Is Fast Food Really As Addictive As Heroin and Cocaine?

Have you ever often wondered when you’re trying to change your eating habits either to become more healthier or lose some weight? That weaning yourself off some foods can be extremely difficult. And have you wondered why?

A lot of our habits tend to revolve around repetition so after a while they become automatic it’s a bit like learning to do anything the more you do it the less you have to think about it, and it becomes automatic behaviour. So it could be quite easy to believe that the reason that you’re having

trouble controlling what you’re eating is purely down to learned behaviour or is that necessarily the case?

We often don’t tend to think that there may be some other mechanism at work causing us to eat foods that don’t necessarily do us any good. There have been various studies that have cited how foods affect our moods when we eat them.

Just recently, however, a new study has been put together, which sways the argument to that way of thinking more so now than ever before.  They say that once and for all that the biological mechanisms that are present within the brain work the same as in people who are addicted to heroin and cocaine and any other highly addictive drugs.

It focuses on the fact that what a lot of people who are obese have been saying for a long time now that it is extremely hard to kick certain type of food habits purely because of the addictive nature. Of these types of particular foods. They used rats in their research and found conclusive proof that after a while of eating such foods, they clearly were some cognitive changes happening in their brains, which were causing them to eat in an addictive manner. As with any kind of addiction, whether it be drugs or any other addictive substance once you repeatedly do it your brain becomes so used to the reward that you get from it that after a while.

In order to keep that reward mechanism working you have to eat or consume more of what it is that’s causing it to happen the same thing happens in the brains of people who are alcoholics after a while your brain becomes so used to the chemical high that you get from doing it that you have to consume more in order to get the same kind of high.

The exact same changes that happen in drug addicts happen in people who eat food they have to keep eating more and more in order to get the same result so as a consequence of this. They become overweight. Probably, without even realising what mechanisms are working inside their minds.

One of the scientists who was involved in the research whose name was Kenny spent three years looking at the addictive nature of junk food and its effects on people. In the actual study they say that the actual animals used to do the research lost total control of what they were doing and just kept eating and eating.

They also tried an experiment where they gave electric shocks to them in the hope that would deter them from overheating but even that wasn’t enough to stop them. They were still highly motivated and determined to do it. The scientists used a model of eating, which would cause the animal subjects to become obese very quickly by feeding them things like high fat sausages, cheesecake and any other high calorie foods. They even tried switching them to things like salads and more healthier foods, but once they tried this, they refused to eat.

And took it even further by starving themselves for two weeks by refusing to eat healthier foods. The head research scientist Kenny said that because the reward system had been overstimulated that much, your brain more or less turns on itself and forces you to give it the pleasure that it so desires.

This probably explains why so many people have difficulties giving up food that is bad for them because of their highly addictiveness.

They found that it’s a typical type of dopamine that is stimulated in the brain when you eat or consume types of drugs it gives you such a pleasurable high the same sort that you get when you have sex or any other kind of pleasurable experience that you have to keep doing it in order to get the same high over and over again.

Speaking from a personal point of view I had an addiction at one time and I can say without doubt that no matter what I always had to get my fix no matter what it becomes the main focus of your life and you do anything to get it, I would be out in all sorts of weather, whether it be freezing cold or raining heavily.

And when I was getting my fix I could never understand why I was willing to put up with being so cold in order to feed my addiction. But I did you don’t realise how motivated you can become by what is going on in your brain, and whilst you are constantly feeding it with pleasurable feelings all the time it expects it all the time.

So it’s no great surprise to me of the findings within this article. Have you yourself noticed how hard it can be to give up certain types of food? I know I certainly can, and I do know of other people who have had the same types of problems giving up certain foods when they are trying to lose weight one in particular that springs to mind is chocolate without a doubt.


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