Why Exercise With Kettlebells ?

kettlebellWhy would you want to exercise using a kettlebell? And what exactly are they two good very relevant points about which we are about to find out.

A kettle bell if you haven’t seen one looks like a cannonball with a handle on it.

So if you imagine what an old cast iron kettle looks like in your mind with a handle on it or a cannonball with a handle on it.  That is what they look like.

So what are the benefits of training with a kettle bell:

  • They are very effective when it comes to burning fat.
  • Once you have bought one that’s it. there are no expensive gym memberships to pay for on a monthly basis.
  • You can do your exercise indoors or outdoors it doesn’t matter weather permitting of course.
  • Kettle bells take up very little space, so they are easy to store.
  • It will improve your overall body strength so you will be a lot stronger.
  • In a Russian magazine they were quoted as saying that kettle bells “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettle bell athletics,”
  • They come in various weight sizes to suit your own needs.

Studies Revolving around Kettle bells

Vinogradov & Lukyanov in 1986 conducted their own research regarding kettle bells to see how exactly how effective they were in comparison to other forms of training, they found in comparison to other means of strength training that kettle bells produced results, which exceeded other types of training.

Someone called Voropayev in 1983 conducted his own research into how effective kettle bells were, he had two sets of people alongside each other training different ways both groups did the same exercises which were pullups, a one kilometre run, and a hundred metre sprint.

He had a control group which he monitored in comparison and the ones in the kettle bell group were overall much better in their performance in comparison to the other control group which didn’t use kettle bells.

In 1997 Voropayev did another study, he monitored some people in Russia called gireviks when they trained with this particular piece of apparatus they increased their body weight by 21 %. So increasing their muscle mass, as we know muscle is heavier than fat.

Kettle bell exercises most of the exercises that you will do using a kettle bell aren’t that complicated so there is no need to worry. Here are some videos so you can see exactly what’s involved.

Another great thing about kettle bells is they aren’t that expensive. So if you’re looking for something that will help build a physique, especially muscle and help you burn fat very effectively, and you are in good health then a kettle bell would be a very good choice.

This particular piece of apparatus doesn’t get mentioned very often but is something that you may have overlooked as regards a piece of exercise equipment. I hope you enjoy the videos.

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