Is it Important to Eat Breakfast Everyday

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It’s long been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or is it? 50% of us think otherwise, we leave the house on an empty stomach, and the majority only spends 3 minutes on its maximum. Experts say this isn’t wise, according to studies, which say otherwise.

It makes us more alert, more slim and helps children’s behaviour and concentration at school. Despite the evidence, a third of schoolchildren skip breakfast, says the better breakfast campaign, which launched yesterday. Having breakfast has shown to help children’s memories.

It also prevents obesity later in life and ill-health later on. Children who skip breakfast are more likely to become obese. In later years. In a study, 6/10 participants performed better in English and maths. After eating breakfast, and eye and hand coordination was improved.

Prof Heather Joshi, director of the study, said, “The consequence of not having breakfast is that children and adults are more likely to get hungry before lunch snack on foods are high in fat and sugar.” This could explain one of the reasons between being obese and skipping breakfast. A survey done by the Prince’s trust found that in 2012 39% of teachers knew pupils whom came to school on empty stomach.

The better breakfast campaign, which is set up by a charity called PHYTO trade, Africa, says that porridge makes a good breakfast. And it would seem that the message is getting out sales of porridge rose by 20% last year. Do you eat breakfast? Personally, I do and function better for it. My favourite breakfasts are porridge with blueberries, Weetabix, pineapple chunks, and occasionally a full English breakfast. If you want some ideas for breakfast. Here are some links to other posts I have wrote about breakfast.

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From Daily Express 24 September 2012

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