Low Carb Vs Low Fat Diets Do They Affect Your Mood?

Sometimes it’s quite hard to know if you’re feeling down or up beat whether what you are eating is making you feel the way you are.

So this bit of research may help you to understand if you are feeling a bit under the weather and can’t understand why. A study, which was published in the archives of the publication Internal Medicine, looked at differences between people whom ate a low carb diet and a low-fat diet.

To see what effect it had on their mood, overall there was 106 participants involved in this particular test. They were split into two eating groups’ low carb and low-fat. When they first started on the trial and the pounds started to come off, both groups were said to have a good overall mood.

groups lost 30 pounds each, which is a very good achievement, but there was something different as well between the two groups. The people in the low carb group their mood, which was elevated in the beginning returned to normal.

But to the people on the low-fat diet, still had a emotional boost compared to their counterparts. The researchers could not come to any particular conclusion as to why this was. Apart from the fact that low carb diets may be different to what people are used to eating.

One of the researchers said in conclusion this;

“Although, in the short term, participants may have been able to meet the challenges presented by this dietary pattern,” the study reads, “over the longer term, it may have increased participant isolation, leading to the negative impact on mood state that may provide possible explanation for the effects that were observed.”

So could it been merely coincidence the findings of this particular study, and out of interest do you yourself noticed any difference in your moods with what you eat? Have you been on a low-fat diet and felt elated? And on a low carb diet and after a while your mood has even out.

Here is a video where they talk about low carb diets versus low-fat diets hope you enjoy it.

Source http://www.nydailynews.com

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