Why Does Eating Low GI Food’s Make You Feel Full ?

GI dietBasically the GI diet is eating foods that have a low GI value, when you eat this particular way, it takes longer for the food to be broken down in your body than it would do eating high GI foods instead.

Scientists have recently been wondering why this happens and think they may have arrived at a conclusion as to why, and how this happens. Some scientists from Kings College London, examined what happened in people stomach’s when they ate either a high GI or low GI meal.

GI is related to how quickly carbohydrates are broken down in your body each is given a specific number value and the lower the number the better, the higher the number is then it will take less time for the carbohydrates to be broken down into sugar, eating this way can be beneficial to people who may have diabetes.

Some examples of high GI foods can be white bread, Kellogg’s cornflakes, jacket potatoes eaten with nothing else, whereas low GI foods tend to be things like most fruit and vegetables. The scientists knew that eating foods that were low GI somehow managed to curb people’s appetites but they didn’t quite know why this was.

To try and find out why they conducted some experiments on some people they gave 12 healthy volunteers a low GI meal and then a high GI meal, to see what difference there were between the two meals.

Each participant ate a medium GI meal for lunch and then fasted until breakfast the next morning, when they came to eat breakfast the next morning they were either given a low scoring GI meal or a high scoring GI meal. Then blood samples were taken from the participants to see what differences there were, between each group and what they ate. The blood samples were taken the blood samples were taken every every 30 minutes for approximately 150 minutes.

They measured the levels of a gut hormone, which is called glucagon-like peptide 1 or short for GLP-1, they also measured levels of insulin, the aforementioned gut hormone is known particularly for its ability for suppressing appetite in people and making them feel full.

The results of the tests were those people who ate a low GI breakfast, had 20 percent more of the hormone GLP-1 and 38 percent lesser in insulin, compared to those who ate a high GI breakfast who had lower levels or none at all of the hormone and higher insulin levels.

This This overall proves that eating meals with a low GI component can make you feel fuller longer so hence you eat less, another thing we can take away from this is lower insulin levels, when you have high insulin levels, it can tend to make you more hungry overtime.

Even though this was a particularly small study done on people, it is quite good news if you do follow the GI diet and

In a way proves that it’s all not hot air. Like some people seem to think it is. The thing is with all these studies etc is don’t knock it until you have tried it. If you have any opinions or comments you would like to leave about this particular article please feel free to do so.

Source http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/03/090317201139.htm

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