How To Quit Sugar Addiction

sugar addictionSugar is a modern day 21st-century problem, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to the sweet stuff, one of the particular problems with sugar is it can be addictive as some well-known drugs. Hence a lot of people struggle with kicking a sugar habit.

It’s getting so bad now that obesity levels are rocketing all over the world, because of the amount of sugar that we now consume in our foods which comes about by modern day food processing methods.

The overall problem with this is, carbohydrates get turned into refined carbohydrates hence sugar, the problem is that a lot of foods can taste quite bland without any additional flavouring, and sugar just happens to be one of those cheap ingredients that you can add to a particular product.

In order to make it more palatable to a lot of people they add sugar in order, to make the food taste better otherwise some food can taste quite bland, so people are far less likely to eat it.

It is very easy to become addicted to sweet foods it’s just the taste we just cannot help ourselves. But we very rarely think of the consequences that are involved by eating too much of these particular foods.So what is the overall attraction of sugar and why do we want to eat so much, perhaps many years ago when we had no food processing, and we were foraging for our food in a natural environment.

Then our taste buds would be more programmed to eat things of a sweeter taste rather than bitter tasting foods, as we would probably think that bitter tasting foods would be more likely to poison us. We would have had no real way of knowing whether or not something was bad for us, but if you think about fruit for a second, quite a lot it of is sweet. So we probably used that as a rule of thumb as to what to eat.

So it’s probably true to say that our taste buds, were developed to ensure that we ate foods that wouldn’t poison us merely for our own survival.But now the problem with this is it’s tending to work in reverse and making us become obese and diabetic. Sugar is everywhere and in everything from chocolate, to soft drinks, cakes, biscuits there aren’t many food substances that it isn’t in.

Before the Industrial Revolution came in the only way that we would eat sugar would be in its raw state, in such things as rice, potatoes , bread pasta etc, then we discovered how to process food and was able to turn unprocessed sugar into processed sugar.

Where does it begin ?

The first time your body gets hit with its first fix of sugar is usually first thing in the morning when you eat breakfast, even they you think you may be getting away with it. If you add things like dried fruits to your breakfast let’s just say for instance that you eat muesli, and add some fruit to it, for instance raisins.

Then already you are starting to increase blood sugar levels without even probably realising that you are doing it, some people like to have, a couple of spoonfuls sugar with their first cup of tea and coffee in the morning.

Or they might like to add some sugar to their porridge just to make it taste that more palatable, before I was diagnosed with high blood sugar I used to do the very same thing, having some toast with marmalade on it, you are already on to a bit of a sugar fest already without even realising it.

The overall problem with these sort of habits is you very rarely tend to think that they are doing you any harm. When in fact nothing is further from the truth, I quite often used to eat white bread with butter and jam.

The taste of it on my taste buds was so yummy, I couldn’t help myself. I think probably this was one of the reasons why I used to crave sugar so much, because when you eat it your blood sugar goes high insulin kicks in, to keep your blood sugar levels normal.

So it comes back down to normal levels and then you get the cravings all over again because your sugar levels have gone down.

I used to get cravings for sugar all the time but never really understood why perhaps now thinking about it I can see a overall pattern, I do eat the odd sweet thing every now and again, but nothing like I used to. it can be quite surprising when you think about it how much sugary foods you do eat without even realising.

Due to the fact that sugar is so addictive someone has bought a book out which is aptly called How To Quit Without Feeling S**t, by Patrick Alford, you see the thing is when the insulin is removing the sugar from your bloodstream it has to put it somewhere, so as a consequence of this its stores it as fat. And hence we become overweight.

So how do you go about keeping things in balance as far as your blood sugar is concerned, you have to you keep your body fed properly in order to keep up energy levels, but if you eat foods that get processed quickly within your bloodstream, than what will ultimately happen is.

Over a short period of time you will want to eat even more food in order to keep your energy levels constant, this is a classic symptom of the sugar cycle you eat some food feel energetic for a while, although we have to take into consideration what it was you actually ate, if it was a baked potato for instance with some butter, then this type of meal will be processed quite quickly.

And it won’t be too long before you are wanting to eat some more food. And so the cycle repeats itself however if you were to balance your foods more, and add protein to your meal and make sure you eat more of it, then this will break down a lot slower in your bloodstream. Therefore inhibiting any further cravings for food later on in the day.

Studies have found in the past that even non-obese people who have ate a lot of carbohydrate foods the ones that release their sugars very quickly, have also become insulin resistant and contracted diabetes so don’t just think that because you are thin that you can’t get diabetes because you can.

There tends to be a direct relationship between how you are feeling as a person and what you eat, sometimes people turn to things like chocolate etc when they are feeling down or fed up and want something to cheer themselves up, sugar tends to be a perfect candidate for this because it gives you a quick serotonin buzz, and your mind tends to latch on to this fact.

And makes you repeat the process which in essence is the start of a addiction. There are quite a few ways in order to cut your carbohydrate levels down, take note of what you are eating, for instance bread especially white bread, or you can go on a diet plan which cuts out carbohydrates altogether such as the Atkins diet this tends to focus on protein more than carbohydrates, the problem with this is though it has made some people quite ill and is not suitable for everybody.

The other alternative is to try something like the G. I diet which is based around low GI foods which in a nutshell means that they release their sugar levels slowly over a longer period of time, which will stop cravings for sweet foods.

And overtime you will tend to lose weight what I would say is the key thing is to be sensible, when I first started to try and lose weight myself I had to look at what I was eating very carefully.

One thing I wasn’t doing in particular was, eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, which I very rarely used to eat, things like salads and soup, as soon as I switched to eating more low GI foods. I did tend to feel a lot better, and also I tended to eat far less, when you are eating a lot of high of carbohydrate foods especially the wrong types then you will inevitably eat more food.

The thing that you must bear in mind is to cut down on the foods that have lots of sugar in. If you want a typical example here is one, anything that has 35 to 40 grams per hundred grams is a lot of sugar. I used to think that eating small tins of baked beans was a bad thing but I was told by my doctor that those things aren’t nearly as bad as you think they are. If you compare it to strawberry jam the amount of sugar that is in that is horrendous I think you get the overall picture.

Actually getting off sugar isn’t as bad as what you think it is, some schoolchildren were weaned off it slowly even though they did have a few withdrawal symptoms they weren’t very long in lasting, give it about four or five days and you will be fine.

How to stop sugar cravings

If you are having trouble trying to stop your sugar problem here are the a few suggestions that you might like to try in order to curb them. If you go to the supermarket things can be strategically placed in order to try make you buy them, say for instance at the end of a isle.

There might be some special offers at the end the isle. You see as you are walking along in the shop, they are in your first line of sight on the left as you come into the shop so subconsciously your mind sees them, and also they are at the end of the isle waiting for you.

And then again they may hit you with them at the checkout, so you must just ignore them and tell yourself that you don’t need them this will train your mind to ignore what is before you.

Look at what you are eating, for your breakfast if you are eating something like Cocoa Pops, or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, which are very high sugar and try replacing this with some other substitute such as wholemeal bread and scrambled egg or another alternative is porridge oats with some sweetener in.

Have small meals often snack on pears and apples these type of foods release sugar more slowly, replace these foods with for things that you would normally snack on like chocolate and so forth, sometime cravings for sugar can be due to certain vitamins missing within your diet do some research to see if this the case.

Use sweeteners instead of sugar when you add this to coffee or sugar there really isn’t a great deal of difference. Drinks less things with caffeine in coffee and tea drunk in high volumes can cause blood sugar highs and lows.

Drink green tea instead this will help repair any damage. Also try cinnamon this can help with blood sugar levels. Above all use common sense high constant blood sugar is not good long term. Change now before it’s to late


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  • Genevieve

    Excellent pointers here about breaking sugar addiction.

    And some good tips about sugar substitutes.

    Do you know about stevia? It’s an all-natural sugar substitute that doesn’t harm the body nearly as much as other subs. Check it out.

  • Mark

    Hi no I haven’t I use sweetex my self and thanks for the comment.

  • David

    Stevia is a good alternative but I found that I still want to eat junk food if I’m eating stuff sweetened with Stevia. However, we made cookies sweetened with Stevia and they were really nice. Depends on the brand you get as some Stevia sweeteners have a minty aftertaste that doesn’t always go with the recipe.