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Do you know yourself exactly how fit you are? have you got any way of measuring it? I would say the answer to this for the majority of people is they probably don’t know exactly how fit they are or aren’t. But what if there was a way where you didn’t need to be hooked up to various equipment. And walking on a treadmill to see how exactly how fit you are.

I came across this site this morning whilst looking for something else, and thought some people might find it useful. The site in question is called the National Fitness Test. You only need a few basic items like a tape measure and all you need to do then is fill in the information in on the site.

In order to find out what your fitness level, is as to the degree of accuracy of what this actually measures, I can’t say but thought people might be interested in giving it a go here is the link for it

it is free so give it a whirl and see how you get on you might have a nice surprise at the end of it you never know.

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