Does The Exercise After Burn Effect Work

730198669_bf726bda64[1]Sometimes with the thing’s we read, we can develop beliefs that once you see them everywhere that eventually.

We can tend to believe them even though we don’t know whether what is being said is correct or incorrect.

What has been said however is that once you are exercising, you tend to burn fat but not only that, you tend to burn it after you have finished exercising.

This is what is known as the after burn effect. This so-called effect is supposed to be a key ingredient to weight loss or so we are told.

It now seems however that this is not the case, it’s just a mere myth, this information came from a article titled Exercise Improves Fat Metabolism in Muscle but Does Not Increase 24-h Fat Oxidation from the (Exercises and Sport Sciences Review April 2009).

Edward Melanson who is a exercise physiologist said that to his surprise found that exercise has little or any effect at all as regards the 24 hour after burn effect, he used a interesting way to put this theory to the test, just to see what would happen. In the study, sixty five candidates were chosen and they all had different exercise lifestyles which were grouped into four types they were, well trained, obese, sedentary, and lean.

During the study they cycled at different exercise intensities, until they reached a point where they burned 400 calories, after this they were monitored for 24 hours just to see what the effects were. They were monitored very closely and were allowed to eat food, when the results came in none of them reported that, any kind of enhanced fat burning had occurred.

Both during and after their workout, this study has caused quite a bit of stir amongst fitness experts whom suggests that exercise, can boost your metabolism for longer than previously was suggested.

This study doesn’t suggest that say that you shouldn’t exercise regularly, but to bear in mind. That a moving body will burn more fat compared to a sedentary one, and not to get too concerned about whether or not you are burning fat after your workout.

There has been lot of confusing messages sent out by certain writings, saying that certain types of intensity of exercise will burn more fat, but the researchers say this is without merit.

As for the so called after burn the amount of calories burned they say, isn’t that impressive. Pascal Imbreault who is a associate professor at Ottawa University ‘s School of human kinetics, says that any kind of exercise after burn will usually finish after a period of 15 and 35 minutes.

And even though the amount of calories burned which, can depend upon the intensity of the exercise and the overall bodyweight of the person. The actual burning of calories while resting is very minimal he says. He is quoted as saying “Exercise is not that powerful,”

Another one of the over quoted sayings is that increasing your muscle tissue, will enable your body to burn more calories while at rest. The overall idea that muscle is more metabolically active, than fat isn’t realistically what happens.

Imbreault says that muscle requires more calories, than muscle that isn’t being used. He also goes on to say that when at rest both muscle and fat, both need the same amount of calories, in order to sustain themselves.

Does this mean then that all those hours training a certain way in the gym was for nothing after all, having the muscle is a benefit. Even though if you probably thought it was doing more than it actually was, keeping muscular is far less likely to stop you from having a injury, will improve your overall athletic performance.

And another after thought is when the summer comes you will look good in a T-shirt with all those bulging biceps and a toned body, and it will probably turn quite a few females heads. That reminds me where did I put those weights summer is fast approaching and I must buy some more T-shirts

So to sum up this, the equation really still says the same use exercise to burn off the excess calories that you don’t need and make good food choices.



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