Is Calorie Reduction The Key To a Longer Life

We are told that eating healthy foods that are low in cholesterol, and are low in sugar will help us maintain our body weight and this will lead to a healthier longer life.

It’s all very well though eating the right foods, but is there anything else that we can actually do in order to prolong our lives, well now it seems there is, actually reducing the amount of calories we eat.

Scientists have found that if we eat less food, we are far more likely to live longer if you cut your calorie consumption by approximately 30 percent, but also maintain a highly nutritional way of eating. Then you are far more likely to live a lot longer.

Studies which were based on primates, and were done over a period of 20 years. Using rhesus monkeys, found that they were less likely to contract life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

These particular types of primate, will have a lifespan of about 27 years, in their natural environment, however the ones that were involved in the study. Lived for 29 years.

If you apply that figure to humans this equates to roughly, six extra years of life which is quite a lot really. When you think about what you have to do in order to achieve that by simply eating less food.

The initial research was conducted in the United States , at the University of  Wisconsin , Richard Weindruch who is a professor there, is quoted as saying

We have been able to prove that by reducing calories given to primates, can in fact reduce the ageing process”.

Here are the results of the study:

  • Of those monkeys who just ate freely half of them survived, while those who reduce they calories by 30 percent 80 percent survived which is a very good statistics survival wise
  • Any instances of cancer and heart disease, was far lesser in those monkeys that were restricting the calories
  • Diabetes was also non-existent in the group that were on the calorie reduction way of eating, this was seen as a complete prevention of diabetes according to Professor Richard Weindruch
  • Also cognitive brain function, was better in the group that ate using calorie reduction

Here are some thoughts to take away from this, do we as people eat sometimes for the sake of eating, I was having a conversation the other day with somebody whom I know.  And I was thinking about the amount of places that you are able to get food these days.

Where I live if I walk up a twichell, and turn right within a few yards there is a pizza shop, adjacent to this is a Chinese take-away, a few more hundred yards there is a chip shop which sells kebabs, pizzas. Another say less than half a mile there is another chip shop which sells kebabs, pizzas and fish and chips.

Quite literally food is everywhere and I just wonder sometimes, if our minds are bombarded with it all the time it can be very hard to resist. In our brains you could say we probably have maps of where we can get food in the quickest and shortest amount of time. And in a way this could be one of the reasons why we tend to eat so much food. Because it’s never far away.

Have you tried eating less ? and can you manage on less food ? or do you find that you do need to be constantly eating even if you don’t know why. It would be interesting to get peoples feedback on cutting back on calories and see how it has affected them.

I have noticed myself sometimes that I don’t actually need to eat as much food as I think I need to on any given day.


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