Is BMI Accurate Or Not As Regards Health

2754994231_a0f16777d1[1]Body mass index is a way to find out whether or not, your health is in danger. It works on two principles your height and weight and this gives you your overall body mass index. Although now it’s beginning to show signs of being inaccurate, a lot of people do rely on this particular way of measuring somebodies overall health.

A team in Michigan decided to run a study to see how exactly how accurate it was, 400 students were used in the study and their body mass index was measured some of them were athletes and others were not. The one big flaw about body mass index is that it doesn’t differentiate between muscle and fat. So muscle will be counted in the equation, and as we know muscle weighs more than fat does so if you are a muscular person.

You could be quite easily be diagnosed as being overweight, according to how the system works but somebody who is muscular will probably have a very low body fat percentage.

When a study was conducted around NFL football players, a large percentage of them were classed as obese. But this was far from the case they all had a very good physiques those of athletes. Football players do have to be fit they are not Japanese sumo wrestlers.

In the research that was conducted they measured the BMI of the students, then used conventional methods of measuring body fat, and found that the BMI measurements weren’t consistent at all.

This is probably due to the fact of the make-ups of their bodies, some might be muscular others might have more body fat.

And others may have more body fat. So is it an accurate measure of knowing how healthy you are what are your thoughts on this you use body mass indexing to measure your health or is it something you’re not particularly bothered about, it would be interesting to know people’s thoughts and opinions on this.

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