Ten Reasons Not To Eat Processed Food

Its empty

Gastropub readymeals1. Processed food is all about time saving, millions of pounds are spent every year on the junk that manufacturers pump out every year. Such is the methods that are used the overall quality, of the finished product mostly tends to be very low nutritional wise.

This is one of the reasons why when you are eating processed food, you tend to feel far more hungry than you would do if you are eating fresh prepared food, the reality of this time difference is marginal.

Fresh food in comparison tastes a lot better, processed food tends to taste very bland some of it to me, I would say is like eating cardboard although that is a bit of a slight exaggeration on my part.

A lot of food stores that sell pre-packaged frozen processed food have now jumped on the healthy craze in order to cash in on healthy eating. But then again this all tends to lead to misleading information on the packaging.

Let’s not mess about here the people that sell this garbage are interested in one thing only money. Nothing more and nothing less, do you really in your wildest dreams think that the people that make this junk are concerned about your health I think not.

One particular tactic that is used, is to focus on one healthy point ie for instance the packaging might contain contains 20% less fat, but what they will fail to tell you is what sort of fat it is, is it unsaturated fat or saturated fat which is the unhealthy type.

It may be the case that the particular product is low in fat but it also may be the case that it might have tons of sugar in order to compensate for this.

Another thing that is used on a lot of processed food especially in our country is the round nutritional pie chart where you have sections of a pie chart, in order to see the calories contained within the product etc.

What a lot of manufacturers have been doing just recently is putting down the values of either half or a quarter, of what it has in it say for instance, it might give you the total fat value. This to me seems to be another misleading way of trying to trick people into thinking they are buying something that is lower in fat when in actual fact it isn’t.

And if you think about it if we are taking notice of what we are eating how come as a nation we are still getting fatter, the something is wrong somewhere don’t you think ?

Have more money in your pocket

2. Processed food tends to be a lot more expensive than it is healthy counterpart if you think about the logistics of this here is why, when you’re eating food that is full of artificial crap and no nutrition whatsoever you’re bound to eat more of it.

Here’s something for you to do go, out and compare fresh food compared to processed food and see how much difference there is you might be surprised at what you find some processed food is quite cheap admittedly but that’s no reason to eat it

Boxes that contain processed food are bigger than the food inside it this is another psychological trick that you may not have realised. You’re not necessarily getting more for your money probably less if you look carefully.

its synthetic

3. When food is processed a lot of the nutritional value is lost in the process so added synthetic vitamins and minerals are added in order to make the shortfall, the only problem with this is that they are nowhere near as good as their regional counterparts so in a way you’re cheating yourself yet again.

As we said previously when you don’t get the correct vitamins and minerals from your food you will tend to eat more and because of the very nature of the food, you’re eating your more likely to gain weight. You see manufacturers can say packed with fortified vitamins but as we know they are no good.

Where is it ?

4. Where is it indeed everything that should be in processed food isn’t, on a scale of one to 10, I would say that the nutritional value of processed food is about one, and that is being generous to say the least. Have you ever noticed on the back of the packet all the preservatives e numbers etc. what on earth do they mean will they do you harm are they good for you what exactly are they for, the problem with this is no one knows except the manufacturer.

Is it alive !!!!

5. I would say almost definitely not all the living enzymes and/or bacteria that can be good for you doesn’t tend to be in processed foods and I dare say that phytochemicals probably aren’t there as well, which are important factor when it comes to free radicals in your body for these like plants soak up free radicals in your body which prevent disease.

Is it worth investing in ?

6. When you buy this food you’re encouraging more being spent on it so therefore keeping it alive if less people spend more money on fresh fruit and vegetables and more money would encourage the growth of this particular industry.

Not needed additions

7. Processed food tend to have tons of chemical additives which are no use whatsoever to you or the food things like artificial colouring and preservatives, so the food will last longer no use to you whatsoever for all you know these could cause harm without you even knowing.

Mystery guests !!!

8. This type of particular food can have all sorts of strange odds and ends added during processing one particular example of this is sausages say or hot dog sausages to be more specific they can contain something called edible offal, i.e. different parts of the animal like ears.

Are you a crack addict

9. It’s a well-known fact that fat and sugar are as addictive as heroin and cocaine they stimulate the same receptors in your brain that make you feel good this is what’s known as a dopamine high, manufacturers all too well know that.

These substances are highly addictive that is why processed food does have a lots of hidden sugar and fat, so as to make it addictive and also enhance the taste.

Listen to old advice

10. Can you remember when you were younger and your parents told you to eat more vegetables well guess what they were right.

if you have any suggestions about this feel free to join in the discussion please by leaving your opinion below.

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  • http://www.weightlossguru.com/ weightlossguru

    Wow! brill post Mark. I see processed food as the real enemy in today’s obesity crisis… A cheap and never-ending supply of mutant sub-food that is highly addictive and is destroying the ‘real’ food industry.. Buyer Beware!

    weightlossguru’s last blog post..Lifting weights – ‘As good as running’

  • Mark

    Thanks Pete thing is the marketing is that good a lot of us don’t realise how bad it really is. And the old fashioned ways of eating food seem to be lost somewhere.

  • http://www.thefitshack.com JoLynn Braley

    Hi Mark,

    You’re spot on, processed food is dead food, devoid of nutrients, and it is more expensive! If anyone says it’s not, the thing is you either pay for it now (buying whole, fresh foods) or you pay for it later (in medical bills).

    It’s also true that refined sugar and white flour (as well as unhealthy fats) are highly addictive. Those ingredients are in almost all fast and processed food, and they sure keep ‘ya coming back for more!

    JoLynn Braley’s last blog post..5 Ways NOT to Succeed in Your Weight Loss Plan

  • http://www.ezmoneyon.net Simonne

    I suppose you are right. However, I think breaking a habit is very hard to do and it requires a lot of discipline.

    Simonne’s last blog post..Make Money Online With Jake And Jill: Keywords Make Big Difference

  • http://RenegadeUCoach.com Dorothy

    There are also “hidden” costs in eating processed foods. They are things like, higher medical costs, missed work and pay, and the mental cost of feeling crappy.

  • Mark

    Yep and most countries health care systems are overloaded we have a crisis in this country.

  • http://setourteachersfree.com Brennan Kingsland

    Ya’ know, Mark, It’s good to see so much truth in labeling happening now, but most people don’t even bother to read the labels. They just look at the professionally-developed pictures and start to salivate. Advertisers are duping us into believing what these processed food companies want us to believe. I just wrote a post about the dangers in meats, and what can happen when we trust factory farms to provide wholesome food. Good for you for helping to spread the word about the lies we consumers are being told! Thanks!

    Brennan Kingsland’s last blog post..Deadly School Lunches?

  • garethjax

    You made some very good points here :) I fully agree with you that the processed food are only a “last minute resort”. I think that the best improvement in food cooking, if you want to save time, come from techology: if you look for “rice cooker” on amazon.co.uk, you’ll find plenty of automatic steam cookers that will cook automatically and flawlessy your fresh food. And when the pot is working, you are free to employ your time in other ways.

  • Mark

    Thanks for all the comments this post has certainly taken off although. Some have said it could have been written better perhaps I need to take a bit more care when I’m writing my posts.

  • http://www.affirmation-ticker.com Glen

    Got some good points their Mark, never going to eat a hot dog again :o)

  • http://www.wecould2.com Ron Rink

    Great post, Mark. Everything you say here is the truth — and it’s time everyone starts to get the message. This stuff is bad for you — and in many cases it can be the end of you.

    One other ingredient that is so common in processed food is the real killer — high fructose corn syrup.

    Ron Rink’s last blog post..The Wellness of You ? #221 ? More Bad Habits!

  • Noel

    In my opinion, it’s a very badly written article. The first point, about processed food being “empty”, talks about nothing, jumps from “it makes you hungry” to “oh! and they lie in the package”. Does it have anything to do with processed food being empty?

    When you speak about synthetic vitamins, you say ” as we know they are no good”. Based on what? Do we know that?

    I think there are a lot of reasons to avoid processed food, thoug: too much sodium, MSG, tons of fats that make things taste better, and whatnot.

    Anyway, we should stay away from processed food, I can agree with that.

  • Mark

    @ Noel how come obesity has risen so much at about the same time T.V dinners came out, it could of been written better I agree, but no ones perfect overall I’m quite happy with what I have written and will do a follow up post with more information, this article has spread through the net like wildfire so to me it’s done it’s job.

    I shall use it as a learning experience and move on to write better posts with more evidence.


  • Bill

    9. It’s a well-known fact that fat and sugar are as addictive as heroin and cocaine they stimulate the same receptors in your brain that make you feel good this is what’s known as a dopamine high, manufacturers all too well know that.Citation please.Read the labels, people. And how do you determine what is “processed” and what is not?

  • http://brandimagill.blogspot.com Brandi Magill

    All the more reason I decided to go Naked with my nutrition in 2008~Great Post Mark!

  • Pingback: Ten Reasons Not To Eat Processed Food : Health MOZ

  • http://blog.nutritional-supplement-truths.com/ Brett

    Mark, this is an excellent post- well written. Unfortunately so many people these days don’t manage their time well and so they grab processed food because of the convenience. I suspect that while many of these people have no idea just how bad it is for them, many others do have some idea but really don’t care. With all the media attention that focuses on delivering the message about eating non processed food and taking in the correct daily amounts of fresh raw foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables the message is certainly out there but people just seem to ignore it because as you say they are so addicted to the taste of fat and sugar – and yes the manufacturers absolutely prey on this in the way they manufacture their products

  • http://google Asenaca

    well this article is great

    Thank You Very much

  • http://www.researchfarm.co.uk Jean

    Thanks for the analysis. I still fear ready-to-eat meals will become more and more popular. And the worst is they are sometimes cheaper than spare components !

  • http://www.loseweightpermanently.com/blog Gerald

    From what I see in my clients, eating processed food is often linked to their inability to lose weight permanently.
    If somebody is really committed to lose weight, preparing their own meals should be on top of the list of priorities. After all, if you can’t control what goes into your food, how can you realistically expect to lose weight permanently?

  • sam

    yes i agree i think this should b known by everyone processed foods r getting worst and its awfull i make all my own food meals cakes snacks bread and love it i have 4 chrildren and still get the time at first it was hard i think it is about starting off slow untill you can build up a good meal planner for the week best of all once you taste the difference you will never want to go back to processed krap i buy all organic fresh real food and it taste much better i never buy low fat i buy foods that nauture intenede us to eat like butter is a nautral deliciuos food full of vitamins and taste great not this artifical plastic they call margarine fresh veg homemade bread tatse the difference and wow you will feel so much more energised within a day as your giveing your body real food not artifical plastic krap

  • http://www.gkdskgjndsgss.com Lauren

    Mark, great article.

    I think it would be cool to do a post on the benefits of fasting :)