Which Are Better Frozen or Fresh Vegetables?

There have been many debates amongst people as to which vegetables are better for you nutrition wise, depending upon whether they are frozen or not. Our food especially in the United Kingdom can be transported through out the land using mostly road transport.

There isn’t anything wrong with this method of transportation the only real drawback is as far as nutrition is concerned. Is how long the food has been in storage in the warehouse?

And the amount of time it takes to deliver it, this really does put into question how fresh our food really is. Are we actually being led into a false sense of security? When we go to our local supermarket and we see the words fresh produce where the vegetables are.

And is it so bad to eat frozen vegetables? When vegetables are frozen it isn’t usually long after they have been picked that they are packaged thus, preserving the essential vitamins and minerals.

The problem with the storage of either fruit or vegetables they may have been in the warehouse for months before being dispatched.

Scientists in Sheffield have now said that is time to put the rumours to bed about frozen foods not being so good for you. They highlighted the fact that green beans, which have been in storage for, more than seven days lose 77 percent of their vitamin C content, which is a lot.

There is more beta-carotene in cooked frozen peas compared to fresh frozen peas, our bodies use beta-carotene to make Vitamin A. One of the researchers Rachel Harden, looked at 37 different varieties of fruit and vegetables, and could find no difference nutrition wise between the two.

She said that there are many conflicting messages being sent out as regards to fresh food and frozen food, we need to let go of the fact that there isn’t much difference between the two.

She goes on to say that, they are not surprised by the findings of the report because there has been other reports that have found the same. Fresh food can tend to spend up to a month in storage before dispatch.

This is quite a long time for food to be sitting around in a warehouse. During that time there is bound to be some deterioration of the food. This can explain why when you think you have fresh food and, put it in your freezer it may not last that long.

I have noticed that tomatoes do not seem to last very long from when you buy them even if you keep them in your refrigerator. The main reason for the research was a local council wanted to find out which food would offer the best nutrition for children at schools within their local area.

The actual food that schoolchildren eat these days in the UK is something that has been challenged now for a very long time. The whole problem with this is, we have no real way ourselves of measuring the amount of vitamins and minerals in our food.

We just tend to naturally assume that they are there. So now all we can have a sigh of relief knowing that eating frozen vegetables isn’t so bad for is as once thought. The only thing I particularly don’t like about buying fresh food is it can tend to go off very quickly so you end up wasting a lot of it whereas this won’t tend to happen as much with frozen food.



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