Why Google Why Me ?

This post may seem quite a digression from what I normally write about. However, there is a very good reason for it. I can assure you during last week I noticed something rather odd had happened concerning my stats of my blog traffic they had taken quite a nose dive and as the week progressed, they got worse and worse.

At first I thought there was something else wrong. But then when I started checking other sources of my blog traffic they seem to be saying all the same thing during the course of last week. From what I understand, there were two updates to Google’s algorithm.

And for whatever reason unbeknown to me, I seem to have got caught up in the recent penguin Google update which in essence more or less seems that Google seems to think that my blog is web spam or words to that effect. It would seem that if you’re site is over SEO’D back link wise as well as poor content and keyword stuffed pages, then you would be affected by this update.

I always thought that my blog was a good source of relevant content. Even though I do rely on some sources for my content. I do write it all myself, as well as research. It and edit it, and proof read it. Sometimes it can take me a while to write a piece of content, because I am so particular about how I want it to be seen from a reader’s perspective.

This year is my fifth year of doing this blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. For me it has been the thing that has kept me going for such a long time now, although some people may not know, or realise this. And I had quite a few things planned in order to make it even better for people such as a free course to be delivered by e-mail. As well as other things.

I actually saw for once in a long time, a very bright future from doing this, but now I’m not so sure without traffic. This blog will not survive in the long term. I do have one advertiser on board at present, but after what has happened. I’m not sure whether they will hang around after this. There are many things I would like to have done off the back of this blog, such as consulting work, maybe some social media and other things.

The thing is, if these updates keep happening and my blog is getting caught up in them each time the traffic levels are going to plummet to almost nothing, and really it will be a waste of time writing new posts because no one will see them apart from what traffic. I get from social media, which is nowhere near enough at the moment, like what I’ve been getting from Google.

So you can get some idea of how devastating it has been. I have lost approximately 15,000 visitors this month that is quite a large amount. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not small change by any degree, and yet people still continue to subscribe to my blog, whether by e-mail, or merely by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter and Pinterest, as well as linking from their sites such as forums, and so forth.

Not only that PR agencies have been in contact with me throughout all of this year, asking me to try their products in return for my thoughts and opinions in a review, as well as people asking for guest post opportunities so on a positive note, there is still interest.

And surely if my blog was that bad. I wouldn’t have this amount of interest, having spent four years or more. Getting it to where it is now and to have this happen after all this time it’s to me personally devastating.  So, from this point forward. I’m not exactly sure what to do or where to go. I do want to keep writing posts and keep the blog going. The only thing is, I’m not very certain about its future.

I was hoping to in the near future and get more advertisers on board and it would start to pay for itself over time. It would seem that I’m not the only one who’s been affected by this update. Any thoughts or comments you may care to add, please do so in the following section, or you can contact me through my contact form on my blog. And in closing the question I still have in my mind is  Why Google Why Me ?

Thanks Mark, owner of Lose That Tyre

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  • http://www.MyMiBoSo.com/ Sabrina

    I love the feedback from Ira above, and just want to chime in to say that I think your content is great and that it’s worth making some of the shifts recommended by those in the know to see if affects your overall traffic. Wish I had better advice, but I support you Mark!

  • http://twitter.com/dancristo Dan Cristo

    I’m sorry you’ve been hit by the most recent update. 

    Shoot me an email at dan[at]triberr.com. I’ve been doing SEO for 10 years. Will be happy to help you get on your SEO feet again.

  • Wildfirekristin

    I support you to Mark…I wish I had advice, but sorry I do not. I can only say keep working hard, try to stay ahead of google and keep your viewers loyal by doing what you do best..good blogging. I am so sorry this happened to you. You have a wonderful blog full of useful information. 

  • http://twitter.com/IraKates Ira Kates

    Thanks Sabrina. I have been following Mark on twitter for a while but never really clicked through on the links until now. So just thought I’d offer some free advice

  • http://www.wineandtours.com/ Foodie Walks

    Hi Mark, Google always not accurate. Just check after couple of weeks, it might get back to normal. I have seen many lousy sites get good rankings without any problem.

  • Lisa

    Have you checked your Google webmaster tools? Is your sitemap up to date? I lost one and thankfully figured it out in a few days and traffic is back up. Just a thought. 

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