How a Tomato Can Make You More Productive

This post is somewhat of a digression about what I normally write about, but nonetheless, I thought it was something that might be useful to some people, nonetheless.

And the title is somewhat a bit misleading but stay with it and see what you think. The tomato in question is actually a timer called a pomorodo which in case you don’t know is Italian for tomato.

And this post is based on something called the poromodo technique the person who developed this technique used a mechanical timer which looked like a tomato. And this is how it came to being, here is how it works.

You break your day up into chunks of 25-minute intervals and assign a poromodo which is one 25 minute chunk of time. To a particular task, you may not know how many of these you need to do one particular task on your list.

So the thing to do is roughly estimate it and set more than you need the case may be that you may need four or five of them for one particular task. So how does it work, indeed it is simplicity itself. When you are doing one particular task for 25 minutes you focus all your attention for that whole 25 minute period with no interruptions.

After that first time period is over you have a five-minute break at the end of it, and at the end of four of them, you have a 15-25 minute break. When you have a five-minute break wander off and do something, which isn’t work-related whatsoever.

When you have your 25 minute break get away from work-related activity, by going for a walk, sitting outside or anything else just so long as it isn’t work-related.

And that is all there is to it. There is a piece of software if you’re not really bothered about using a mechanical or a digital timer that you can download and use on your computer whilst you are working, here is the link for it focus booster.

There is a site also in case your interested in learning more about the technique and how it came about, which has a free downloadable PDF which goes into a bit more detail, here is the link for that also poromodo technique.

This is something that you could incorporate into any part of your life it is essentially a time management system so somewhere along the way it will probably be able to help you in some shape or form.

Here are some testimonials from the site,

“I’ve been using this technique with a kitchen timer for the past 5 years and it’s a literal godsend. As a peak performance coach with professional athletes, I could go on and on about how your brain chemistry loves this approach… but it would just bore you :) So instead… trust me when I say – you’ll start to actually feel different biologically when you implement it. You’ll experience the ‘flow’ state or ‘zone’ daily.”
-Todd Herman,

“…the Pomodoro Technique is the simplest and most useable methods of time management that I have ever seen. I put The Pomodoro Technique to the test last weekend when performing yard chores at my house…The time saved allowed me to spend more time hanging out with my kids. I was so impressed with the results that I am now using The Pomodoro Technique for my business time management.”
- Paul,

“This procrastination busting approach can work great for writers…I think the PT is a great system that is easy to get going — and to take it as far as you want it to go.”
- Meryl,

So have a go and see how you get on. Be interesting to get some feedback off some people.

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