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Ten Weight Loss Hacks You May Not Know

1. Do I need to weigh my self  everyday, conventional wisdom always used to tell us that it’s not a good idea to weigh ourselves every day, but now it 2966138945_02851cf882[1]seems were going back to this way of doing things, when some people were monitored during a study which looked at people who checked there weight daily. The data which came from 3500 individuals, suggests that 44 percent lost 60 pounds throughout the year.

Is it bordering on obsession though by weighing yourself every day? Apparently not according to James Hill who was involved in the reports findings. He seems to think that it acts as an early warning system. And as long as you keep getting feedback, as regards what you are doing, then you are far more accountable than if you wasn’t keeping track.

2.  Ditch the television, another particular study which revolved around people watching TV and their eating habits. Found that when you have food floating by you it triggers a psychological button in your brain. That says feed me, food adverts tend to be very sensual obviously there is a reason for this; it gets our taste buds salivating.

They found in one part of the brain it caused activity of 24 percent, it works on a particular of the part of the brain which drives us to do things and get them.

3.  Say your prayers, this is something you probably never thought you would read about, as regards keeping yourself fit but apparently getting closer to God, is good for you. Your prayers keep yourself accountable and form a connection with god even though it isn’t a physical. One but more in a spiritual sense. How religion is taught in the United States emphasises, the fact of your body being a temple, and treating it so. If you built a temple of your own would it necessarily be made of junk food? There is some food for thought.

4.  How your taste buds can deceive you and work against you, when you get hungry you can get cravings for either salty or sweet foods. So if you’re near a snack machine or somewhere that sells these types of foods. You’re far more likely to want to have them if you are hungry.

The best way to prevent this from happening is eat throughout the day in order to keep your blood sugar levels constant, and then this won’t be too much of a problem.

5. Go nuts for some almonds, this is what some people did in a experiment for 60 days. This was in conjunction with eating a strict calorie controlled diet. And as a result of adding almonds to it they managed to lose 18 percent of there body weight which is a quite good percentage of their body weight.

This may be one of the particular foods that we don’t always think about eating. Which can give us huge health benefits. Most of what we buy tends to be, what I call habitual buying, where we tend to buy the same things week in and week out.

6. When is the best time, to try and lose weight? Well according to what people say, if you can start in May it works more effective, the reason for this is are. The days are longer and lighter. When there is more daylight you tend to eat less food and you have higher energy levels.

Maybe this is something to do with how we used to live as cave dwellers all those years ago. In the summer months we would look for as much food as is possible.

In order to be able to find the food we needed in order to get through the winter. This is why we have higher energy levels and crave less food during the summer.

If you start your diet in January because the days are shorter, your energy levels will be lesser. This is due to the fact that serotonin levels tend to be lower during the shorter days. Which may explain why we tend to lose interest in working out during the winter months.

7. Why eat cereal just at breakfast time, are cereals just meant for breakfast? Well there is no reason why you can’t eat cereal during the day and not just at breakfast time. It’s more of a habit than anything.

When some people were studied who ate cereal instead of lunch for their evening meal, they started losing weight.

They consumed 640 calories less, and lost four pounds during the two weeks, which is very impressive I am sure you will agree.

One of the experts who was involved with the study says it’s about teaching yourself portion control, if you have something like bran flakes, or any bulky fibre food, and have it with skimmed milk there you have a low calorie stomach filling food, most of the times we eat food in a traditional manner, after that it becomes automatic almost.

8. Get punctured, this doesn’t mean poke yourself full of holes, on the contrary when people who were monitored who had acupuncture, which in case you’re not aware of it is an ancient Chinese practice. Where you have very fine needles placed at various parts in your body.

In order to solve a particular problem, those that had the acupuncture lost 10 pounds compared to those who didn’t and also dropped down two BMI points.

A acupuncturist explained how it works, she says that by placing needles around the ear area works as a direct route to the brain, and acts like a switch in order to turn appetite your off.

Apparently the ear is very good for treating problems like addictions as far as acupuncture is concerned. This is probably the reason why it works well for food and suppressing appetite.

9. Have some dairy products, even though dairy products to get hammered quite a lot as regards their nutritional benefits. One such study found otherwise, people who had a certain amount of calcium namely 1200 milligrams in a day, lost 24 pounds over a average time frame.

Apparently the reason for this is when you don’t have enough calcium in your diet; you tend to create more fat in your body.

Whereas when you do, less fat is produced hence weight loss and the great thing is you don’t necessarily need to eat high-fat cheeses etc in order to get plenty of calcium in your diet.

10. Have a betting buddy, when you pit yourself against somebody in a workout competition, the competitiveness of trying to reach a target weight will keep you motivated in order to get there, even if you do it. In an on line community or in real life. It will spur you on, to get to your ultimate goal of a particular target weight.

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Can Drinking Vegetable Juice Help With Weight Loss

1784822324_c7ea4bc798[1]Drinking some vegetable juice once-a-day which contains sodium may help you to lose weight. In a recent study which was conducted participants drank approximately eight ounces of vegetable juice in conjunction with a carefully calorie controlled diet, managed to lose four pounds over a 12 week period.

This was compared to another group which was monitored whom only followed the calorie controlled diet, and didn’t consume the vegetable juice only lost a pound. One of the researchers said that drinking the vegetable juice somehow reduces the person’s appetite hence the reason they tend to eat less, there is also the belief that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables naturally encourages a lower body weight.

Among all of the 81 participants whom were involved in the study, have some form of metabolic syndrome this means the they had tone of the following health problems namely, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol.

They were encouraged to follow the DASH diet which is short for “Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension” this diet is very high in fibre, fruit, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products and foods low in cholesterol.

Throughout the study they were encouraged to drink a vegetable juice containing high levels of potassium potassium is very good for lowering blood pressure and is found naturally in fruits like bananas etc.

A lot of adults both in the UK and United States don’t get their five day of their vegetable requirements so drinking vegetable juice is an excellent way to get it, if you have a juicer then this is a great way to make your own vegetable juice without having any added preservatives and it will probably taste better as well. If you have never tried fresh juice I highly recommend it it tastes lovely.


Blueberries May Be able To Reduce Belly Fat

Blueberries may be one particular fruit that we don’t always eat as much as we probably should, I know I don’t eat them as often as I should, they are already classed as a super food because of their high vitamin and mineral content these new findings which revolve around stomach fat are quite interesting

Scientists have been doing studies on animals by feeding them freeze-dried blueberries and crushing in them into a powder, to see what effect it had on them, the scientists who conducted the study seem to think that blueberries make our bodies process sugar and fat differently when we eat them.

The results from the studies found that when the rats were given, blueberries mixed in with their food they lost fat from their stomachs, their blood sugar was more normal and their cholesterol levels were lower also.

Although all the tests were done on laboratory animals, the scientists who conducted the study are hoping that the same may be true for humans, the particular rats which were used in the study ones that were known with having obesity, but after eating the blueberry mixture for a period of over 90 days.

Their abdomens were significantly reduced compared to those who who just ate, what they would normally eat in a day, the also showed better levels of what is known as fasting glucose and better insulin capabilities, this is how well the body uses glucose as a energy source.

From what the scientists say, it’s largely due to the fact that blueberries contain high levels of phytochemicals, which work as a highly effective antioxidant within the body. One of the leading researchers on the study Micheal Seymour said that the blueberries affected a gene which governs the storage of fat and the burning of it . This sounds like it could be another thumbs up for raw food.

Blueberries have also been found to contain other chemicals which may help in preventing bowel cancer. This is very good news as far as eating fruit is concerned but we must remember that the studies were done on rats but still it is still a very significant finding to say the least.


The Top Cancer Busting Foods

392292334_6cb8e2a05e[1]There is now more proof than ever before that having a change of diet, will in fact keep a lot of life-threatening diseases at bay. Originally our ancestors ate what was available at the time but now these days we are surrounded by lots of unnatural processed foods.

Nobody ever says that the additives contained within the food are actually harmful or not, but you can’t but help think that some people get cancer for a reason obviously, no doubt in years to come a lot of these links will drop into place and we will find out the real reason why it happens.

There are drugs on the market that are very good at preventing cancer, but quite often they can take a long time before they are actually available to use. So perhaps this is why preventive maintenance now is better rather than later after all mostly. It’s just a case of making a few necessary adjustments to what you’re eating.

< ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” /> Approximately one third of what you eat can be related to some of the cancers that we get, such as bowel cancer breast and prostate cancer and the other is lung cancer. Roughly statistics show that 300,000 people in the United Kingdom alone will be diagnosed with cancer every year.

But is it possible to not become a statistic yourself, by merely watching what you buy when you are you are out shopping and putting in your basket. There are a lot of other considerations in this equation and it’s not just purely down to diet there are a lot of other things involved as well.

Such as what we eat foods which we don’t eat how much exercise we get, whether or not we choose to drink or smoke etc if you become one of the unfortunate people to get cancer merely changing what you eat probably won’t be enough to alleviate the symptoms, although on the plus side it might make you feel a bit better, the experts however say that they don’t exactly know with pinpoint accuracy which foods are known to stop cancer from happening in the first place.

But hopefully in the not too distant future they will have the magic ingredients and put them in a pill to give to people. So to get you on the right track here are some foods which should help with cancer prevention bought as is stated these are not necessarily set in stone.But foods that will definitely do you more good than harm


eat plenty of the following

Cabbage cauliflower and broccoli

brussels sprouts, kale, spinach lettuce

Foods that contain fibre

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread, wheatgerm breakfast cereals, eat plenty of things like muesli, Weetabix, shredded wheat, porridge (oatmeal). Pasta Brown rice and pulses such as chick peas, lentils, and kidney beans. One of the main reasons for eating plenty of fibre is it makes your bowel movements regular, were as if you eat plenty of red meat and it can stay within your bowels for quite some time. And this is where toxins can start to manifests and problems occur so very few of us eat enough fibre in our diets.


eating oily fish a approximate portion of 80 grams every other day, may help with not contracting bowel cancer but not only this, the Omega three oils contained within the fish are good for your heart also. It must be oily fish that you eat this is most important such fish as salmon, herring and mackerel are just fine.


This particular fruit contain’s something called lypocene, which possibly could protect you from prostrate cancer this is something that a lot of men suffer from later on in life, something worth bearing in mind don’t think if you’re a man.

Soya type products

Things like tofu and soya milk are supposed to lower the risk of getting breast cancer, although more research needs to be done to actually confirm this.

Not so good news foods

Red meat

Try to keep on eye on the amount of red meat that you have within your diet, if you are eating more than two 80 grams portions of red meat a day then you are far more likely to, contract bowel cancer so keep tabs on the following meat foods and make sure you are eating them in moderation.

Beef, pork, lamb and veel and also be weary of processed meat in the form of ham, salami and bacon. Proteins contained with in some meat can make cancer forming compounds within the body.

Saturated fats

If you consume a large quantity of saturated fat within your diet, and you are a woman and have over 90 grams of saturated fat a day then you’re far more likely to contract breast cancer. Try to keep your intake of saturated fats below 40 grams per day then you should be fine.

Don’t forget however saturated fat is in a lot products these days so you must take it upon yourself to read the labels which unfortunately a lot of people don’t do.

Watch your weight

A global study which is following 500,000 people and monitoring their dietary habits over a period of 10 years they have found that being obese can be a major factor in some cancers being developed, so the advice they give is cut down on fatty and sugary foods. They are trying to find the links between obesity and cancer so they can understand the mechanisms behind it.

And one final thing eat as many foods as you can that contain antioxidants namely phytochemicals these are the natural antioxidant properties, within foods that prevent cell damage. Finally remember that prevention is better than cure.


The Grandad Diet

2144462091_b503558c7e[1]Please don’t be too alarmed by the title of this article, it doesn’t mean that you have to to get some chequered slippers, and a cardigan and and eat like somebody who may be a bit older than yourself. In today’s society we have become a bit brainwashed by what to eat, things change in the weight loss industry constantly and sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming as to what not to eat.

Most of the advice revolves around eating a low-fat diet and one which is high in fibre also, but now the advice for eating in 2009 and which is of course healthy. Is to return to your Grandad’s war eating days, so don’t worry too much if you eat for breakfast egg and bacon. So so what is being recommended now is doing away with eating three meals a day, but eat those and also have snacks.

This will stop blood sugar fluctuation throughout the day, a lot of people are led to believe that snacking is not good for you, and tend to avoid it but the problem with doing this is you tend to stop yourself eating in between meals, and when it comes to eating your main meal you may eat more than the normal requirement of food.

Some people even avoid having breakfast by the time it comes to lunch time they are absolutely starving, and probably eat more than they should do at this particular time of the day also.

Keeping overall blood sugar stable is one of the most key ingredients of trying to lose weight, when your blood sugar tends to fluctuate throughout the day. You can tend to develop cravings for the wrong foods and this is where the problems can start.

Gillian Hamer who is one of the United Kingdom ‘s leading nutritionists, says that evidence shows that fat isn’t as bad as what people make it out to be, she goes on to say that that many of them are vital for processing vitamins that keep our immune system functioning correctly.

She she also says the key to this particular diet is eating the natural unprocessed foods every three to four hours which will keep blood sugar levels, more stable. And doing this will keep your weight under control better.

Patrick Holford who is the founder of the Institute for optimum nutrition in the UK, says that keeping weight under control is not about slashing calories and or fat, he says that people should avoid low-fat products, and so-called slimming products, and diets that are very high in starchy foods.

He also goes on to say that eating refined carbohydrates such as things like white bread, pasta and cereals and some snack bars, tend to elevate your sugar levels, this will cause what is known as a insulin spike in your body which tells it to store fat.

He added to this is that a lot of the so-called low-fat diets foods were made after the Second World War, and they tend to be very high in carbohydrates or sugar. And have tended to become part of the problem of being overweight and not necessarily the solution to it.

He also goes on to say that if you do you eat lots of excess calories and fatty foods, then this obviously will cause weight gain in the long-term, people are pointing the wrong finger at the wrong culprit, he says it is sugar that is more the problem rather than excess fat.

When you eat a meal that has carbohydrates in it and also combine that with some protein like say for instance a sausage or an egg, the protein will counteract the carbohydrate within the meal, this is due to the fact that protein takes longer to break down in the body that a lot of carbohydrates do, and this is where it comes into its own.

Because once you combine foods like this, it keeps blood sugar levels far more level and keep you fuller for longer so you eat less. Dr Malcolm Kendrick who is a diet guru and author of a book called the Great Cholesterol Con, says that evidence has been found that if people do eat a high-fat diet, they are far more likely, to lose weight compared to those people who don’t.

So that in itself blows don’t eat high-fat foods out of the water theory, the thing to watch with high-fat diets is too muchLDL cholesterol or saturated fats, because they are ones that will cause you to have high cholesterol levels which you don’t necessarily want.

Here is a typical example of the Grandad diet,


Scrambled egg, Bacon butter and some wholemeal toast. Or porridge with fruit and seeds or nuts.

11 a.m. snack

Fruit and nuts or some oatcakes and some cheese.

Lunch and or dinner options

Meat/oily fish and two veg with potato either boiled, or mashed. Beans on wholemeal toast and butter.


Apple crumble

In summary of this the thing to do more than anything is use common sense, when you’re planning your meals and you will be fine, if you are having problems trying to lose weight than it is highly recommended to start a food diary. So you can see exactly where you are with your eating habits because sometimes even though you think you may be eating correctly. It’s not always necessarily the case.


Do High Protein Diets Burn More Fat

high protien dietProtein sometimes tends to get a bad name amongst people in the weight loss industry, but it is quite a important factor in building muscle mass, it acts as the building blocks for it.

One of the main reasons that it probably does get a bad press from time to time, it’s probably largely due to the fact that people go on the Atkins diet which is based on low carbohydrate and high protein. Which doesn’t necessarily always suit some people and they can become quite ill.

But this post isn’t necessarily about the Atkins diet as such, it is more concerned with some research which was done in Australia based around eating protein. The study found that if people eat meals which have higher protein content.Then this is for more likely to help with fat burning, interestingly enough the glycaemic index of the food that they were eating, had no additional effect on breaking down fat.

One of the study coordinators Dr. Marijka Batterman said “We know from past research that overweight or obese people are not as efficient at burning fat. This new study shows that fat oxidation, or the body’s ability to ‘burn’ fat, improves in obese people when they eat a higher protein diet.”

In order to test the theory to see what the results were the participants in the study were split into two groups, one of them ate protein in their diets, whilst the other group did not. The the study showed that the participants that ate a high level of protein, in their meals increased fat oxidation quite significantly.

Here is what they ate:

Breakfast: cheese and tomato omelette

Lunch consisted of a beef and chutney salad sandwich, with a tub of low-fat yoghurt.

The researchers said they found a relationship between what they call body composition and an effect of protein and fat oxidation. One such expert said forget about so-called fad diets everybody seems to jump onto these days.

And eat more foods that contain protein such as lean red meat, chicken fish ones that are high in Omega three oils e.g. salmon and tuna, legumes, eggs, nuts and low fat dairy foods, such as low-fat yoghurt, low-fat cheese. And so on if you’re not a great fan of eating eggs then perhaps you might like to consider making your own protein shakes using Whey protein powder. Protein powder can be quite expensive however and may be not in everybody’s budget reach.

In the long run it does pay to do your own research and not get waylaid by claims of miracle diets and so forth, the diet and weight loss industry is huge and the people that make all these pills and potions know that there are vulnerable and desperate people, trying to lose weight and prey on these people. Trying to make a quick buck where ever they can.

If you don’t feel that eating more protein in your diet, would be beneficial to yourself then please don’t make that decision lightly, it doesn’t hurt to listen to other people’s opinions and learn about what does, and doesn’t work but ultimately it’s your choice as to what you eat and what works best for you.


Daniel Craig Diet and Exercise Routine

Daniel CraigAs the last post which I wrote about celebrities and the, things they have to do in order to keep in shape. And what they eat in their diets generated some interest, I decided to do another but focusing on one person as the last one was more generic.

So this one revolves around the fitness routine and diet that Daniel Craig had to endure, in order to get in shape for his role in the movie Casino Royale, I’m sure a lot of people will remember him walking out of the sea with his toned body and swimming trunks on.

I dare say a lot of men the world over would probably like to look like this, and sometimes I dare say movie stars are used as role models as to how we should look as people. But unfortunately this isn’t always the case in the real world.

So here is the routine that Daniel Craig had to do, which I might add is in more detail than my last post on celebrity fitness. Which was more of a general overview of what actors have to put themselves through in order to get leading roles in movies these days.

The Exercise Routine:

In a nutshell it was based on what was called circuit training which revolves around, doing small bouts of exercise and switching from one to another, and having a five to 10 minute breather in between exercises.

The first one is dumbbell lateral raises you do this by bending your arms at a 90 degree angle, so stand with your feet apart and knees slightly bent, and have two reasonably small dumbbells in each hand then what you do is move your arms out so they straight, when you’re on your arms are straight you will look like the letter T as you are standing up, then you bring your arms down slowly this causes the resistance in the training and will firm up your arms. Essentially what you are doing is moving your arms up and down until they are straight horizontally and then bringing them down slowly with the weights.

Clean and jerk this is something that weightlifters do when they are competing, in lifting the maximum amount of weights in a competition, you stand with your legs slightly apart, and have a barbel this is the long type of barbel with two weights at the end, then you squat down keeping your back straight.

And grasp the bar with the weights on it and lift it just to the top of your knees, then you tilt your back slightly back, and continue to bend your arms and depending on how heavy the weights are you may need to bend one of your legs, because if it is a very heavy set of weights you will need to use both your arms and your legs in order to achieve the next stage.

You may have seen this done on television because it is a widely used exercise, once you are bending your arms inwards, the weights should now be at your chest, what you need to do next is lift them above your head. The thing to remember is here if there is some sort of resistance then you will get benefit out of it and it will work your muscles, don’t be too over concerned about how heavy the weights are it’s more a case of doing it.

Squats you can do these by standing straight with your legs slightly apart, have two small dumbbells in each hand, and squat down and then raise slowly this exercise is particularly good for your behind and the top of your legs, due to the fact that you are using some weights as well will make it that little bit harder.

Barbel curls standing with your feet slightly apart, have a barbel with a long rod and two weights each end and hold the bar just below your waist, then with your arms race them all so they are straight, this will work out the top of your arms.

Bench press using the same weights as above lie down on a bench, in a position where you are looking at the sky or ceiling as the case may be, then raise the weight from above your chest until your arms are straight and repeat the process.

Pull ups or chin ups this is the exercise where you hold onto a bar, with your arms facing inwards as you are holding the bar, you pull your body weight up to the bar. If you are unable to do these particular exercises then invest in a chin up machine.

Dips this exercise involves somewhat similar to the above but not exactly the same, you have two metal bars either side of you, and you position yourself between them and move your arms up and down, until they are at a 90 degree angle.

Here is the routine and the reps in a nutshell, you do four sets of the exercises, and 15 reps on each exercise so for example 15 barbel curls and due to the fact that you are doing circuit training, this will end up in the routine four times.

Push-ups these are the well-known exercise that almost everybody knows, you lie horizontally on the floor, and use your arms two push your body up and down.

Situps these are for working your abdomen, lie down horizontally on the floor, as if you’re staring at the ceiling and put your hands behind your head, and sit up using your stomach to do the work.

The thing to aim for here is having very little rest time between each set of exercises, say two to three minutes or if you can’t manage that stretch it to five to six minutes.

The main reason for the brief resting period in between is this will keep, your heart rate very high and in the fat burning zone, which is the whole point of it. This will continue to happen both during and after the exercises are finished.

If possible you need to do this for six weeks and a bare minimum of three to four times a week, if you can manage more then do so but this will largely depend on your overall fitness, as to how much you can actually do. A reasonable amount of time to do these particular exercises, is about 45 to 50 minutes. This will maximise the fat burning potential of what you’re actually doing.

The Diet here is what Daniel Craig was eating

Breakfast consisted of poached eggs with toast no butter,

In between meals snack consisted of a protein shake, supplemented with fruit and nuts

Lunch was meat and fish either salmon or tuna or which ever would be preferred, with some brown rice, or a jacket potato with beans or any kind of healthy topping cottage cheese springs to mind.

Afternoon snack, a protein shake yoghurt or nuts.

And finally dinner meat, fish served with some vegetables typical example would be broccoli, kale, spinach or any other leafy green vegetable like iceberg lettuce.

So they you have it even more punishing celebrity exercise and diet routines, the things that they have to do in order to keep in shape for the roles that they are playing.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

cabbageAs we are all well aware it can be difficult sometimes when you’re trying to lose some weight, and things don’t seem to quite work out the way that you would like them to, I have been there many self my many times trying various different things, different diets etc. Some work some don’t but the other day I came across, a article which revolved around cabbage soup as a diet plan.

So here is what the cabbage soup diet is, this particular diet is supposed to be very good for people who would like to shed a few pounds very quickly, it also has two other names those are the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet and the Mayo Clinic Diet.

According to what experts say this is a good way to kickstart your weight-loss plan when your first starting off trying to lose some excess weight, as its name suggests what you do is eat cabbage soup for a seven-day period.

It must be said though that this particular diet is not something that, is lifelong it is only to get you started losing some initial way to start off with. Here is the basic cabbage soup recipe so you can make your own if you feel confident doing so.

You will need :

one head of cabbage

six medium onions

six green onions

six carrots

two bell peppers either green or red

three large tomatoes

five stalks of celery

four ounces of uncooked brown rice

salt and some freshly ground black pepper

The actual cabbage soup itself hardly has any calories, it is more used for its filler ability, this is useful because it will stop you from getting food cravings. And over eating so you will tend to lose weight.

Here is a rough guide to what you eat whilst being on the cabbage soup diet for seven days.

Day one

On this day you eat plenty of fruit’s which every your favourite is the only thing to do here, is exclude bananas, and there is no limit to how many times you have the cabbage soup.

Day two

This day is vegetables eat as many vegetables, that you like to supplement your cabbage soup the only things to avoid are corn, beans and peas. Make sure you eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, i.e. broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. also on this day avoid eating fruit. Also if needs be for your tea or lunch as the case may be, have a baked potato with a small knob of butter.

Day three

On this day you need to eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables, miss the jacket potato on this particular day. Don’t eat bananas also but you can eat as much fruit and vegetables as you desire.

Day four

Eat eight bananas on this particular day, supplement this with drinking plenty of skimmed milk and have as much cabbage soup as you can manage.

Day five

Add around 20 ounces of beef to your cabbage soup in order to supplement it on this particular day, also add six tomatoes and potatoes. If you do not like to eat beef then you can always use chicken if you prefer, drink plenty of water also six glasses, the more the better this washes away uric acid.

Day six

On this day you need to eat beef all day,as well as the cabbage soup, and plenty of vegetables just avoid eating potatoes.

Day seven

Brown rice can be eaten on this particular day, as well as fruit juices, to supplement your cabbage soup also.

So there you have it the cabbage diet some people do say to follow this particular diet, for a week it probably can become a bit boring for some people and they might not be able to stick at it. For seven days but realistically if you get results from it then there is no harm in trying, even though seven days can seem quite a long time. It can tend to go very quickly and it’s not like you are going to have to eat cabbage soup every day for ever.

You could probably use the following information to supplement what you are already doing, and just eat cabbage soup a couple of times a week. Sometimes experimenting with different foods is the best way, to find out what works for yourself some things work better than others for some people when others don’t.

Here is a link for the cabbage diet recipe so you can cook it for yourself

And here is the main site address


Celebrity Diet and Fitness Secrets How They Do It

workout lose weightBeing a celebrity in the public eye, one can’t help but notice how these people look, we all tend to look up to them, as role models of how to look in day to day life. It’s no big secret that sometimes when they have to do get into a particular role they are going to be playing. Then they will either have to do one of two things either gain weight or lose weight.

Which ever the case maybe we shall be looking briefly at what they have to put themselves through in order to get in shape for a particular role and what exercise and diet regimen they follow. One particular example of this is when a recent film was made starring Michael Fassbender which was called hunger which is based on the true story of some people who went on hunger strike in Ireland in the 1980s in a prison called Maze.

Fassbender played the role of Bobby Sands who originally died from starvation, naturally Fassbender’s mother was very worried about him playing the role, he normally has quite a muscular physique but had to put himself through quite a punishing diet regimen in order to lose quite a lot of weight for this particular role.

Fassbender lost 33 pounds in 10 weeks in order to prepare for the role he starting weight was 11 stone nine pounds and he went down to 9 stone which is what he needed to be for the closing scenes of the film, his arms were stick thin and his face was very drawn and gaunt, and you could see his ribs.

This is just one particular example of how actors have to push themselves to the limit in order to create authenticity rather than using makeup orCGI, which can tend to look a bit fake at times depending on the technology which is used. A former Royal Marine who has worked on several James Bond films and is a fitness adviser to the stars says that they have to be extremely dedicated, whether they are trying to gain weight or lose weight.

Because modern-day audiences are so looking for realism actors these days do have to be, physically fit and in shape because this largely determines whether or not they will get a role. If they look as though they have just come out of a gym and have no other skills, which may be needed throughout the film such as sword fighting which may be part of a fantasy film, they need to have that rugged look and be able to get into the part both physically and mentally otherwise the audience won’t be very convinced.

For one particular role in a recent film one celebrity had to work out twice or three times a day, for six days a week between a period of three to four months, it is quite a punishing regimen but to make sure everything goes to plan they are advised by nutritionists and healthcare professionals to make sure they can withstand what they are doing to their bodies.

Even Daniel Craig had to go through a punishing regimen in order to get in shape, for his role in Casino Royale, as well as quantum of solace he says you do what you have to do, whether it be bench presses, arm curls, double arm rows and runaround.

For his role in hunger Michael Fassbender’s calorie slashing went something like this, he started off on a 900-1000 calorie a day diet at first this didn’t have the desired effect, for the role he was playing, so drastic measures were needed in order for him to lose more weight.

He was on the 900 calorie a day diet for six weeks, but he wasn’t losing enough weight so what they did eventually was, put him on 600 calories per day in order to get his weight down very quickly, he ate for breakfast in the morning blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries and nuts, but he said you have to be careful with not because they can be quite high in calories.

He would try and last the rest of the day and eat some sardines on bread for his dinner on the 1000 calorie a day diet, and went with out on the 600 calories a day diet. He said that having dinner was enough to curb your appetite a bit but not stop it. In order to keep his muscle wastage down he walked for four miles a day, skipped and did some yoga, amazingly enough “he had boundless energy” he said.

Just so you can get an idea of what these celebrities do in order to get where they are very quickly here is one particular regimen that one had to follow while getting in shape for a warrior movie.

Which was called Prince of Persia starring Jake Gyllenhaal and here is what he had to do.

The routine

5:30 a.m. small pre-workout snack half a banana, a expresso and some nuts.

6 a.m. one hour and a half of cardio exercise wearying something called a flak jacket, which is to simulate wearing armour in order to prepare for the role, interval training which consisted of 10 minutes of uphill sprinting, on top of abdominal exercises, at the top of the hill repeat five times then a 10 minute run followed by stretching exercises.

7:30 a.m. one omelette which is made egg white, a protein shake and they isotonic during which is used to replace salt which are lost during training.

12 p.m. lunch one baked potato served with tuna and salad

6 till 7 p.m. one hour of resistance training using cables which are used in order to simulate sword fighting, pullups, press ups, abdominal exercises using weights and stretching exercises to finish.

7 to 8 p.m. deep massage for tissues.

Snacks/supplements two litres of water, some protein bars, dark chocolate, supplements which which are rich in the following Omega oils 3 6 and nine. Don’t eat any foods that contain processed sugar, one glass of wine on the odd occasion.

So there you have it sometimes it’s not that easy being a celebrity actor you have to put your body through, tremendous physical and mental strain at times in order to prepare for roles. Please don’t use this as a guideline for your eating habits and don’t start slashing your calories down to 600 per day like Michael Fassbender did for his role in the film hunger.

When you’re eating that many calories per day you’re verging on becoming anorexic which is something you don’t want to do, and also bear in mind that onset these people have nutritionists and professional fitness instructors to monitor what is happening with them and how much they should and shouldn’t be doing. This post is to just show you what they have to put themselves through in order to become more convincing in a particular role.


What Is the Zone Diet

The zone diet is something that has been put together by somebody called Dr Barry Sears, how it works as the name implies is you eat in zones. Here are some of the basic zone

  • Eat something within one hour of waking up
  • make sure you have a meal between a four to six hour period, or eat two to two and a half hours after a snack even if you are not hungry
  • keep in mind whether you are hungry or not and see how your mental focus seems to be, if you are feeling all right then you are said to be staying in the zone
  • have eight glasses of water a day
  • make sure every meal you eat has plenty of low-fat protein and even this out with, low G.I carbohydrate foods, if you are not sure what these are look around on the Internet so you know which foods. Release their sugar slowly those are the sort of foods that you are looking at.
  • also make sure that your portions of food can fit into the palm of a hand, and divide your plate up into three quarters in your mind, so that one third of it is protein and the other quarters contain low G. I carbohydrates and vegetables. Make sure that you have more vegetables than carbohydrates.

What you do when you’re making up a zone meal is divide the food into blocks so you have three blocks of protein three blocks of carbohydrate and three blocks of fat. See image below for how your plate should be divided.

zone diet plate

So a typical lunch will look something like this. Three ounces of chickens which will account for three protein blocks. Then three blocks of carbohydrate which can be accounted for by three cups of asparagus, and three fat blocks which you can use three tablespoons full of olive oil.

If you were to make a snack using this particular method you would have something like this three ounces of tuna which would make up your three protein blocks, some celery which would make up your carbohydrate blocks, and one third of some more olive oil which would make up your fat block.

Here is a typical zone diet day so you can get a feeling yourself for what is involved.


Would be a six egg whites omelet, with asparagus and twos teaspoonful of olive oil, and some strawberries.

So here you have your eggs which are your protein, asparagus which is carbohydrate, olive oil which is fat and strawberries which are carbohydrate again.


Lunch would be a grilled chicken, with some side salad olive oil and some fruit, so here still you are getting all three blocks chicken is protein, olive oil is fat, and the fruit is carbohydrate.

Afternoon snack

This would consist of two hard-boiled eggs, where you take the yolk out, and put in a filling of mashed chickpeas and some hummus, with some olive oil. So you are getting your three blocks again.


Some salmon covered with some almonds, some steamed vegetables, and some berries mixed for your desert.

Evening Snack

This would consist of some soft cheese approximately one ounce, a glass of wine and one small piece of fruit. If you would like some examples of what to eat using the zone diet here is a brief summary of what you will need.

Shopping List












apple’s royal gala


Dairy produce

Low-fat cottage cheese

plain low-fat yoghurt

cheese low-fat

cheddar cheese which is fat free




turkey breast

turkey bacon which is low-fat


All the vegetables you would normally eat

Brussel sprouts




runner beans




Bottled items






vanilla extract



water, lemon and lime

red wine


apple cider

tabasco sauce

peanut butter


unsweetened rice


sesame roasted

water pure bottled.

This is just to give you a basic outline of what you need you can sign up on the site and there is no charge to view this information as that is how I got it by joining up. And it may give you some ideas if your eating plan isn’t working. Here is the site address in case your interested.