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2210281476_b74fac1cb3[1]Writing this blog has become one of the best things, that I have ever done in a long time it has made me realise how passionate I am about. Health and fitness and other associated matters, the reason for the title of this post is I have a dream is it reminds me of Martin Luther King’s speech all those years ago about how he wanted to change things.

And I am at the stage now where I want to do the same with my blog. Some of the things I am going to be doing are writing a press release for distribution, having a new theme designed, the main reason for this is in order for people to be able to see my content more on the front page rather than as it is now.

But one of the reasons for writing this post is I want to be able to get more interaction going with people, in the form of comments which seems to be at present on a bit of a go slow, as regards things such as traffic levels things aren’t too bad.

The ultimate dream I have for my blog is to have my content go viral where ever is possible, and be on as many sites as is possible. So what I would like to ask of my readers now, is if you have any friends or relatives, in your e-mail contacts list.

That you could send my site address to or even a link to feed burner where they can sign up for e-mail updates, my ultimate goal for this blog is to make it as well known and is big as is possible, things are certainly moving in the right direction there is no doubt about that, but every little thing that people can do all helps. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thanks to everybody who has got the word out for me you know who you are.




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