The Cost of Christmas In Calories

335514865_e0f5371592Yes it’s that time of year again the festive period of cramming our faces full of food is nearly here, of course there is nothing wrong with the festive period whatsoever. We need to have a good time at some time of the year, relax and eat some food

But for those of us who may be watching what we are eating, or maybe you’re just interested in knowing how many calories there are in our festive munch. Here are a few items so you have some idea of what you may be eating.

Perhaps on your wish list you may need to get a treadmill or exercise bike. So here we go with a rundown of Christmas food and how many calories they contain. Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat and are we ourselves going to get fatter?

So to kick things off we have a tin of KP Jumbo salted peanuts. Nuts are quite good for you but it depends on the type that you eat let’s have a look and see what they contain.

KP Jumbo Salted Peanuts tin of 550 grams

They contain

Calories Per 100g

590 calories


8.9 grams

These are quite a heavy hitter as you can see this is based on a tin of 550 grams so if you eat the whole tin within a day then you’re looking at a rough average of 2950 calories in that one tin of peanuts which is quite a lot.

Black Magic Classic Favourites

This is a box of chocolates 188 grams

They contain

Calories per 100g

459 calories


10.4 grams

If you were to eat the whole box you will be looking in the region of 600 calories total quite a whammy in calories

Sainsbury’s Deep Mince Pies x6

Per pie this is

258 calories


4.7 grams

the whole box in total is 1548

Fully Iced Rich Fruit Xmas Cake 907g

Per slice is

273 calories


1.7 grams

If you ate the whole cake it would be 2457 calories roughly

Christmas Pudding 454g

One serving provides

343 calories


5.0 grams

if you ate the whole thing it would be 1208 roughly

Blue Stilton Wedge 454g (Cheese)

Per 30 gram serving

Calories 123


6.9 grams

If you ate the whole piece of it would be 1640 calories

This list is by no means exhaustive but just a small selection of food you can buy at Christmas, so be good if your watching your waistline at Chrimbo. And if not well expect a bit of weight gain it’s all about moderation and being sensible and it is only once a year, so a bit here and there won’t hurt anyone.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy yourself see you in the new year.

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  • sarah

    I love Christmas, but it is a really difficult time for eating. I also love mince pies so I really don’t stand a chance. I have got a christmas food diary this year and I have limited myself to a certain amount of cake slices. I will spread my treat eating over the christmas period. I am hoping it will work.

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  • Keith @ My Body Fat

    I will definitely be eating lots and lots calories this year that’s for sure. I am going to try and combat this with 2 high intensity interval training workouts every day over this Christmas period.
    Since I’ve started doing short and intense workouts, I have found that my metabolic rate runs really fast which is helping me to lose weight.
    .-= Keith @ My Body Fat ´s last blog ..Weekly Weigh In December 18th 2009 =-.

  • Mark

    Hi Keith thanks for dropping by have a good one and eat plenty

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  • Mark Cunningham

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