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Are Liquid Lunches Better for Losing Weight

Eating foods with a high water content, are a great way to help you if you are trying to lose weight. It is believed that eating certain dishes which contain the following foods fill you up more. These are soup, stew, pasta and rice.

But another requirement is that you need to have some liquid as well, in order to get the full benefit from eating this way. It isn’t enough just to have some water with your meal. That alone by itself will not work.

The great thing about water rich foods is they tend to contain less calories. And contain a lower energy density. So the theory is this if we eat foods that are bulky due to the amount of water content, but lesser calorific value. Then this will help us to lose weight because we are eating less calories.

To be able to work out the particular energy density of the food here is the formula, what you have to do is divide the calories by the foods weight. So if we take a typical example of a bag of crisps which has 200 calories and weighs 40 grams.

This has they energy density of five which puts it, at the high end of the scale. Which isn’t what we want, foods which are at the lower end of the scale, and have a you reading of 1.5 are the following foods. Vegetable soups, potatoes, low-fat yoghurts, baked beans and cornflakes.

Foods which are in between or in the middle, tend to be pizza, chips, strawberries, cream, steak and lasagne.

Dr Elisabeth Weichselbaum, whom is a scientist who studies nutrition says that, you should include foods with a low energy density when you’re having a meal. And mix it up a bit so you are eating, some low density, medium density and high density foods within your diet will balance things out quite nicely.

If you look at the following chart below then you can see which foods are which. It probably is a better idea to eat more lower density foods though because this will help you to lose more weight.


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The Cabbage Soup Diet

cabbageAs we are all well aware it can be difficult sometimes when you’re trying to lose some weight, and things don’t seem to quite work out the way that you would like them to, I have been there many self my many times trying various different things, different diets etc. Some work some don’t but the other day I came across, a article which revolved around cabbage soup as a diet plan.

So here is what the cabbage soup diet is, this particular diet is supposed to be very good for people who would like to shed a few pounds very quickly, it also has two other names those are the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet and the Mayo Clinic Diet.

According to what experts say this is a good way to kickstart your weight-loss plan when your first starting off trying to lose some excess weight, as its name suggests what you do is eat cabbage soup for a seven-day period.

It must be said though that this particular diet is not something that, is lifelong it is only to get you started losing some initial way to start off with. Here is the basic cabbage soup recipe so you can make your own if you feel confident doing so.

You will need :

one head of cabbage

six medium onions

six green onions

six carrots

two bell peppers either green or red

three large tomatoes

five stalks of celery

four ounces of uncooked brown rice

salt and some freshly ground black pepper

The actual cabbage soup itself hardly has any calories, it is more used for its filler ability, this is useful because it will stop you from getting food cravings. And over eating so you will tend to lose weight.

Here is a rough guide to what you eat whilst being on the cabbage soup diet for seven days.

Day one

On this day you eat plenty of fruit’s which every your favourite is the only thing to do here, is exclude bananas, and there is no limit to how many times you have the cabbage soup.

Day two

This day is vegetables eat as many vegetables, that you like to supplement your cabbage soup the only things to avoid are corn, beans and peas. Make sure you eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, i.e. broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. also on this day avoid eating fruit. Also if needs be for your tea or lunch as the case may be, have a baked potato with a small knob of butter.

Day three

On this day you need to eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables, miss the jacket potato on this particular day. Don’t eat bananas also but you can eat as much fruit and vegetables as you desire.

Day four

Eat eight bananas on this particular day, supplement this with drinking plenty of skimmed milk and have as much cabbage soup as you can manage.

Day five

Add around 20 ounces of beef to your cabbage soup in order to supplement it on this particular day, also add six tomatoes and potatoes. If you do not like to eat beef then you can always use chicken if you prefer, drink plenty of water also six glasses, the more the better this washes away uric acid.

Day six

On this day you need to eat beef all day,as well as the cabbage soup, and plenty of vegetables just avoid eating potatoes.

Day seven

Brown rice can be eaten on this particular day, as well as fruit juices, to supplement your cabbage soup also.

So there you have it the cabbage diet some people do say to follow this particular diet, for a week it probably can become a bit boring for some people and they might not be able to stick at it. For seven days but realistically if you get results from it then there is no harm in trying, even though seven days can seem quite a long time. It can tend to go very quickly and it’s not like you are going to have to eat cabbage soup every day for ever.

You could probably use the following information to supplement what you are already doing, and just eat cabbage soup a couple of times a week. Sometimes experimenting with different foods is the best way, to find out what works for yourself some things work better than others for some people when others don’t.

Here is a link for the cabbage diet recipe so you can cook it for yourself

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