Is it Healthy To Eat a Lot of Eggs ?

hard boiled eggIn the past there has been many, debates and arguments amongst professionals as to whether or not eggs are a healthy food or not.

It has been often said that they contain too much cholesterol, or you may be at risk of getting salmonella and eating them a lot might do your health some harm, but someone now just recently has been eating eggs for their dietary requirements.

They ate three eggs for breakfast, three for lunch, three for dinner his wife claimed that he was completely mad eating such a diet, but here is the surprising thing it helped him lose a lot of weight. It helped him lose four stone in a period of nine months.

Would eating this amount of eggs be necessarily good feel health ? after all the health scares that we have had that have been connected with them such as salmonella but it would seem that has been put way in the past we as a country now in the United Kingdom consume over 28 million eggs per day.

If that doesn’t say that we don’t give them our approval than what does, quite a while back now I wrote a post called why we need to eat more eggs, in it I explained that if you eat eggs for lunch say, you are far less likely to eat more food later on that day.

The reason that eggs have come so popular in recent years is that it has been found that they aren’t nearly as bad for you as previously thought, where previously it was thought that if you ate more than three a week, it was suggested that this might increase your blood cholesterol levels, so we were advised it was better to eat them in moderation overall.

The governments overseeing body of food health says that as long as you eat eggs, as part of a balanced healthy diet then there is no need to worry about the amount that you can eat.

Eggs got a bit of a bad name in the past because as we have said they were reported to raise your blood cholesterol levels, but it has now been found that is done by merely other foods due to the extensive research that has been done, in which foods do in fact raise your blood cholesterol levels.

These tend to be more foods like processed meats, cakes, and biscuits and the cholesterol that is in eggs is nowhere near as bad as some of those other foods previously mentioned. Knowing this might be very pleasing for some people whom previously thought that they are unable to eat eggs in large quantities, if you were to eat nine eggs a day as is suggested by the person who decided to try this diet.

As a long as you stick to the guidelines for healthy eating then there is no reason why, you could to follow this if you want to. Some research was conducted by Dr Bruce Griffin who looked at the data of egg research which was comprised of 30 egg studies over a 30 year period.

Found that there was no actual links to high cholesterol levels or any links to coronary heart disease as far as eating eggs is concerned, and other study which was done which revolved around eating eggs, found that people who didn’t eat eggs and those who did had no different cholesterol levels than those who did eat them. In more further research done by Dr Griffin he found out that people who ate two eggs per day it might help lower their cholesterol levels.

He conducted research and gave some overweight people two eggs a day for a 12 week period, and another group followed a diet recommended by the British Heart Foundation. When they had completed the study period they had lost between seven to nine pounds, and also had a drop in their average cholesterol levels, he said that “We’ve shown that when two eggs a day are eaten by people actively losing weight on a calorie-restricted diet, blood cholesterol and weight can be reduced.”

Eggs are very low in calories one egg is only 75 calories and contains five grams of fat, in another study which was conducted in the United States they looked at the breakfast eating habits of obese and overweight women.

Their findings showed that when they had a bagel breakfast and then had a egg breakfast, the women who ate the egg breakfast, didn’t want to snack on fatty foods, they also said that they felt fuller for a longer period of time. The overall reason for this is because protein takes longer to break down in your body, and also acts as a bit of metabolism boosting effect this is why bodybuilders eat a high protein diet when they are in intensive training, especially if they enter competitions for showing their bodies off.

This is exactly what they will tend to do they will eat some carbohydrates, but only in moderation and focus on eating more protein this will build muscle and not increase fat layers. So is the nine egg a day diet a good want to follow not necessarily I would probably say after a period of time you will get bored of it.

And also you will properly not get adequate vitamins and minerals which you get from a healthy balanced diet, having a diet which is mostly protein can cause problems, you have to have some carbohydrate in your diet, as well as fibre and a small amount of fat, this is a basis for a healthy balanced diet.

However this doesn’t mean to say that you can’t follow the diet per se but use it as a basis for your overall eating eating plan, if you become more aware of the foods which don’t make you crave things like sugar and fatty foods, then you will find that the more educated that you become about eating food.

Then it will be far easier to lose weight in the long-term all you need to do is find out which particular foods give the best results it may be a different case for different people.

Which is the best way to eat eggs ?

In order to get the best out of eggs it is probably a good idea to know which methods are particularly better for eating your eggs cooking or poaching your eggs is the healthiest way to eat them, if you make scrambled eggs with full fat milk, cream and butter. Then you’re looking at something around the region of 316 calories per serving.

It is probably far better to scramble eggs using semi skimmed milk and just two eggs or another just in case you need a bit extra for another person, when I make scrambled eggs I just do it in the microwave oven, using a plastic container some semi skimmed milk and two eggs whisked them together and and cook it for about four minutes this is using a 650 watt oven.

Once they are cooked I then use a fork to just stir the mixture and this creates the scrambled eggs, sometimes I have also added some mushrooms to it which is quite nice and serve it with wholemeal bread with no butter on, this is a matter of personal choice purely.

So the moral of the story of this post is don’t worry too much about eating eggs because they are not as bad for you as is once thought so eat as many as you want, because ultimately they will help you in an aid to losing weight.

If you are stuck for ideas as regards eating eggs here is a website with some recipes on


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