Man Loses 10 Stone Eating Beans Only

baked beansA man who resides in the United Kingdom, has lost a whopping 10 stone by eating a diet of baked beans only prior to this his diet, consisted of eating a full English breakfast and having eight pints of lager after tea.

He was told by his doctor to change his diet otherwise he might be in danger of getting bowel cancer, he based his diet on something which has been implemented by Slimming World, you have what they call a green and red day, this involves switching different food types on different days.

In order to achieve this colossal amount of weight loss, he has been eating six cans of beans every day if you look at the amount of nutrition that is in a tin of baked beans, it is quite easy to see how this has worked so well, beans contain a lot of fibre and protein, out of curiosity while I was reading this story, I went downstairs and had a look to see what beans at a contain as regards fibre, protein and calories.

A 220 gram tin of beans contains about 11 grams of protein and eight grams of fibre, and each tin is about 176 calories so based on those figures if you eat four tins of beans within a day, then that will add up to as far as fibre is concerned 32 grams of fibre which is extremely good, and being as protein is a food that takes quite a long time to be broken down.

Which encourages the fat burning process it is quite plain and simple to see this how this would be achieved, the programme that slimming world have developed revolves around eating healthily and filling foods in unlimited quantities such as pasta potatoes, vegetables, lean meats, while also being able to eat something that you would normally not consider healthily, a treat every so often say.

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  • Saadya Hamza

    This seems incredible, i am wondering how long it took this man to lose the weight and how much weight he was loosing each week, i need to lose weight and am doing weight watchers and have recently started my own blog…please feel free to pop in and offer advice.

    Saadya Hamzas last blog post..Downsize down days

  • Brin

    But what about the wind? The amount of gas produced by a diet like that would be tremendous!

  • Hedley Thorne

    Not sure you are quite right there- you seem to have quoted the calories for a single serving (ie half a tin).

  • Mark

    Hi Hedley that could be the case my apologies