The Grandad Diet

2144462091_b503558c7e[1]Please don’t be too alarmed by the title of this article, it doesn’t mean that you have to to get some chequered slippers, and a cardigan and and eat like somebody who may be a bit older than yourself. In today’s society we have become a bit brainwashed by what to eat, things change in the weight loss industry constantly and sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming as to what not to eat.

Most of the advice revolves around eating a low-fat diet and one which is high in fibre also, but now the advice for eating in 2009 and which is of course healthy. Is to return to your Grandad’s war eating days, so don’t worry too much if you eat for breakfast egg and bacon. So so what is being recommended now is doing away with eating three meals a day, but eat those and also have snacks.

This will stop blood sugar fluctuation throughout the day, a lot of people are led to believe that snacking is not good for you, and tend to avoid it but the problem with doing this is you tend to stop yourself eating in between meals, and when it comes to eating your main meal you may eat more than the normal requirement of food.

Some people even avoid having breakfast by the time it comes to lunch time they are absolutely starving, and probably eat more than they should do at this particular time of the day also.

Keeping overall blood sugar stable is one of the most key ingredients of trying to lose weight, when your blood sugar tends to fluctuate throughout the day. You can tend to develop cravings for the wrong foods and this is where the problems can start.

Gillian Hamer who is one of the United Kingdom ‘s leading nutritionists, says that evidence shows that fat isn’t as bad as what people make it out to be, she goes on to say that that many of them are vital for processing vitamins that keep our immune system functioning correctly.

She she also says the key to this particular diet is eating the natural unprocessed foods every three to four hours which will keep blood sugar levels, more stable. And doing this will keep your weight under control better.

Patrick Holford who is the founder of the Institute for optimum nutrition in the UK, says that keeping weight under control is not about slashing calories and or fat, he says that people should avoid low-fat products, and so-called slimming products, and diets that are very high in starchy foods.

He also goes on to say that eating refined carbohydrates such as things like white bread, pasta and cereals and some snack bars, tend to elevate your sugar levels, this will cause what is known as a insulin spike in your body which tells it to store fat.

He added to this is that a lot of the so-called low-fat diets foods were made after the Second World War, and they tend to be very high in carbohydrates or sugar. And have tended to become part of the problem of being overweight and not necessarily the solution to it.

He also goes on to say that if you do you eat lots of excess calories and fatty foods, then this obviously will cause weight gain in the long-term, people are pointing the wrong finger at the wrong culprit, he says it is sugar that is more the problem rather than excess fat.

When you eat a meal that has carbohydrates in it and also combine that with some protein like say for instance a sausage or an egg, the protein will counteract the carbohydrate within the meal, this is due to the fact that protein takes longer to break down in the body that a lot of carbohydrates do, and this is where it comes into its own.

Because once you combine foods like this, it keeps blood sugar levels far more level and keep you fuller for longer so you eat less. Dr Malcolm Kendrick who is a diet guru and author of a book called the Great Cholesterol Con, says that evidence has been found that if people do eat a high-fat diet, they are far more likely, to lose weight compared to those people who don’t.

So that in itself blows don’t eat high-fat foods out of the water theory, the thing to watch with high-fat diets is too muchLDL cholesterol or saturated fats, because they are ones that will cause you to have high cholesterol levels which you don’t necessarily want.

Here is a typical example of the Grandad diet,


Scrambled egg, Bacon butter and some wholemeal toast. Or porridge with fruit and seeds or nuts.

11 a.m. snack

Fruit and nuts or some oatcakes and some cheese.

Lunch and or dinner options

Meat/oily fish and two veg with potato either boiled, or mashed. Beans on wholemeal toast and butter.


Apple crumble

In summary of this the thing to do more than anything is use common sense, when you’re planning your meals and you will be fine, if you are having problems trying to lose weight than it is highly recommended to start a food diary. So you can see exactly where you are with your eating habits because sometimes even though you think you may be eating correctly. It’s not always necessarily the case.


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