Green Smoothie Recipes

green smoothieBeing as we are having a bit of a raw food theme this week, I thought it would be a good idea to continue with it, so today it’s a slight twist by having some green smoothie recipes.

These are a great way to get your greens if you don’t like eating vegetables, or your children aren’t that keen either on eating them. The great thing about making smoothies is you can add different ingredients to alter the taste and it makes experimenting more fun, after all food should be fun and not a chore.

Green Smoothie Recipes

Kale and pear


1x cup of green grapes

1x large orange

1x pear

1x large banana

1x cup of kale

1x cup of water

1x 4 ice cubes

Method blend all ingredients on a low speed for a minute if you have a variable speed blender and then blend on high speed. Serve in a glass with a slice of lemon and a leaf of mint.

Green smoothie


1x two bananas

1x 3 oranges peeled and quatered

1x lettuce

1x 4 cups of cold water

Method put all the ingredients in a blender and serve with a piece of orange.

Mango surprise


1x apple

1x champagne mango

1x pineapple chunks

1x half a cup of some water

1x three ice cubes


Combine all the above with a blender add the icecubes lastly.

Apple surprise


1x gala apple or any you have available

1x pear

1x cup of some spinach

1x banana

1x cup of walnut milk


Empty all the ingredients into your blender and serve

Cool cucumber


1x half a large cucumber

1x banana

1x apple

1x cup of cale

1x cup of some fresh orange juice


Combine the above in your blender add ice to add a bit of chill if needed

more coming up tomorrow…..

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  • Lucy

    Green smoothies seem to be a big thing at the minute, I have seen someone else promoting herbs and other greens in smoothies I have to say that although I have not tried it I definately think it sounds like a good idea

  • Angela Leeds

    Very nice recipes. I’ve never heard of champagne mangoes, tho! I’ll have to look them up…

  • Mark

    Hi Angela just what I found on various sites, I’m going to try doing some myself as it’s all new to me have done fruit smoothies but not ones with greens in.

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  • Quick Weight Loss Diets

    Why is green so popular? Why not red smoothies?