How Many Calories are Burned During Exercise ?

exercise by teh sea (48/365)In order to maintain weight loss exercise is a crucial part of what you’re actually doing, so just in case you’re not sure if the exercise you’re doing is giving you the full benefit, as regards your weight loss goals.

Here is a comprehensive list of exercises and how many calories they actually burn.

  • Walking at the speed of approximately three miles per hour will burn 280 calories
  • Ballroom dancing will burn approximately 260 calories
  • Tennis will burn 350 calories or more
  • Aerobic dancing will burn 420 calories
  • Riding a bicycle at a moderate speed will burn 450 calories
  • House work done at a moderate pace will burn 160 calories
  • Aerobics will burn 450 calories
  • Hiking will burn 500 calories
  • Doing step aerobics will burn 550 calories
  • Running will burn 700 calories
  • Swimming will burn 500 calories if done constantly
  • Squash will burn 650 calories
  • Gardening which will entail hoeing, raking cutting grass and any other physical activity which is part of gardening will burn 350 calories plus.

The crucial part of this to remember is that you only need 3500 calories per week to be burned in order to lose one pound of fat, if you do a mixture of the exercisers above then you will easily be able to maintain your 500 a day deficit that you need in order to keep your weight in check.

Figures were obtained from Anne Collins

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