Ten Weight Loss Hacks You May Not Know

1. Do I need to weigh my self  everyday, conventional wisdom always used to tell us that it’s not a good idea to weigh ourselves every day, but now it 2966138945_02851cf882[1]seems were going back to this way of doing things, when some people were monitored during a study which looked at people who checked there weight daily. The data which came from 3500 individuals, suggests that 44 percent lost 60 pounds throughout the year.

Is it bordering on obsession though by weighing yourself every day? Apparently not according to James Hill who was involved in the reports findings. He seems to think that it acts as an early warning system. And as long as you keep getting feedback, as regards what you are doing, then you are far more accountable than if you wasn’t keeping track.

2.  Ditch the television, another particular study which revolved around people watching TV and their eating habits. Found that when you have food floating by you it triggers a psychological button in your brain. That says feed me, food adverts tend to be very sensual obviously there is a reason for this; it gets our taste buds salivating.

They found in one part of the brain it caused activity of 24 percent, it works on a particular of the part of the brain which drives us to do things and get them.

3.  Say your prayers, this is something you probably never thought you would read about, as regards keeping yourself fit but apparently getting closer to God, is good for you. Your prayers keep yourself accountable and form a connection with god even though it isn’t a physical. One but more in a spiritual sense. How religion is taught in the United States emphasises, the fact of your body being a temple, and treating it so. If you built a temple of your own would it necessarily be made of junk food? There is some food for thought.

4.  How your taste buds can deceive you and work against you, when you get hungry you can get cravings for either salty or sweet foods. So if you’re near a snack machine or somewhere that sells these types of foods. You’re far more likely to want to have them if you are hungry.

The best way to prevent this from happening is eat throughout the day in order to keep your blood sugar levels constant, and then this won’t be too much of a problem.

5. Go nuts for some almonds, this is what some people did in a experiment for 60 days. This was in conjunction with eating a strict calorie controlled diet. And as a result of adding almonds to it they managed to lose 18 percent of there body weight which is a quite good percentage of their body weight.

This may be one of the particular foods that we don’t always think about eating. Which can give us huge health benefits. Most of what we buy tends to be, what I call habitual buying, where we tend to buy the same things week in and week out.

6. When is the best time, to try and lose weight? Well according to what people say, if you can start in May it works more effective, the reason for this is are. The days are longer and lighter. When there is more daylight you tend to eat less food and you have higher energy levels.

Maybe this is something to do with how we used to live as cave dwellers all those years ago. In the summer months we would look for as much food as is possible.

In order to be able to find the food we needed in order to get through the winter. This is why we have higher energy levels and crave less food during the summer.

If you start your diet in January because the days are shorter, your energy levels will be lesser. This is due to the fact that serotonin levels tend to be lower during the shorter days. Which may explain why we tend to lose interest in working out during the winter months.

7. Why eat cereal just at breakfast time, are cereals just meant for breakfast? Well there is no reason why you can’t eat cereal during the day and not just at breakfast time. It’s more of a habit than anything.

When some people were studied who ate cereal instead of lunch for their evening meal, they started losing weight.

They consumed 640 calories less, and lost four pounds during the two weeks, which is very impressive I am sure you will agree.

One of the experts who was involved with the study says it’s about teaching yourself portion control, if you have something like bran flakes, or any bulky fibre food, and have it with skimmed milk there you have a low calorie stomach filling food, most of the times we eat food in a traditional manner, after that it becomes automatic almost.

8. Get punctured, this doesn’t mean poke yourself full of holes, on the contrary when people who were monitored who had acupuncture, which in case you’re not aware of it is an ancient Chinese practice. Where you have very fine needles placed at various parts in your body.

In order to solve a particular problem, those that had the acupuncture lost 10 pounds compared to those who didn’t and also dropped down two BMI points.

A acupuncturist explained how it works, she says that by placing needles around the ear area works as a direct route to the brain, and acts like a switch in order to turn appetite your off.

Apparently the ear is very good for treating problems like addictions as far as acupuncture is concerned. This is probably the reason why it works well for food and suppressing appetite.

9. Have some dairy products, even though dairy products to get hammered quite a lot as regards their nutritional benefits. One such study found otherwise, people who had a certain amount of calcium namely 1200 milligrams in a day, lost 24 pounds over a average time frame.

Apparently the reason for this is when you don’t have enough calcium in your diet; you tend to create more fat in your body.

Whereas when you do, less fat is produced hence weight loss and the great thing is you don’t necessarily need to eat high-fat cheeses etc in order to get plenty of calcium in your diet.

10. Have a betting buddy, when you pit yourself against somebody in a workout competition, the competitiveness of trying to reach a target weight will keep you motivated in order to get there, even if you do it. In an on line community or in real life. It will spur you on, to get to your ultimate goal of a particular target weight.

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