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Which Are Better Frozen or Fresh Vegetables?

There have been many debates amongst people as to which vegetables are better for you nutrition wise, depending upon whether they are frozen or not. Our food especially in the United Kingdom can be transported through out the land using mostly road transport.

There isn’t anything wrong with this method of transportation the only real drawback is as far as nutrition is concerned. Is how long the food has been in storage in the warehouse?

And the amount of time it takes to deliver it, this really does put into question how fresh our food really is. Are we actually being led into a false sense of security? When we go to our local supermarket and we see the words fresh produce where the vegetables are.

And is it so bad to eat frozen vegetables? When vegetables are frozen it isn’t usually long after they have been picked that they are packaged thus, preserving the essential vitamins and minerals.

The problem with the storage of either fruit or vegetables they may have been in the warehouse for months before being dispatched.

Scientists in Sheffield have now said that is time to put the rumours to bed about frozen foods not being so good for you. They highlighted the fact that green beans, which have been in storage for, more than seven days lose 77 percent of their vitamin C content, which is a lot.

There is more beta-carotene in cooked frozen peas compared to fresh frozen peas, our bodies use beta-carotene to make Vitamin A. One of the researchers Rachel Harden, looked at 37 different varieties of fruit and vegetables, and could find no difference nutrition wise between the two.

She said that there are many conflicting messages being sent out as regards to fresh food and frozen food, we need to let go of the fact that there isn’t much difference between the two.

She goes on to say that, they are not surprised by the findings of the report because there has been other reports that have found the same. Fresh food can tend to spend up to a month in storage before dispatch.

This is quite a long time for food to be sitting around in a warehouse. During that time there is bound to be some deterioration of the food. This can explain why when you think you have fresh food and, put it in your freezer it may not last that long.

I have noticed that tomatoes do not seem to last very long from when you buy them even if you keep them in your refrigerator. The main reason for the research was a local council wanted to find out which food would offer the best nutrition for children at schools within their local area.

The actual food that schoolchildren eat these days in the UK is something that has been challenged now for a very long time. The whole problem with this is, we have no real way ourselves of measuring the amount of vitamins and minerals in our food.

We just tend to naturally assume that they are there. So now all we can have a sigh of relief knowing that eating frozen vegetables isn’t so bad for is as once thought. The only thing I particularly don’t like about buying fresh food is it can tend to go off very quickly so you end up wasting a lot of it whereas this won’t tend to happen as much with frozen food.


Does Low Self-Esteem Cause Weight Gain Later on in Life?

2459020872_607513a54c[1]For one reason or another at some stage in our lives, some of us do or do not whichever the case may, be end up being overweight or in extreme cases obese. There can be many reasons for this lots of people eat to much food for lots of different reasons, they may be bored, depressed etc and we can tend to seek comfort in food.

One of the reasons is we are programmed to eat food because it makes us feel good. This is why it is very easy to become a comfort food eater, but what other mechanisms could cause this, would having low self-esteem have the same effect? A study of 6,500 people found that 10-year-olds, who had emotional problems when they were younger, were far more likely to become obese or overweight as adults.

The researchers, who did the study, would not commit themselves to saying that being emotional alone was a contributing factor, but it was certainly something that may cause it, however they can play a role as well. As a lack of exercise eating the wrong foods and any other things added to the mix.

The children who took part in the study had their weight measured, and were asked how they were feeling as regards their emotions. They tracked their progress until they were 30 years old. The researcher’s said that those who felt less in control of their lives were far more likely to worry and, would be far more likely to end up gaining weight. Apparently, girls are more affected by these issues than boys.

They said in the future to prevent this from happening children need to be aware of how they are feeling, and intervention is important to combat any anxiety or any other emotional problems to stop people ending up this way in the future.

Having low self-esteem is something that can be altered over time. It is quite surprising the amount of things that can it can lead to many addictions can be the root of low self-esteem.

Here is a link to a self-esteem quiz just in case you may be suffering from it; this is something I have struggled with for many years so I can totally relate to what I have just wrote.


Can Looking at Pictures of Food Help Weight Loss ?

478003080_9cef66ae18[1]Now here is something very interesting, when we buy food the images on the front of the packaging. Can often make our decisions for us as whether or not we decide to buy the food.

Another example of this is if you walk past a cake shop and the cakes are in the window, it can be all too easy as you walk past to want to buy that cake. Some scientists found in a study that this could work the other way round.

Is it as simple as this? Look at some pictures of cakes but don’t actually eat them. What it highlighted was even though you can have nice glossy attractive pictures of food. In magazines that doesn’t necessarily always make you want to eat it, was the conclusion that they came to.

So could it be possible then all you need to do is, put pictures of cakes that you would normally like to eat in certain places, and this in turn will stop you wanting to eat it.

Surely it’s not as simple as that or could it be? Some Dutch psychologists asked some female students to look at two pictures. One was a flower the other a picture of a cake.

After this they were questioned about healthy eating choices, that they may want to eat later on, when they had asked the question. They then showed them two choices of cakes one was oatmeal which was the healthier option, the other one was a cookie which was the unhealthier of the two.

Of the participants in the study the women that looked at the picture of the cake, their priority of eating was healthier. Whereas the group who looked at the flower, it was less so they were far more likely to eat unhealthier.

One of the reasons the researchers suspected this happened was due to feelings of guilt, so this is why they chose the healthier option of the oatmeal.

One of the researchers said putting pictures of foods that you don’t particular want to eat, like cake for instance may help to strengthen the resolve against what you shouldn’t be eating.

This is quite a groundbreaking piece of research, and just goes to show how other methods of losing weight can help even though we don’t necessarily think that is the case.

So the next time that you go to somebody’s house and there are pictures of chocolate cake everywhere. Then you will know the reason why this is.

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Ten Weight Loss Hacks You May Not Know

1. Do I need to weigh my self  everyday, conventional wisdom always used to tell us that it’s not a good idea to weigh ourselves every day, but now it 2966138945_02851cf882[1]seems were going back to this way of doing things, when some people were monitored during a study which looked at people who checked there weight daily. The data which came from 3500 individuals, suggests that 44 percent lost 60 pounds throughout the year.

Is it bordering on obsession though by weighing yourself every day? Apparently not according to James Hill who was involved in the reports findings. He seems to think that it acts as an early warning system. And as long as you keep getting feedback, as regards what you are doing, then you are far more accountable than if you wasn’t keeping track.

2.  Ditch the television, another particular study which revolved around people watching TV and their eating habits. Found that when you have food floating by you it triggers a psychological button in your brain. That says feed me, food adverts tend to be very sensual obviously there is a reason for this; it gets our taste buds salivating.

They found in one part of the brain it caused activity of 24 percent, it works on a particular of the part of the brain which drives us to do things and get them.

3.  Say your prayers, this is something you probably never thought you would read about, as regards keeping yourself fit but apparently getting closer to God, is good for you. Your prayers keep yourself accountable and form a connection with god even though it isn’t a physical. One but more in a spiritual sense. How religion is taught in the United States emphasises, the fact of your body being a temple, and treating it so. If you built a temple of your own would it necessarily be made of junk food? There is some food for thought.

4.  How your taste buds can deceive you and work against you, when you get hungry you can get cravings for either salty or sweet foods. So if you’re near a snack machine or somewhere that sells these types of foods. You’re far more likely to want to have them if you are hungry.

The best way to prevent this from happening is eat throughout the day in order to keep your blood sugar levels constant, and then this won’t be too much of a problem.

5. Go nuts for some almonds, this is what some people did in a experiment for 60 days. This was in conjunction with eating a strict calorie controlled diet. And as a result of adding almonds to it they managed to lose 18 percent of there body weight which is a quite good percentage of their body weight.

This may be one of the particular foods that we don’t always think about eating. Which can give us huge health benefits. Most of what we buy tends to be, what I call habitual buying, where we tend to buy the same things week in and week out.

6. When is the best time, to try and lose weight? Well according to what people say, if you can start in May it works more effective, the reason for this is are. The days are longer and lighter. When there is more daylight you tend to eat less food and you have higher energy levels.

Maybe this is something to do with how we used to live as cave dwellers all those years ago. In the summer months we would look for as much food as is possible.

In order to be able to find the food we needed in order to get through the winter. This is why we have higher energy levels and crave less food during the summer.

If you start your diet in January because the days are shorter, your energy levels will be lesser. This is due to the fact that serotonin levels tend to be lower during the shorter days. Which may explain why we tend to lose interest in working out during the winter months.

7. Why eat cereal just at breakfast time, are cereals just meant for breakfast? Well there is no reason why you can’t eat cereal during the day and not just at breakfast time. It’s more of a habit than anything.

When some people were studied who ate cereal instead of lunch for their evening meal, they started losing weight.

They consumed 640 calories less, and lost four pounds during the two weeks, which is very impressive I am sure you will agree.

One of the experts who was involved with the study says it’s about teaching yourself portion control, if you have something like bran flakes, or any bulky fibre food, and have it with skimmed milk there you have a low calorie stomach filling food, most of the times we eat food in a traditional manner, after that it becomes automatic almost.

8. Get punctured, this doesn’t mean poke yourself full of holes, on the contrary when people who were monitored who had acupuncture, which in case you’re not aware of it is an ancient Chinese practice. Where you have very fine needles placed at various parts in your body.

In order to solve a particular problem, those that had the acupuncture lost 10 pounds compared to those who didn’t and also dropped down two BMI points.

A acupuncturist explained how it works, she says that by placing needles around the ear area works as a direct route to the brain, and acts like a switch in order to turn appetite your off.

Apparently the ear is very good for treating problems like addictions as far as acupuncture is concerned. This is probably the reason why it works well for food and suppressing appetite.

9. Have some dairy products, even though dairy products to get hammered quite a lot as regards their nutritional benefits. One such study found otherwise, people who had a certain amount of calcium namely 1200 milligrams in a day, lost 24 pounds over a average time frame.

Apparently the reason for this is when you don’t have enough calcium in your diet; you tend to create more fat in your body.

Whereas when you do, less fat is produced hence weight loss and the great thing is you don’t necessarily need to eat high-fat cheeses etc in order to get plenty of calcium in your diet.

10. Have a betting buddy, when you pit yourself against somebody in a workout competition, the competitiveness of trying to reach a target weight will keep you motivated in order to get there, even if you do it. In an on line community or in real life. It will spur you on, to get to your ultimate goal of a particular target weight.

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Do We Know What’s in Our Food

375140571_e54935188f[1]The other night on BBC 1 I happened to catch, the back end of a programme which was about food and the content in it. I only managed to see the last five minutes of it, but luckily due to the fact that now we have BBC  iplayer, I was able to watch it in its entirety.

I must say some of the things that were discussed, were quite eye opening to say the least. So this is what this particular post is about and it is based on what was talked about in the programme.

How We Buy Food

One of the first things that was mentioned in this programme, was how we are conditioned to buy food. Manufacturers know that they have to push our emotional triggers so we buy their particular product, so one of the researchers was walking round a supermarket. With a pair of glasses which was linked to a camera which had a cross hair on it, so you can actually see what the person is looking at.

This is then linked to a laptop computer, so the information can be used to see how exactly we as people tend to shop. One of the people involved with the gadget said that we tend to live in a one second world.

So if a manufacturer of a particular food product wants to grab our attention, then they haven’t got very long at all in order to do that, especially in today’s ultra-competitive world of food products.

The packaging is the most important thing as regards, what influences us to buy a particular food product if we are looking for something to buy, and it doesn’t captivate our imagination within one second then it’s game over. That is why the packaging is made to be as attractive as is possibly can. It has to invoke trust, and quality so that it triggers the emotional buying response.

As a rule I probably dare say that a lot of us don’t even realise this is happening to us on a day-to-day basis. As we go food shopping we are constantly being influenced by pictures and by names, which ultimately decides which food product we decide to buy.

Brand Names Do They Mean Anything

Brand names are everywhere these days, and food is no exception one of the brand names which was mentioned was Marks & Spencer’s, own particular brand of fish which was using a name of Loch Muir, the researchers decided to go to Scotland to see if there was such a place, and there wasn’t it was merely a fictitious name which was used on the packaging.

Even though the salmon did come from Scotland there is no such place as Loch Muir, when some people were shown this particular product, and asked where they thought it came from they said Scotland .

But when they were told there was no such place they seemed overall very disappointed, because they felt they were being misled by what was put on the labelling, all these types of marketing methods all play with our imagination, it’s almost as if we can see the fish in a Scottish loch somewhere. I suppose you could say it gives it that feeling of natural surroundings, and countryside. Other names which were mentioned were Tesco’s Willow Farm Chicken, Marks & Spencer’s Oakham Chicken and Strathvale Mince.

These names all sound great and give you a image of coming from somewhere in particular, when in fact all you’re getting is a name. But it sounds better than just using Tesco’s Chicken, that on its own doesn’t quite have the same impact, as using the Willow Farm name I’m sure you will agree.

The Purpose of Branding

The reasons we have branding as far as food is concerned, is it builds up a relationship. Of trust, quality and makes us more confident in what we buy. A lot of branding is used by using a certain persona or name say for instance Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings.

And on the packaging you have a picture of a oldish lady which can you can relate to who may look like a aunt that you may have. This is how branding works.

How Much Fat Does it Contain

There are lots of meat product’s for example things like meatballs, that are sold with supposedly low levels of fat so we look for these particular products. If we are trying to lower our overall fat intake but the problem is how accurate is the percentage, of fat that is contained within a product.

For a consumer this can be very hard to judge one particular food retailer, namely Lidl were prosecuted for having high levels of fat in their products, than what was suggested on the packaging of said product.

When Is a Chicken Not a Chicken

This isn’t a trick question but something that is very real, in order to bulk the size of chickens up food manufacturers, add protein powder which has a combination of, water, beef and pork. So you end up with something which is more like a franken chicken rather than a chicken.

The reason that pork and beef is used is it helps to make the Chicken look bigger than it actually is so naturally consumer thinks. They are getting better value for money but are they really.

This information came from a panorama programme which was made quite a few years back now, two people were actually interviewed on it whilst under surveillance. And they were quoted as saying.

That they could actually strip the DNA from the pork and beef, and so if it was tested then there would be no traces of it. Somehow they managed to cloak the DNA of the pork and beef so it was undetectable. So it begs the question are we actually buying a chicken or some sort of mutated chicken

The great British Tradition Fish and Chips

Surely fish and chip shops, wouldn’t embark on such tactics or would they, one fish and chip shop was found to be selling fish which was displayed as COD , but upon on inspection it was found they were selling, a cheaper fish. More than likely to create more profits, from selling a cheaper fish than was displayed.

Designer Ham

In the Netherlands a food manufacturer, was labeling his ham with a particular brand name, because it can fetch double with this particular name. The Dutch authorities had to go in, and stamp it with a lower class generic stamp.

Food Factory Secrets

Somebody who had worked in the food industry, particularly a meat factory was interviewed. He said that a lot of emphasis was put on branding when they knew the barbecue season, was coming a lot of meat was branded even though it wasn’t that particular brand of meat.

You can get more money if you use the brand of Angus Aberdeen, the only problem with this is you could be eating substandard meat without even knowing. Another tactic which was used, was to recycle meat even though it was old into mince and put it into other food products. Were it would be less likely to be noticed.

The Great British Menu

This is a brand name used by Birds Eye, for their frozen ready meal range. One particular one that was highlighted was a chicken dinner, with carrots, potatoes, chicken and peas.

Which sounds great overall, when Birds Eye were asked where the ingredients came from it was a different matter, the Chicken came from Thailand and the actual meal itself was packaged in Ireland. So again in a way we are being sold a British sounding meal which is made else where.

When you look at the actual boxes of these particular products, there is a picture of countryside. Which gives us that picture branding associated with Britain .

Do we know what outdoor reared means and free range

Do we indeed know what this actually means, the RSPCA did a study and asked people if they knew what this meant, only two percent of the people who are asked actually knew what it meant. If a pig is reared outside only a small percentage of its life is actually outside, so you can get away with saying outdoor reared, free range applies to chickens were they can roam free and are not crammed into pens.

But as we know this all too often isn’t the case chickens can tend to be cooped up, in cramped conditions what we very rarely if ever know this.

Care for a slice of pie

One of the researchers, decided to have their own brand of pie which was fictional of course. He went to a marketing company with a concept for his pie and left it with them.

They used a name of a cottage to associate with the name of the pie, which was a stencilled look of a cottage. And on the front it had three rosettes which said the following statements, British made, fresh vegetables and original recipe. All this kind of labelling is within the guidelines which are laid down for food manufacturers.

So at the end of the process, the researcher had a quite plausible product which could be sold to people, even though they didn’t particularly know what was in the pie. When he interviewed some people on the streets about it.

They were quite surprised that it didn’t even exist, and thought it was very misleading the way it was presented in the packaging.

If you are very careful about what you put on your packaging you can get away with far more than what you think you would do. It’s how you word what you say that matters more than anything.

Is organic salad really organic

A particular product was highlighted during the programme, about a particular type of salad wash, used to wash the salad prior to being packaged. This particular product was called Citrox salad wash. When this particular salad wash was tested initially it passed with flying colours.

But on one particular occasion suspicion was raised and it was found that this particular salad wash had levels of ethylene glycol which to you and me is antifreeze used in cars not very organic I’m sure you would agree. So the salads that were washed in this particular product wouldn’t have been organic.

It’s probably fair to say that we do take for granted a lot of what we eat, and naturally assume that it is what it says it is. But as we can see sometimes that isn’t always necessarily the case.

So on today’s menu it’s

A franken chicken with some fake designer ham

some low-fat meat balls which may be high in fat

some Salmon, that may originate in Scotland . A pie that has a pretty picture and name. Some Thai chicken and Irish vegetables, followed by some out of date mince. And some anti freeze salad not organic.

Now while this may not seem like a realistic menu it probably is more real than we realise. It really does beg the question do we actually know what is in our food. That we buy from trusted places like supermarkets etc.

Some Facts About How We Can Get Fat

Buying food in bulk

It’s been found that the more we buy the more we eat, scientists found at Cornell University , that when people buy large quantities of food they can tend to eat, more food within the first eight days of buying the bulk purchase of food. Only when the quantity of food tends to get lower, then we will tend to eat less.

Not taking notes

It’s very easy to underestimate the amount of food that you’re eating, and the amount of exercise that you are doing as well in relation to each other, it’s a good idea to make note’s of both. Either use paper and pen, or create a document on your computer, studies have shown that when you record what you are doing, you will get far better results.

Take note who you associate with, friends and family

Surprisingly enough this is something we don’t even think about, if you’re a single person on your own for instance and you are happy eating your soups and salad’s and generally eating healthily. And then one day you decide to move in with your partner and share a house, and he wants to eat meat and three veg, followed by a sticky pudding.

The chances are that if he is overweight/obese then there is the possibility that you may end up the same way. A study which was conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed that, our risks of becoming obese can increase by a figure of 37 percent if our partners are overweight, and if our friends are overweight/obese then that figure goes up to 57 percent.

Using facebook and twitter

While you are using your computer and using these social networking sites, you may not be sitting down and eating a proper meal or realise the amount of time you have been spending face booking and twittering, some people were surveyed whilst using these sites and found because they were snacking instead of eating a proper meal. They gained half a stone in weight due to their snacking habits.

The shape of food

Think about the way we eat food sometimes, let’s say for instance eating a pizza these tend to be cut up into wedges, as do other foods that we tend to eat, such as pork pies, cake etc. We do tend to miss judge how much we are eating, some research which was conducted by Tennessee State University, found that we over estimate how much we are eating the actual figure they came up was 25 percent.

If you are going to eat portions from the foods mentioned above, cut them into squares instead.

Eating too fast

This may be something we have picked up in our childhood or from other people, we have a feedback mechanism which tells our brain when we are full, but all too often we have large portions of food on our plates. And we very often eat like it’s a emergency, the only problem with eating like this is we can eat far more food than we should do before our brains get the message that we are full. So try to eat your food slowly this way you will eat less.

Shift working

When you work shifts this can alter the natural rhythms within your body, when you work at night this alters these natural rhythms. Which which also effects how we use energy within body, so if you are able to, try not to work shifts if at all possible.

Clothes that you used to wear

At one point in your life a lot of your clothes, may of fitted you but if you have lost weight you may longer need them, so there is not much point in hanging on to them subconsciously your more or less telling yourself that you want to become big again. So give them to your local charity shop because you don’t need them any more.

Bad weather

When the weather is poor our whole mood can change, a study that was done in Aberdeen University . Found that participants who were overweight had lower levels of vitamin D, which the body makes when we are exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin D affects a hormone called leptin, this hormone tells the brain when our stomachs are full, the study found that people who are overweight produced less vitamin D than those people who are of an normal weight. So try to get as much sun as you can when the weather is good.

Weekend take aways or treats

This can be something that we tend to do, treat ourselves at the end of the week after a hard week’s work. Nothing wrong with this of course but sometimes it does pay to take a bit of caution. In the USA a organisation called America ‘s National Weight Control Registry followed a thousand people who had lost weight, they found out that people who ate more at the weekends eventually gained the weight back that they lost over the year.

Middle age spread

From your 30’s onwards you tend to lose muscle, it is within your own interests to keep muscle tissue. One of the reasons is that muscle tissue is active and burns calories, where as fat isn’t. For every pound of muscle tissue you have this will burn 50 calories, even when you are not doing anything.

Source Sunday Express Magazine

The Secret Life of Your Liver

liverYour liver is one of the most important organs within your body without a doubt, it does such a lot of important functions within your body, and I dare say a lot of us don’t really think about how important it is to keep it healthy.

If you look after it then it will serve you well, weight loss essentially is about calories in calories out and having a deficit of so many calories per day, as well as getting regular exercise in order to use those calories. But have you noticed sometimes that no matter what you do, but when you want to do your work out, you may not have the energy to do it.

There could be a number of reasons for this but have you thought about the fact that, it may be that your liver is working a bit sluggish if it can’t provide the proper nutrition to various parts of your body then you are going to lack energy in order to do your exercise regime. We live in a modern society and there are lot’s of food that we come into contact with which contains too much fat or sugar.

The major problem with this is our livers aren’t necessarily geared up to eating these unnatural foods and this is where the problems tend to start, one of the particular functions of your liver is to remove toxins from your bloodstream this is so that, it will prevent the toxins from damaging other parts of your body, even though it likes to be your best friend in doing this function for you.

Sometimes it becomes a victim of its own over helpfulness and this is when problems start to occur, if you smoke or drink alcohol your liver is probably working overtime to try and rid your body of those toxins, it can only do so much if you continue to bombard it with such high doses of toxins then eventually it will break down and had lots of problems will start to occur.

It all starts in your stomach if your digestive health isn’t that good then toxins eventually will start to build up all over the place, what your liver can’t get rid of will end up in your bloodstream eventually have you noticed how some people have like pasty complexions, will very oily and don’t look very well.

This could be a sign that their body isn’t handling all the toxins within their body particularly well, you might notice that people who eat a lot of fast-food may tend to look this way or people who say smoke cigarettes a lot.

Bile helps to break down fat in your stomach when you eat fatty foods, have you noticed when you eat something like a pizza which has lots of cheese on it, after which you might, feel quite tired this is probably due to the fact that your liver is working overtime to try and break the fat down within your stomach.

How do you know if your liver is not working correctly?

You may tend to experience any of the following from having a sluggish liver

  • Chronic lack of energy
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings and depression
  • May have bloating
  • You may be obese or overweight
  • Intolerance to fatty food
  • A Coated or puffy tongue which may look like a light limey colour
  • Have dark circles under your eyes
  • Have problems losing weight
  • Have more infections during winter months
  • Lower immune system function

If we have a sluggish liver what can we do about it ?

If you do have a sluggish liver then this will affect your overall capability of your body in not only handling fat, but burning it as well. This is why it is of the upmost importance to keep it in tip top condition and if you do it will serve you well.

If you do have a sluggish liver then apart from having a  infection that has caused it, it is far more likely that what you have been eating has cloggged it up, and this is the reason that you can tend to feel lethargic and your mind will tend to feel foggy as well.

If it has been happening for quite some time you can tend to get gallstones, if you ever pass these in your stools then you will know how big they can be, they are made up of balls of cholesterol, sometimes surgery is needed to remove them but not always.

One of the first things that we can cut out is, if we are doing it that is, drinking alcohol this can do more damage to your liver overtime than any other one thing. Drinking it on it’s own without food which we do tend to do a lot in the UK, especially at weekends, is quite a bad habit to be doing over a lifetime it will lead to problems over a long period of time.

Cut out the amount fat you eat in your diet especially saturated fat if you eat lots of this over a long period of time what will happen is you will get deposits of fat building up in your liver, and even though you may not notice much at the time it will be sitting there causing problems.

if you have seen the film “Supersize Me” where Morgan Spurlock ate a fast-food diet it wasn’t long before his liver started to show signs of scarring, which is the beginning of cirrhosis which is something normally associated with alcoholics rather than people who eat food.

What foods are liver friendly?

Here is a list which may be non exhaustive of what foods are good for your liver


Concentrate on eating the following

Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers red and green bell peppers, green vegetables such as brussels sprouts, broccoli, lettuce onions, beetroot, sweet potatoes, carrots,baby carrots, garlic,broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, baked beans for protein and fibre.


Eat plenty of the following

Apples, pears, prunes, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, pink plums, grapefruit, cantaloupe, raisins, blueberries, here is a site that has various fruit listed as colours in case your stuck for ideas

Poultry and dairy produce

Chicken,eggs turkey or duck go for free range if possible


Drink a reasonable amount of water, ditch highly laden beverages that are loaded with caffeine try either green tea, dandelion coffee, mint tea or dandelion tea. Have a lemon drink in the morning with hot water use a fresh lemon.

Wholegrain foods

Porridge oats, wholemeal bread the higher the fibre content the better, barley and rye, wholemeal pasta,

This is going to be a two part post in the next one, we will look at liver recipes that you can prepare lookout for it.

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Are Plums The New Super Food

Prunus cultivar
Image via Wikipedia

Plums aren’t a fruit that I normally eat as a rule, but just recently, I have just recently started eating them. And as I was doing some research this morning for some fresh content. I am now glad that I do.

Because I came across a article that talks about the benefits of eating plums, which I am now going to talk about. Just recently scientists have found that plums are even better for you than blueberries when people eat blueberries, they tend to eat small clumps of them.

But with eating plums you tend to eat more rather than just bits of the fruit, a leading researcher claims that just one plum, contains more antioxidants than a handful of blueberries.

Antioxidants tend to act like a small vacuum cleaner mopping up harmful chemicals and bacteria etc from damaging your cells, so the more food that you eat with antioxidants in then the better your cell health will be. The better your cell health will.

Other good news related to this is plums cost a pound a punnet, which is quite good value for money when you consider what you are getting, compared to the high price of some fruits that you can pay for.

Plums are very low in calories and contain no fat whatsoever, the key to getting the benefit out of eating plums is this to eat them with the skin on, because this is where most of the antioxidant properties of the fruit are

Some other research which was done in the United States regarding this fruit, found out that the poly-nutrients contained within the fruit, did have an effect on cancer such as breast cancer and also had an effect on cholesterol as well. However they did stress that more research was needed to be done in this particular area.

Other fruits that have similar properties to plums are nectarines, peaches and blueberries, so remember to keep some of those in your fruit basket or wherever you keep them. I for one now thing I shall eat more plums in my diet as I do quite like them. So it’s thumbs up for plums.

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What Causes us To Overeat

popcornThere can be quite a few reasons for overeating, such as emotional eating, or just the mere taste of certain foods, or just plain and simple habits that we have picked up over the years.

And not realised consciously that we eat a particular way some factors may include, the size of a food packaging or people around us can affect how much we eat, sometimes if you have large friends it is possible to pick up their eating habits and transfer them to yourself without even realising it.

In a book called Mindless Eating which is written by Brian Wansink, and is involved in a department within Cornell University, which has conducted various experiments to try and understand the psychology of why we eat the way we do.

The experiments were centered around the size of food packaging and also outside influences of other people, some of the things that they found out from, their data was, that large portions of food can be cheaper so we tend to buy more of them, whereas smaller portions of food tend to be that bit more expensive so we eat less smaller portions.

During his experiments he found that we tend to be influenced by the name on the packaging, and also specifically by the size of it, one experiment which involved popcorn gave participants different sizes large and medium-sizes were used for the experiment, the popcorn was five days old.

Once the movie was over they measured the amount of popcorn that was consumed and interestingly enough, the people have had the large popcorn size eight approximately 53 percent more, than those whom had the smaller size of popcorn. They came to the conclusion that three factors were involved in eating the popcorn these influential factors were other people eating the popcorn in close proximity, the actual associations in their mind with going to a movie and eating it and also the distraction of it. Also bear in mind that the popcorn used was stale.

Another experiment revolved around using a soup bowl, one group had a bottomless soup bowl, which was topped up and soup in it most of the time, while another group had normal soup bowls.

Here again we have differences in both experiments the bottomless soup bowl group ate considerably more than the other group. But when asked about calorie consumption, they said that they thought they had both eaten the same amount when in fact they hadn’t.

They also noted that people near to us or nearby whom are eating also can have a plus factor when it comes to eating food, not plus as in positive but we tend to match them probably more subconsciously than anything. This can go either way we can either eat more or less depending upon the environmental conditions and where we are.

Wansink found that people who become overweight or obese, very often not aware of how much they are eating and the amounts that they should be eating, he says that we should become more aware of what we are eating rather than just being mindless with our eating.

This is what causes the consumption of too many calories throughout the day, his tips for eating less are eat no more than two items if you are at a buffet, wrap foods in tinfoil to make them seem less appealing. Don’t eat foods directly from packets and if you sit near to somebody make sure they are eating their food slowly. This isn’t the be all and end all of losing weight, but hopefully these tips will help you and make you understand how sometimes that we have habits going on beneath the surface, particularly subconsciously ones in the way we do things especially when it comes to eating food.


Man Loses 200 Pounds Eating Raw Food

clentClent Manich’s diet plan may seem like anybody else’s, you follow the traditional methods of eating food, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. And swap one meal for a shake or smoothie.

And see how things go from there this all seems the normal advice you get when you’re trying to lose weight, until Clent decided that he was going to use a different approach as far as his eating habits were concerned. He decided that he didn’t want to cook food any more and eat it raw instead.

This may seem a bit of a strange thing to do but somebody else has done the same thing and it has worked for them as well, Clent said that he lost 200 pounds and prevented himself from contracting type two diabetes. By using this different approach to eating food because it worked so well for him, some of his colleagues at Costco where he works decided to try the plan as well.

To see how they would get on with it Shirley Taylor said she wanted to feel better about herself, and since she started on the raw food way of eating, feels a whole lot better for eating her large amounts of green smoothies. I should imagine these are made up of this mostly green foods and put into a blender.

She combined this with eating other raw foods five days a week, and ate some marginal amounts of cooked food at weekends. She managed to lose 32 pounds and she now longer needs to take her thyroid medication.

The reason that this tends to work so well is raw food is very low in calories, and also due to the fact that critical enzymes are not lost due to the cooking process. One of the key components to keeping food raw is not to cook it above 115 degrees centigrade. Otherwise if you do this then the essential plant enzymes could be lost.

A raw food diet will consist of the following elements fresh fruit and vegetables obviously, and also nuts seeds and pulses, fresh honey, herbs, spices and some salt.

If you want to make your food into green smoothie’s then you will probably need to buy a juicer, food processor or alternatively use a good quality blender. Before Clent went on his raw food diet he ate things like pizza, hot dogs and lots of diet soda. Which in 2006 gave him pancreatitis and he had to be put on insulin which is for type two diabetes.

He first heard about this particular method of eating food from a chiropractor in the United States by the name of Miven Donato, he thought this person was a perfect match for his new healthy boot camp regime as he called it.

And asked him to give it a go and see what would happen there is a percentage of food that you eat which is 85 percent is raw and 15 percent is cooked. After two months of eating this particular way he managed to shed 52 pounds. However he went on a cruise with his wife and managed to pack the weight back on.

Once he got back from his cruise he received e-mail from a chiropractor which was a testimonial from a woman who had lost over a 100 pounds by eating green smoothies and raw food with a ratio 85/15. So this time around he decided that in order for this to work for him he needed to go totally raw. And to his surprise it worked in three months the weight just literally fell off of him, he lost 100 pounds and surprisingly he did very little exercise during this period of time.

Although he did feel hungry at first he kept at it and gradually his cravings for cooked food went over time, once he had reached a certain weight he then started to weight train and climbed a mountain in the USA and now believes that he can achieve any weight loss goal that he puts his mind to.

If you would like to see more information regarding this particular way of dieting then the person in question who was mentioned throughout this article has put up a website so you can read more if necessary here is the address