Does Low Self-Esteem Cause Weight Gain Later on in Life?

2459020872_607513a54c[1]For one reason or another at some stage in our lives, some of us do or do not whichever the case may, be end up being overweight or in extreme cases obese. There can be many reasons for this lots of people eat to much food for lots of different reasons, they may be bored, depressed etc and we can tend to seek comfort in food.

One of the reasons is we are programmed to eat food because it makes us feel good. This is why it is very easy to become a comfort food eater, but what other mechanisms could cause this, would having low self-esteem have the same effect? A study of 6,500 people found that 10-year-olds, who had emotional problems when they were younger, were far more likely to become obese or overweight as adults.

The researchers, who did the study, would not commit themselves to saying that being emotional alone was a contributing factor, but it was certainly something that may cause it, however they can play a role as well. As a lack of exercise eating the wrong foods and any other things added to the mix.

The children who took part in the study had their weight measured, and were asked how they were feeling as regards their emotions. They tracked their progress until they were 30 years old. The researcher’s said that those who felt less in control of their lives were far more likely to worry and, would be far more likely to end up gaining weight. Apparently, girls are more affected by these issues than boys.

They said in the future to prevent this from happening children need to be aware of how they are feeling, and intervention is important to combat any anxiety or any other emotional problems to stop people ending up this way in the future.

Having low self-esteem is something that can be altered over time. It is quite surprising the amount of things that can it can lead to many addictions can be the root of low self-esteem.

Here is a link to a self-esteem quiz just in case you may be suffering from it; this is something I have struggled with for many years so I can totally relate to what I have just wrote.


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