Lose Weight Gain Muscle With Slow Carbs

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5185073312_646f489677_mOne of the keys to losing weight is the amount of calories that you eat and the amount you burn during exercise. As well as this there are other things that you can do, which can help you. It’s often the case that the simplest things can have a dramatic effect.

One of those is building more muscle mass, which is something that some people fail to realise. If you have more muscle, it’s far easier to do your workouts as well as burn energy. Muscle tissue requires fuel, which helps to use calories up.

One of the things you can do is make sure you’re eating slow release carbohydrates and not eating ones that are absorbed into your bloodstream rather quickly such as things like cake, chocolate, high-sugar breakfast cereals, etc.

Researchers in the United States did a study in 2007, which looked at low load glycaemic diets. What this means is eating foods with a low GI value, a typical example of food would be oatmeal.  The participants in the LG group ate a low carbohydrate diet, and HG group vice versa. Their food makeup was as follows.

It was made up of 30 percent from protein. The same from fat and 40 percent from slow release carbs. On average the participants had a BMI of 35 or thereabouts. They were put on a diet for a year. At first when the researchers started look at the data in terms of energy consumption. It seemed both groups were using about the same amount of energy.

However, when the researchers took some data from people who had not been sticking to the diet properly. They lost approximately five percent of their body weight not only did they find this out. They also found something else. The participants in the LG group had lost weight, but in a better way. They had lost fat and not lost muscle compared to the HG group. In another totally separate study which revolved round mice. When they were given a low glycaemic diet, a similar thing happened they gained more muscle and exercised involuntarily.

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