Top Ten Weight Loss Foods

Whilst doing some market research a thought from a keyword made me think about this so hence the post here are what I would consider to be my top then weight loss foods anyway whether they are or not makes difference so here we go.

Something I eat a lot of now especially with it being so hot is salad my number one for this would be.

1. Tomatoes I love them all the goodness they contain and they have water in which fills you up

2. Fish I eat mostly salmon when we have it mostly in sandwiches or with a salad

3. Eggs I eat a fair few eggs two reasons mainly one the protein and two they suppress your appetite.

4. Soup extremely low in calories very filling and studies show that it suppresses your appetite.

5.Apples very low calorie food and contains pectin which is it’s own fibre takes quite a while to break down in your stomach plus turns off the hungry signal in your mind.

6. Bananas love the taste of them and there so full of good stuff namely potassium

7.Pears love this fruit and eat it quite a lot

8.Beans full of protein and taste great with some chilli powder added yummy

9.Porridge (Oatmaeal) mostly have this for my breakfast keeps me going to dinner or lunch whichever you prefer.

10.Green Tea full of antioxidants and now Im used to it I find it quite satisfying I know it isn’t a food but thought it might make a good addition to the list.

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  • admin

    Spidey said…
    Good list, though I don’t like tomatoes. They are too squishy for me. The salmon is good, but do you get it sliced as lox to put in your sandwiches?

  • admin

    Mark said…
    I buy it in tins or sometimes have tuna as well

  • Richard

    Thank you for this list. I recently bought a pill which claimed to suppress appetite but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m hoping these 10 simple foods will do the trick!