going to be playing. Then they will either have to do one of two things either gain weight or lose weight.

Which ever the case maybe we shall be looking briefly at what they have to put themselves through in order to get in shape for a particular role and what exercise and diet regimen they follow. One particular example of this is when a recent film was made starring Michael Fassbender which was called hunger which is based on the true story of some people who went on hunger strike in Ireland in the 1980s in a prison called Maze.

Fassbender played the role of Bobby Sands who originally died from starvation, naturally Fassbender’s mother was very worried about him playing the role, he normally has quite a muscular physique but had to put himself through quite a punishing diet regimen in order to lose quite a lot of weight for this particular role.

Fassbender lost 33 pounds in 10 weeks in order to prepare for the role he starting weight was 11 stone nine pounds and he went down to 9 stone which is what he needed to be for the closing scenes of the film, his arms were stick thin and his face was very drawn and gaunt, and you could see his ribs.

This is just one particular example of how actors have to push themselves to the limit in order to create authenticity rather than using makeup orCGI, which can tend to look a bit fake at times depending on the technology which is used. A former Royal Marine who has worked on several James Bond films and is a fitness adviser to the stars says that they have to be extremely dedicated, whether they are trying to gain weight or lose weight.

Because modern-day audiences are so looking for realism actors these days do have to be, physically fit and in shape because this largely determines whether or not they will get a role. If they look as though they have just come out of a gym and have no other skills, which may be needed throughout the film such as sword fighting which may be part of a fantasy film, they need to have that rugged look and be able to get into the part both physically and mentally otherwise the audience won’t be very convinced.

For one particular role in a recent film one celebrity had to work out twice or three times a day, for six days a week between a period of three to four months, it is quite a punishing regimen but to make sure everything goes to plan they are advised by nutritionists and healthcare professionals to make sure they can withstand what they are doing to their bodies.

Even Daniel Craig had to go through a punishing regimen in order to get in shape, for his role in Casino Royale, as well as quantum of solace he says you do what you have to do, whether it be bench presses, arm curls, double arm rows and runaround.

For his role in hunger Michael Fassbender’s calorie slashing went something like this, he started off on a 900-1000 calorie a day diet at first this didn’t have the desired effect, for the role he was playing, so drastic measures were needed in order for him to lose more weight.

He was on the 900 calorie a day diet for six weeks, but he wasn’t losing enough weight so what they did eventually was, put him on 600 calories per day in order to get his weight down very quickly, he ate for breakfast in the morning blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries and nuts, but he said you have to be careful with not because they can be quite high in calories.

He would try and last the rest of the day and eat some sardines on bread for his dinner on the 1000 calorie a day diet, and went with out on the 600 calories a day diet. He said that having dinner was enough to curb your appetite a bit but not stop it. In order to keep his muscle wastage down he walked for four miles a day, skipped and did some yoga, amazingly enough “he had boundless energy” he said.

Just so you can get an idea of what these celebrities do in order to get where they are very quickly here is one particular regimen that one had to follow while getting in shape for a warrior movie.

Which was called Prince of Persia starring Jake Gyllenhaal and here is what he had to do.

The routine

5:30 a.m. small pre-workout snack half a banana, a expresso and some nuts.

6 a.m. one hour and a half of cardio exercise wearying something called a flak jacket, which is to simulate wearing armour in order to prepare for the role, interval training which consisted of 10 minutes of uphill sprinting, on top of abdominal exercises, at the top of the hill repeat five times then a 10 minute run followed by stretching exercises.

7:30 a.m. one omelette which is made egg white, a protein shake and they isotonic during which is used to replace salt which are lost during training.

12 p.m. lunch one baked potato served with tuna and salad

6 till 7 p.m. one hour of resistance training using cables which are used in order to simulate sword fighting, pullups, press ups, abdominal exercises using weights and stretching exercises to finish.

7 to 8 p.m. deep massage for tissues.

Snacks/supplements two litres of water, some protein bars, dark chocolate, supplements which which are rich in the following Omega oils 3 6 and nine. Don’t eat any foods that contain processed sugar, one glass of wine on the odd occasion.

So there you have it sometimes it’s not that easy being a celebrity actor you have to put your body through, tremendous physical and mental strain at times in order to prepare for roles. Please don’t use this as a guideline for your eating habits and don’t start slashing your calories down to 600 per day like Michael Fassbender did for his role in the film hunger.

When you’re eating that many calories per day you’re verging on becoming anorexic which is something you don’t want to do, and also bear in mind that onset these people have nutritionists and professional fitness instructors to monitor what is happening with them and how much they should and shouldn’t be doing. This post is to just show you what they have to put themselves through in order to become more convincing in a particular role.


Celebrity Guest Visitor

GetPicture.plQuite a while back now when I was looking through my comments I happened to notice a comment by someone called weight loss guru, now at the time I wasn’t too sure who this was so what I decided to do was have a look and followed a link back to their site.And it suddenly dawned on me who it was none other than motivational coach and weight loss Guru Pete Cohen.

This is the first time that since writing this blog that something like this has happened to me I must admit I was quite pleasantly surprised by this that someone that is highly regarded in the world of weight loss and other motivational areas has taken the time to write a comment on my blog.

If you haven’t heard of Pete Cohen he does appear quite a lot British television for those of you stateside reading this.

What He Does

Pete Cohen uses a variety of techniques in order to help people become more motivated more confident one particular I believe he uses is NLP which is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has appeared on many programmes on British television and now has a site which is called Pete Cohen TV and also runs a blog by the name of weight loss Guru which which is how I found out who it was who had posted a comment on my blog. I would like to say a big thank you to Pete for dropping by as I’m sure he is a very busy man.

Here are the links to his site and blog.

Now I’m just wondering if any other celebrity fitness weight loss Guru’s going to drop by also it certainly would be a nice surprise if that you was the case I’ll certainly keep my fingers crossed anyway.

Here is a video so you can see him in action