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Go Gluten Free For Permanent Weight Loss

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This is a guest post by Michael Shaw of

My Mother has Celiac’s Disease the inability to digest gluten-based foods without leading to various health problems. Even though Celiac’s is often inherited, luckily I don’t have it myself. However, with the awareness of the disease, which forces those who do have it to give up eating gluten altogether, came my sensitivity to its guidelines.

And my concern that I might have Celiac’s led to the possibility of going gluten-free myself, which eventually turned into going gluten-free at home. This has essentially become my standard practice, and one that initially caused me to lose a significant amount of weight, without even trying the reason I didn’t keep losing weight is because once my new diet regimen was fully established, my weight leveled off.

One of the great things about going gluten-free meaning that you eat no foods containing gluten, or as close to no gluten as possible – is that it becomes a part of your lifestyle, as opposed to a “diet,” which seems to require more thinking and planning (and obsessing). If I eat bread, or bagels, or pie or cake (the latter of which I rarely eat to begin with), it all happens outside of my own home, whether at friends, relatives, or restaurants.

As long as you’re not leading the kind of lifestyle where you’re eating out as much or more than you’re eating in, you’ll be in good shape. If you are eating out of the house a lot, then you need a revised plan, something closer to, in addition to eating gluten-free at home, I will also practice eating only gluten-free either at friends’ houses, or restaurants choose the one you eat at more frequently, and make it a gluten-free zone.

So what’s the method behind this madness? Even if you’re perfectly healthy, and your body is completely accepting of all varieties of bread, pancakes, pastries, and so on, these kinds of foods aren’t really doing you any favours on a strictly dietary level; in other words, except for the most whole of whole-grain breads and the like, there are no nutritional benefits to your typical gluten-heavy foods.

One main exception is seitan (pronounced SAY-tan), which is a gluten-based vegetarian meat substitute; seitan is loaded with healthy protein, so it’s definitely a key exception. However, most of us are compelled by numerous nutrition-less products that we could, potentially, keep around our home: cookies, crackers, bread for sandwiches, even cereal, many if not most of which contain gluten; and this is where things get the trickiest especially if you’re also trying to practice a no flour, no sugar diet – for going gluten-free at home.

Does that mean no more sandwiches at home, then? It certainly shouldn’t. There are various gluten-free breads available on the market, mainly rice bread, but there are others if you look carefully. And there are many more gluten-free bread options if you happen to have a bread-maker and are willing to seek out various flours – rice flour, tapioca flour, amaranth, potato starch, etc. – to make homemade gluten-free bread. Another good store-bought choice is corn tortillas, or better yet rice tortillas, both of which make good open-face style sandwiches, as long as you’re OK with doing some toasting.

If you’re a cereal eater, yes, there are challenges, but with practice and initial careful selection that gradually becomes a habit, you’ll find plenty of gluten-free cereal options: Rice Chex or Corn Chex (and its generic equivalents), corn flakes, Cheerios (not technically gluten-free, because it uses an oat flour that has gluten, but still a healthy alternative to wheat-based cereals, in my opinion), many granolas, and of course oatmeal and cream of rice hot cereals are still golden, gluten-free alternatives.

Granted: to some, this going gluten-free at home strategy may sound like a big commitment. However, here’s the thing: once you start doing it, you realize it’s a very doable challenge, and you’ll actually take some satisfaction in doing your research while shopping in order to detect which foods are OK, and which ones have gluten and should be taken off your list.

At the risk of using a cliché such as ‘no pain, no gain,’ indeed maybe that’s what going gluten-free at home is you have to do some work to reap the rewards. However, if you can adhere to this structure, to these limitations presuming you’re not abusing them, by doing something like eating sandwich after sandwich with gluten-free breads at home- no more than one per day please.

I can guarantee you that you’ll lose some weight, possibly quite a lot of weight, depending on your starting size. And once you make this routine a regular part of your life. You’ll find no good reason to go back to the less-healthier lifestyle choices you used to practice.

Michael Shaw writes about healthy alternatives to refined flours and sugars, including healthy pancake recipes and protein bars reviews, at No Flour, No Sugar Diet (dot) org.

Super Fruits – Why Use Them To Aid Weight Loss and Health?

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2645397068_42a30cc9cb_mThis is a guest post by Shannon Clark of

If you’re getting started with a weight loss plan, one thing that you definitely should consider is including super fruits into this programme.

The super fruits, especially Acai and Maqui are becoming more and more well-known for their fat fighting and health giving properties.

Those who are choosing to incorporate them into their diet plans on a regular basis are starting to see great benefits from doing so and not only look better, but feel better as well.

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Four Smart And Easy Ways To Increase Your Calorie Burn And Lose Weight Fast

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This is a guest post by Shannon Clark of

Want to lose weight as fast as possible? You’re not alone. Anyone who starts up on a weight loss diet programme wants to shed the weight quickly so that they can reveal their new and improved body. However, unfortunately, very few people actually understand the ‘secret’ techniques that can be used to rev their metabolism and burn more calories all day long.

Since there are 24 hours in the day, and you’re really only in the gym for maybe one of those (if you’re lucky!) what takes place during the remaining hours is really going to add up. If you can do something to increase the rate at which you burn calories over the remaining hours during the day, you are really going to notice a huge impact in the speed that you progress along.

Let’s take a quick peek and four incredibly smart and super easy ways that you can increase your daily calorie burn to help you lose weight fast.

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Lose Weight by “Thinking Yourself Thin”

3906050652_7dd36a1013_mThis is a guest post By Juliet Jackson of  Health And Fitness Member

The power of the mind

Losing weight, when you really think about it, is essentially mind over matter. Our brains play a key role in how successful we will be in any efforts towards sustained weight loss. Let me explain what I mean.

First, we should take a little time to consider the environment we live in. Let’s start by taking about “the man”.

Now, we all know “the man” – that faceless, nameless one who is responsible for the many things that happen around us and to us.

Who’s “the man”?

“The man” is one of the major contributors to, what I call, the “background noise” that frustrates our ability to focus on what is really going to be helpful to our weight loss plans.

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Thinking Of Weight Loss Surgery? Why Not Let YouTube Help You Make Up Your Mind?

This is a guest post from Barry McDonald from

Not surprisingly more and more obese people are turning to weight loss surgery as a method of losing weight. In fact a friend of mine is considering getting a loan out for a gastric band because he’s heard so many great things about it.

But like any type of surgery weight loss surgery has its drawbacks and isn’t for everyone.

So, if you’re early stages of considering having weight loss surgery done and want to know more, where can you look?

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Five Quick Tips To Reduce Your Calorie Intake

This is a guest post by Shannon Clark of

If you’re looking to experience a fast rate of weight loss, one thing that you should be looking to do is take the necessary steps you can to reduce your calorie intake.

Since creating a calorie deficit, that is, a state where you burn off more calories than you consume each day, is the primary requirement for body fat loss, you must be paying attention to this.

Fortunately, with any one of the following five tips, you can painlessly decrease your calorie intake while boosting the overall results that you see.  Use any one or combination of these and take your results up to the next level.

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30 Incredible iPad Apps for Weight Loss

This post is republished by permission of Andrea Carter from

Losing weight is an ongoing battle for many, but thanks to handy tools like the iPad, you can take your plan with you wherever you go.

This weeds out the excuses for those who travel and are short on time for devoting to grocery shopping, calorie counting and keeping up with what goes into their system.

Think smart when making food choices, but when in doubt, pull out these trusty weight loss apps for your iPad which can get you moving in the right direction.

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Is There a Connection between Obesity and Motivation?

Are there any common links between obesity and how you are motivated to do things? And do the same rules apply to thin people. Do they have trouble motivating themselves when it comes to exercising or doing anything else, for that matter? From what I have come to understand just recently that maybe the case.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean what you are about to read here is set in stone. I was quite surprised the other day when I was looking for information related to dopamine, When I came across this rather interesting article, which was discussing the above topic. One of the factors which can cause people become overweight in the first place can be an addiction to food.
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Ten Meals Based On The Satiety Index

Following on from yesterday’s post about how certain foods keep you fuller for longer, it seemed like a good idea to write a post about how you could incorporate this into what you are already eating just in case the foods that you are eating aren’t leaving you satisfied and full.

1. Porridge/oatmeal with blueberries you don’t have to add the blueberries or any other fruit if you don’t wish this is just my own personal choice.

If you haven’t tried porridge with blueberries I can highly recommend it. The rating of porridge according to the index is 209%. If you have this for breakfast it will keep you full for a long time.

2. A piece of fish with boiled potatoes or mash and some garden peas. The rating of fish is 225% the other foods will balance that out quite nicely. I quite like parsley sauce with fish it adds a certain something to it.

3. A jacket potato with beans this is a delicious snack this will keep you full for a long time due to the high index rating of the potato and the amount of protein and fibre that is in the beans. The rating of potatoes is 323%.

4.  A fruit salad made from the following ingredients, have bananas, grapes, apples and oranges. The rating of oranges which is the top ingredient in this meal is 202%

5.  A jacket potato with cottage cheese and pineapple there isn’t a listing for pineapple or cottage cheese but due to the high amount of protein within the cottage cheese this will add to the amount of time it will keep you full for. The rating of potatoes is 323%.

6.  Baked beans on wholemeal bread sprinkled with some grated cheese, even though the rating of baked beans is relatively low wholemeal bread has a rating of 150%. When you add the cheese this will make it is that little bit better, the baked beans as we know are high in fibre and protein.

7. Poached eggs on toast with wholemeal bread, another great combination due to the fact that the eggs have got a reasonable amount of protein in. The index value of wholemeal bread is 157% and eggs are 150%.

8. Some minced beef with potatoes peas and carrots, this is a basic hotpot recipe, slice a potato thinly and either boiled or shallow fry them. Cook the mince in a saucepan, add some stock if you wish with some water and add the peas and carrots. The rating of beef is 176%.

9. Cheese on toast with tomatoes on wholemeal bread the value of cheese is 146% see above for the value of wholemeal bread.

10. White rice boiled with peas, chicken and sweetcorn and add a sauce of your choice to add flavour. The value of rice is 138%.

So there we have it 10 reasonably simple meals which will keep you full and will help you in your quest to lose weight. If anybody has their own suggestions please feel free to come forward because that would make another good post. As I am sure there would be other people out there who would be very interested.

FAQ About Weight Loss and Diet

questions-and-answersI thought I would do something different for a change and came up with the idea of doing a weight loss and diet frequently asked questions post. I may have covered some of the following in a lot of my posts bought some people may have not read them.

So you could probably call this a refresher and something some people may have not seen. So without further ado let’s get started.

Q. Why is it after trying to lose weight for a few weeks or months now I don’t seem to be getting anywhere?

A. There could be any number of reasons for this, but I will try to answer this question as best as I can, when people first start on a weight loss journey it can seem quite overwhelming and also it may be a new experience so it could be very easy to be making mistakes, which can lead to frustration. So let’s just look at a few things that might be causing your problem or anybody else’s, for that matter.

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