Study Finds Links to Fatty Food Cravings

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In the news today it is been quoted that doctors have said that half the population in the UK will be obese. In 20 years time, that is quite a profound statement to say the least. And what it goes to show and prove is that we are still having problems with what we eat. So why is this why are we getting fatter?

Is it merely down to psychological reasons, and how we think about food. Alternatively, are there other reasons for it? Well, some recent research that has been put together by scientists thinks they may have found one reason why we tend to eat fatty foods.

Some scientists in separate parts of the world in Italy and Californiahave been studying the effects on rats. When they consume fatty foods, they found something quite astonishing. When they consumed these types of foods, their bodies released chemicals similar to those when people smoke marijuana.

So it seems that when we consume certain foods biological processes are going on without even us realising so, the problem is though. These could be working at a much deeper level. So the person concerned, may not have any way of controlling them. Which is quite a startling revelation, wouldn’t you say.

This is what one of the researchers had to say.

I do think some people come into the world, and they are more responsive to food,” said Susan Carnell, a research associate at the Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition. “I think there are many different routes to obesity.”

The whole point of the research was to find out how the test subjects reacted to taste in the lab when they were fed a fatty type substance. Their bodies produced a chemical called endocannabinoids, which are more or less identical to those produced when people smoke marijuana.

So now its plain to see how eating certain types of food can be so addictive. Without you even realising it on a conscious level the particular compounds regulate chemicals in their bodies, which include the following responses to stress, appetite and the digestive process.

One of the researchers said it’s quite surprising that this goes to show and prove how we come related to these types of food and want them so much. It’s probably largely because they make us feel so good. So we always want to eat more of them.

One of the downsides of this is we actually need fat for cell function. Further on in the study the researchers tried to do something different with this process by blocking the chemical which is produced when they consumed fatty foods, and were amazed when they found that when they gave the rats the fatty substance this time. They weren’t interested, what so ever.

The scientists are hoping soon that they can develop a drug that will work the same way as it did in the rats by blocking the chemical. Here is more of what one of the researchers had to say about this.

“We think we eat it because we like it, but it’s not just because we like, but because we want it,” said Dr. David Kessler, former head of the F.D.A. and author of the book “The End of Overeating” (Rodale, 2009). “It has a lot more to do with our brains and the feedback mechanism to our brains than we realize.”

  Some other research which was put together, which is similar in nature to this had obese people looking at pictures of foods that were very high in calories, and then their brain activities were measured interestingly there was a lot of activity in their brains.

When they were shown the picture compared to those of a thin person. Their brains even showed activity when certain words were used, for instance, they said to them for instance, chocolate brownie just the mere use of these words was enough to make them want it.

It just goes to show that there can be psychological and biological processes going on in our bodies, which sometimes even mere willpower cannot override them. I dare say; there will be more research of this type, because obesity and being overweight can be more complicated than we actually realise.

Is this something that you can relate to do, you tend to crave fatty foods on a regular basis and do they make you feel good when you eat them as opposed to eating good food? Any feedback about this would be appreciated. Please leave your thoughts in the comment’s section.

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